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  1. 1. TreatmentWorking Title: First Love –The Maccabees music videoProposed Duration: 3:15Completion Deadline: 28thMarch 2013Target Audience: Our target audience will be aged between 16-25 years old, as we have discoveredthrough different research techniques that this age range has the most interest in the Indie Rock genre.Our product will be aimed towards both male and female audiences, as both genders will be able to makerelations with the song as it is typically stereotyped to people of their age. The majority of the audiencefor the product will be students with part time work, meaning that they have a disposable income to spendtowards going to Indie Rock gigs and music magazines. The video will be available to view on Internetsites such as YouTube and will also be compatible to be viewed on mobile phones, as this is how thetarget audience of our product mainly view music videos.Background: The reason in which we are creating this music video is because we feel as though there isa niche in the market for Indie Rock music videos. After searching on the Internet for indie rock musicvideos we have discovered that the majority of the music videos that already exist are featured on small-unrecognized websites rather than mainstream broadcasting sites. By allowing the music video to beviewed on mainstream websites such as Facebook and YouTube, we feel as though the indie rock genreitself will gain a lot more recognition.Research: After carrying out research techniques such as questionnaires, we have discovered that a largeamount of the target audience for the music video are from Harlow, Essex and the surrounding areas,which means that our location for our video shoot will be in locations that the target audience may befamiliar with such as music venues in the local area and shopping locations. There will be no major propsused in the music video other than an acoustic guitar for one of the characters in the piece. We haveconsidered the copyright laws in place when creating music videos and have made sure that we will notinclude any offensive codes in the video.Synopsis: Music video First Love by The Maccabees revolves around a classic fairytale of the young girltrying to find her prince. However, he’s already been hers once although the length of the video displaysher trying to win him back. All’s not that easy when he’s moved however it is clear that the spark is stillthere between the two of them. The audience see’s Abbie’s imagination run away with her by imagining
  2. 2. the good memories of the couple together as well as showing Abbie and Prince Charming looking asthough they are together however it’s all just a trick of the eye. The couple then talk again for the firsttime since they split up and they seem to be getting close again after Prince Charming personallyperforms her a song and invites her along to his gig, Abbie’s crushed to find that he’s got a girlfriend.When Prince Charming notices her in the crowd, he chases after her but by then it’s to late and she runsinto her next possible love in tears.Style: As the music video follows the sort of stereotype that is associated with teenage chick flick typefilms there are a wide variety of different atmospheres that are going to be portrayed such as sadness,comedy and seriousness.Approximate budget requirements:Subtotal: £39,766.17Total: £43,742.79With this price we will hire out a HD camera, director, costumes, makeup artist and much more.