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  • Do you ever wonder what would make the perfect outdoor snack?
  • Are you ever wanting a delicious dessert while sitting by a campfire?
  • In the next few moments, I am going to show you how to make a delicious treat in only FOUR simple steps.
  • Before we start, you’ll need to grab a few items.
  • But don’t worry.. You only need 5 things to make the perfect smore!
  • First you’ll need chocolate
  • Then, graham crackers
  • Marshmallows are a must!
  • … a roasting stick ( this one can roast two marshmallows at a time) if you use the one in the picture
  • And FIRE!!!!!
  • Now that you have your materials, you must stick one marshmallow on your roasting stick
  • Once that is done you can begin toasting. Slowly turn you perfectly white marshmallow over the flame until it is lightly browned
  • and continue to toast until all the sides are toasted.
  • In this second picture, you can see that they only toasted one side!
  • You’re almost there! Once toasted to perfection, carefully stack the chocolate on the graham cracker. Remove the marshmallow from the roast by pressing it in between the chocolate and top graham cracker. This will melt the marshmallow and the chocolate together thus, sandwiching your creation together so you can eat it!
  • You’re Done! Great job. And this last step is my favorite… take a bite! (happy pic)
  • ow you’ve learned how to roast, stack, smoosh and enjoy a s’more,
  • With these handy tricks, you can share this delicious treat with your friends! If you are having trouble remembering what to do just go back and look through this presentation; you can’t go wrong.