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SJL Magazines

  1. 1. About:Pia Ann Lacson
  2. 2. Meet Pia Ann Lacson
  3. 3. Name in: Pico: Pia Ann Lacson Real: Sophia Ann Lacson
  4. 4. Relatives:Pico:Edna Lacson(MOM)Manny Lacson(DAD)Jaz Ann Lacson(Sis)Kim Ann Lacson(Sis)Sam Ann Lacson(Sis)Real:Chelsea Ann Lacson(BABY SIS)Mylene Lacson(MAMA)Ronald Lacson(PAPA)
  5. 5. About Me in Pico: Birthday :August 24,1997 Room Size: 12x12 I’m just an Ordinary Girl who likes to have fun with friends. Likes to have: A Puppy,Ameba Gold,Tokens,A Simple Life,Gummies,Love,Care,Food and Good Health
  6. 6. About Me in Real: Birthday:June 10,2003 School: Elizabeth Seton School Likes to have: Hello Kitty Things,Good Health,Love,Care,Good Life,Happiness,Pets.Etc.. The Most Special Persons&Things in My Life: God,My Family,Food…Especially My Life.
  7. 7. Fav Songs: Give Your Heart a Break-Demi Lovato Your Name- Young JV feat. Myrtle Payphone- Maroon 5 I’m Me-Willow Smith Live While we’re young-One Direction…One Direction Songs,Maroon 5 Songs,Taylor Swift Songs,Willow Smith Songs,Some Tagalog Songs,Christmas Songs.,Etc….
  8. 8. Pre-School Years: Nursery:3rd Honor Kinder: 2nd Honor Graduated as: Valedictorian
  9. 9. Me and My Sis Jaz!
  10. 10. Beach Time!
  11. 11. I’m A Filipino!
  12. 12. Me when I was Pre-School(NURSERY)
  13. 13. My 8th B-day. (I’m 9 Now)
  14. 14. My Family (Solo Picture)
  15. 15. Me with Mommy Tess and Daddy Jess
  16. 16. Recognition Day(Nursery) (I was 3rd Honor)
  17. 17. Me and My Sis in Real Chelsea!
  18. 18. Me: Before And Now
  19. 19. My Story(Real):June 10,2003. I was born.My Mama and Papa were so happy.They Love me.After 2 Months,They gave me to My Mama’s Aunt.I call her Mommy Tess.Mommy Tess and Daddy Jess took care of me from baby until now.My Mama gave Me to Mommy Tess because My Mama and Papa will go to Abroad to work. After 4 Years My Mama and Papa came I thought that Mommy Tess and Daddy Jess was my Real Parents.But when I was 7 I know who was my real parents
  20. 20.  Now, I am just staying with Mommy Tess and Daddy Jess every Friday(After School)Until Sunday... Mommy Tess and Daddy Jess took care of my when I was 2 Months until Now. I will never forget them. My real Parents are so Loving. And also Mommy Tess and Daddy Jess. I will never forget them and never let them go. I love My Family and GodAnd I know that God is always there near me every time.
  21. 21. Signature: Pia Ann Lacson / PLacson SI G ATU E N RN TE: N C PYI N ! O O O G
  22. 22. THE ENDTHANKS FOR WATCHING! See More Videos when I upload on my blog.
  23. 23. Next Magazine:
  24. 24. How Did SJL Start?
  25. 25. Story How SJL Started.(SHORT) It started when it was 2011The Owner thought of an idea. She was bored that day. She decided to make some magazines,movies,etc… So SJL Magazine,SJL Movies,SJL Pictures,SJL Photo Albums,Etc…
  26. 26. Theme Song of SJL:
  27. 27. NEXT: Health Magazine
  28. 28. FRUITSFruits are enriched with Vitamins and Minerals.They can produce health in our body.
  29. 29. VEGETABLESVegetables are enriched with Vitamins and Minerals. They can make sick go away.Vegetables can give us health and Healthy Life.
  31. 31. NEXT: OPPA GANGNAM STYLE ! Magazine
  32. 32. OPPA GANGNAMSTYLE ! Magazine
  33. 33. How to find Oppa Gangnam Style Lyrics.1.Go to https://metrolyrics.com2. Type: Oppa Gangnam Style3. Copy the Lyrics4. Go to Microsoft Office Word5. Paste it6.Save it
  34. 34. …Oppa Gangnam Style ! Ehhhh Sexy Lady… Op op op op. OPPA GANGNAM STYLE ! 
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