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Media Timeline


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Media TimelineBy Sophia Doughty.
  • 2. The history of music videos...What are music videos? Music videos are short films integrating both music andimagery, nowadays music videos are created as a marketing device to promote musicrecordings.Music videos came into the limelight in the 1980s, when MTV began basing theirformat around the medium. The first video ever played on MTV was Video Killed theRadio Star by The Buggles in 1981. However, aspects of music videos did exist earlierthan this time. videos involve different styles in order to draw in different audiences dependingon the genre of music for example, animation, live action filming and documentariesalthough some videos blend together different styles in order to attract differentaudiences.The very first music video...In 1894, Sheet music publishers Edward B. Marks and Joe Stern hired variousperformers to promote the sales of their song “The Little Lost Child” by projecting aseries of still images on a screen. This was the first step towards music videos. Justin Bieber – Baby music video.Up to date...In 2010 the number of music videos viewed online reaches 34 billion in the month ofMay with an estimated number of 183 million viewers. Nowadays there are many newways of viewing music videos for example through Smartphones, Ipads and Internetsites.Most Viewed song: Justin Bieber: Baby = 620,583,978 ViewsLongest Music Video: Michael Jackson – Ghost (1995) = 39 MinutesMost Expensive Music Video: Michael Jackson Ft Janet Jackson – Scream (1995) =$7,00,000
  • 3. Music video timeline…1894 – First example of an illustrated song: Still images areprojected next to a live performance of the song: Little Lost Child.1960′s- This is the era music videos really took off. The Beatlesintroduced a whole new way of promoting their music, this wasthrough different types of video, ranging from making a video of theband singing on a rooftop (Get Back) to many psychdelic animatedvideos (Yellow Submarine). This is what opened up a whole newgenre of music. The Beatles album ‘Sgt Pepper’ inspired many 80′sdisco genre music videos due to the inspired physdelia of the band.The news ways of promoting music reached out to different audiencesand drew a much wider audience into the interest of different types ofmusic.The Beatles – Help! Music video:1965- The Beatles produce 10 B/W films which are used aspromotional videos for their album release. This kick starts otherartists to promote their songs via music video. This new technologywas very different to what audiences had seen in the past causing themto have great interest in the new releases of music videos. Old andyoung audiences were intrigued by the new equipment and technologythat was being used to create music videos causing other bands to usethe technology as well later on. The Beatles – Help! Music video.
  • 4. 1974- This year, Sony released the first video camera to be sold to thepublic. This was an inspiration for many different audiences as they wantedto see what it was like to capture footage themselves.1981- ‘Elephant Parts’ is the first video album and Grammy winner in thecategory of music video. This video clip is relevant to the video I will bemaking as it conveys the strong message that drugs are bad. Madonna- Material Girl’ music video.1983- Release of Michael Jackson – Thriller: started a revolutionarycraze of unusual music videos. This was a 13 minute long screenplaywhich drew in wider audiences across the world. This was certainlysomething audiences had never seen before, the video was shown heavilyon MTV and was the top-selling home-video release of all time at onepoint, with over 9 million copies sold after being released on VHS.1984- Awards show specifically for Music Videos is formed andpresented by MTV. This is also known as the ‘Oscars for youth’ and neverfails to draw in old and young audiences due to the choice of stars featuredthroughout the ceremony. Artists such as Madonna and Cyndi Lauper whowere current icons performed at this time. Artists performed as though Michael Jackson - Thrillerfeatured in a music video in order promote their new releases.1988- Public Enemy releases ‘Night of the living baseheads’ whichbreaks new ground as it presents music videos as a form of culturalexpression for artists in the world of hip-hop.1990- RUN DMC – Tricky: This song has a strong narrative structure asit cuts between the artist rapping and the moral narrative of the video. Thisis significant as we could portray the message that drugs are bad, by usingthis sort of editing effect. Culture Club – Kama Chameleon music video.
  • 5. 1992- Directors names began to be shown along with the artist/songname when in music videos which allowed directors to begin their careerin the business as well as gaining a lot more acknowledgment.2002-Formatting videos onto DVD became available, this brings a 33percent growth for music videos worldwide. This new technology createdallowed new audiences to become available for the music as well ascausing the video to have a lot more promotion and discovery. Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce – Telephone music video.2003- ITunes store opens. 20 days after music videos were introducedon iTunes, 1 million songs were downloaded. This software allows manydifferent audiences to find artists of their choice however they have tohave a computer in order to access the programme. It now offers over 28million songs, videos and apps.2005- With the launch of YouTube and MySpace two years later musicartists such as Soulja Boy begin to see more success through the abilityof viewers watching their videos online. As these services are free, wider Katy Perry – Wide Awake music video.audiences are browsing the web and are more likely to find a widervariety of videos that may appeal to them.Soulja Boy – Crank Dat:2010- The number of videos viewed online reaches 34 billion in themonth of May with an estimated 183 million viewers. This is down to theincrease of technology that allows audiences to view music videos. Beyonce – Beautiful Nightmare music video.
  • 6. The history of Indie Rock Music…Indie rock music is a genre of alternative rock that originated in the United Kingdom andthe United States in the 1970s, after the Beatles broke up, new bands formed, experimentingwith different and new sounds which resulted in eventually forming the new rock sound ofindie. The 1980s was an incredible decade for the Indie music industry. Indie; at this point,was still more of a hard rock genre of music. The most popular Indie band at this time wasNirvana, who soon transformed into a hard rock/metal band. In the 1990s Indie music hadbecome some-what well known as a new genre due to bands making their sound heard bytouring the country and bands beginning to become more well known in the industry forexample Oasis and Blur.Now, Indie Rock is a huge genre of music having not only having Music channels dedicatedto the genre, such as Q and NME but also having music magazines dedicated to the genre aswell. Indie bands are becoming a lot more well known and getting a lot more coverage onTV and the internet.Blur-Song 2: and Sons – Little Lion Man:
  • 7. Distribution of music videos…Music videos are available on various different platforms in order toreach out to the selected audience of the song. Over the years more andmore platforms have become available meaning that audiences can viewthe videos in different ways for example:- TV (E.g. MTV/4music/Kerrang etc.)- Internet (Youtube)- Video Games (E.g. Singstar/Rockband)- CD/CD-Rom (Exclusive Videos on CD’s/Singles)- DVD- Phone- Tablet
  • 8. The history of Indie Rock musicvideos…Many people say that Queen’s hitrecord Bohemian Rhapsody (1975)was the first real ‘Rock’ musicvideo created, although other rockvideos were created before this theywere not intended for promotionalpurposes.Since the 1970’s rock music videoshave come along a lot as there arenow several rock music channelsdedicated to playing old and newrock music such as ‘Scuzz’, ‘Q’‘NME’ and ‘Kerrang’.
  • 9. The history of magazineadvertisements…Magazine advertisements are extremelysignificant features of making profits and drawingpeople into products. Magazine advertisementagencies began in 1890 and since then they have Magazine ad from the 1950sbeen generally financed by advertising, either by apurchase price, by pre-paid magazinesubscriptions, or all three.Magazine advertisements have been around formany years however more recently producers ofmagazine advertisements have realised whatreally draws in the target audience compared toanything. The further back through time you go,the more text you will find in the advertisementhowever, now it’s all about the image. The Magazine adsimpler the advert the better. People only need to from 1999.know so much so unneeded information is nolonger included. The layout of magazineadvertisements have become a lot easier on theeye and font styles have remained relativelysimilar as the text still needs to be easy to readfrom a distance, so the clearer the better. Magazine ad from 2012
  • 10. Digipaks…A digipak is a type of CD case meant to replacethe standard jewel case. One advantage ofdigipak over jewel case is it doesnt break aseasily. With a proper design, a digipak can lookmore classic and delivers the premiumpackaging impression.The very first digipak was released in the 1980sand has since become an on-going trend in themusic industry. Different items are included indigipaks for example booklets with lyrics of thesongs featuring on the album, posters orbackstage images of the artist creating thealbum. There is usually information included inthe digipak about the artist’s upcoming toursand merchandise.
  • 11. As a result of this research… I have learnt that music videos are an extremely significant factor of an artist’s promotion for a song. I have learnt that music videos are placed upon many different platforms in order to draw in wider audiences and cause more attention towards the artist’s music. When I create my music video I will make sure that I include certain elements that I know will attract the target audience for my product. I may also carry questionnaires on my target audience in order to find out what appeals to them so I can include it in my video. I will use a wide range of technology in order to appeal to the audience as well as making the video look as contemporary as possible by following rules and guidelines of other recent videos.
  • 12. Bibliography…