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Introduction to Facebook
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Introduction to Facebook


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  • I find it helpful and informative enough especially for those who need to be reminded frequently on the kind of pictures or images they upload on a social network. Also, I liked the explanation about the privacy setting. Thanks a lot!
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  • Transcript

    • 2. Learning Objectives
      • A brief introduction to the social networking site Facebook.
      • Instructions to create an account.
      • How to personalize your account.
        • Account settings – including privacy
      • Learn about friend requests and group invites.
      • Learn about Facebook’s internal messaging and chat systems.
    • 3. What is Facebook?
      • Facebook is a social networking site that was first started for the college crowd.
      • Originally created by Mark Zuckerberg while at Harvard.
      • Other social site competitors are: Bebo, MySpace, Xanga, Friendster, etc.
    • 4. Facebook Today
      • More than 400 million active users.
      • More than 60 million status updates posted each day.
      • Average user spends more than 55 minutes a day on site.
      • More than 100 million active users currently accessing the site on their mobile devices.
      • About 70% of Facebook users are outside the U.S.
      • Taking the leap
    • 6. Account creation: Filling out the form
      • Visit
      • What you will need:
      • - Personal email address
      • - You can set up a personal email account with Gmail , Hotmail , Yahoo! Mail , etc.
      • - Password
      • Make sure to review the confirmation email that will be sent to your email address.
    • 7. Account Creation: Figuring out the captcha
      • Once you filled out the form, you will be provided with a captcha image as a security check.
        • Captcha images are meant to stop automated programs from creating multiple accounts.
      • Enter the text in the box and click the Sign Up button.
    • 8. Account Creation: Finding friends
      • You can find friends already on Facebook by going through your email contacts list.
      • - You can bypass this and the other steps by choosing Skip this step in the lower right hand corner.
    • 9. Account Creation: Profile information
      • The second step will ask you to fill out your school information and the company you are affiliated with.
      • - You can choose to skip this step and add the information you want later. If you choose to add now, be sure to click on Save & Continue.
    • 10. Account Creation: Profile picture
      • The third step will ask you to upload a photo from your computer or take a photo with your webcam.
      • - If you don’t have a photo, you can choose to skip this step. If you do upload, make sure to click Save & Continue .
    • 11. Account Creation: Adding a photo from your computer.
      • If you choose to add a photo from your computer, this is what the screen looks like.
      • - Photo must be no more than 4MB max.
      • - If too large, try editing the image with your computer’s image editing software.
      • Be Facebook smart
    • 13. Building your profile – A 6-step process
    • 14. Building your profile
      • You again have the option to:
        • search your email contacts to look for friends already on the site (optional).
        • Upload a profile picture (optional).
        • Fill in your profile information.
        • New Options:
        • Link your mobile phone with your account (optional).
        • Search for people you know.
        • Set privacy options.
    • 15. Profile Privacy
      • Take a look at the privacy explanation and the privacy policy .
    • 16. Profile Privacy: Do’s and don’ts
      • Do’s
      • Post information that you are comfortable with sharing.
      • Remain professional with information/images shared.
      • Build an online reputation that you would want others to see.
      • Don’ts
      • Post information that can help others identify your particular location.
      • Write comments on Facebook walls that are inappropriate or abusive.
      • Assume that your profile won’t come up on a Google search (depending on privacy settings).
    • 17. Privacy Settings – Option
      • At the top left of your profile, click on Account .
      • - Select the Privacy Settings option in the drop down menu.
    • 18. Privacy Settings - Menu
      • Use the five options to choose:
      • Who can see your profile
      • Set your contact information
      • Control search results in Facebook and search engines
      • Block those who can interact with you
      • Control what information is available to Facebook apps.
      • Creativity using a blank canvas
    • 20. A new profile
      • This is what a new profile looks like (without information loaded).
      • There is a box for you to share recent updates
        • You can attach photos, video, events, or a link with your profile updates.
    • 21. What does a profile usually have?
      • Profile photo/ other photos
      • Status updates/wall comments from friends
      • Friends list
      • Group information – that which you are a member of in Facebook
      • Fan pages
      • Applications that have been added.
    • 22. A note about photos
      • Photos on Facebook can be those you post or those others have posted that you’ve been identified in.
      • - Photos others post up can be tagged with your name. (You can choose to remove the tag).
    • 24. Friend requests
      • You can find friend requests at the top right hand corner of your Facebook home screen.
      • - When a request comes through, you’ll see it in the requests section of the page.
    • 25. Friend request – accept or ignore?
      • Not all the requests you receive may be people you know.
      • - This friend request is an example of that.
      • - You can confirm the friend request to accept or choose to ignore.
    • 26. CONCLUSION