Ancillary Task: Magazine AdvertisementWe began the advertisement for The Maccabees‟ album release by adding importantinfor...
album as it gives the advert prestige, it also creates a link between the magazine andThe Maccabees as both of which will ...
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Magazine Advertisement Development Diary


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Magazine Advertisement Development Diary

  1. 1. Ancillary Task: Magazine AdvertisementWe began the advertisement for The Maccabees‟ album release by adding importantinformation to the bottom half of the page. We made sure that the writing on theadvertisement is identical to that on the album cover so that there will be a sense ofrecognition for the audience when seeing the album, after previously viewing theadvertisement. The same font we used on the album cover is the same as theimportant information on the advertisement (i.e. text relating to the band) such as“THE MACCABEES” and “COLOUR IT IN”. We did this so that it can beassociated with the band and the band‟s font. We then used the font „courier‟ for theremaining text. We chose a different font so that it doesn‟t all look the same as it maynot look so interesting. However, we stillwant the text to stand out effectively tothe audience so we placed a blackrectangular shape behind white text sothat it looks professional and stands outon the page. In order to make the main text stand out and look unique, we hand wrotethe text „THE MACCABEES‟ and „COLOUR IT IN‟ as we felt that this wouldcontinue the house style of the album and would make the advertisement stand outmuch more. We also felt as though this would make the advertisement look a lot morepersonal to the viewer as it makes it look as though it was written for them. Wealternated colours between pink and blue so thatthe advert is stereotypically aiming towards bothgenders. However, a greater majority of thetarget audience is girls, which is why we addeda quirky heart at the end of the text making itlook much more relaxed and easy on the eye.We also used the official logo of the band‟s record label so that the advert looksrealistic. We also placed the NME logo on the advertisement as this is a magazine thatthe typical person of the indie rock genre would be familiar with, this logo is seen onseveral album advertisements and by seeing their rating and comments on the albumthe audience may feel swayed towards purchasing the album much more, making theadvertisement seem very official. We have addedcertain links at the bottom of the advert such as thebands official website as well as the record label‟swebsite as this very much seems to be becoming aconvention of album advertisements due to theincrease in social media and being able to accessthe internet from many locations people can lookon the links in order to find out more informationon the band. Meaning that less information isneeded on the advertisement as if they are drawnin by the short persuasive techniques used in theadvertisement they may look to the websites tosee if they are performing soon or whether theyhave a single being released soon. We haveincluded a star rating on the advertisement by awell known magazine as this is a typicalconvention of current advertisements as thismakes the audience feel persuaded to purchase the
  2. 2. album as it gives the advert prestige, it also creates a link between the magazine andThe Maccabees as both of which will be of interest to the target audience. We didn‟tinclude a quote in the advertisement, just simply included the star rating in order tosave space on the advert and create a sharp message as to what the reviewer thoughtof the album, ratings can be found in the form of stars or numbers out of 10 howeverwe felt that using stars would add a graphological feature to the advert as we felt thatthis would stand out to the audience much more.We then went on to adding the main image tothe advertisement, this will be the first thingreader‟s would see when looking at theadvertisement. Firstly, we opened up theimage on Photoshop and adjusted the imagesize, we changed the resolution to 300 andthen changed the width to 2592, which makesthe image bigger in size and helps towards themanipulation of the image as you can see whatyou‟re working with a lot more. We thenadjusted the levels and curves in order tomake the lighting in the image look brighter so that it stands out to the audience moreand makes it look as though the image is rather welcoming to the viewer‟s eye. Afterthis, we altered the lightness, brightness andcontrast of the image in order to make it lookslightly more professional and cause certaincolours to stand out in the image more thanothers. I then duplicated the background layerand began to work on the background copy inthe creation in the image. We then decided toadd a slightly worn to the image similar to thatof a Polaroid, we did this by adding a sepia toneto the image. We desaturated thebackground copy and selectedImage>>adjustments>>variationsand selected „More Yellow‟ and„More Red‟ a few times until weachieved the exact sepia tone wewanted.We then decided that certaincolours that were noticeable andvibrant in the image before nolonger stood out, so we altered theopacity of the background copy inorder to cause certain colours to come through so that the image stands out muchmore. In the end we altered the opacity to 64% so we got the best possible outcome.We then printed the image and drew the main characters of the video as stick peopleto make the image look very personal as well as following the conventions of thediary style of the digipak. We then selected „File>>Place‟ and added the image to theadvertisement page and changed the size of image to fit the page correctly causing itto stand out much more on the page.