Mql conversion guide


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Mql conversion guide

  1. 1. Visitor to Qualified Lead ! ! ! Important Tips • The website has good information: encourage students to check out and even and look through the sections. The website serves as an educational tool to address many questions. This is why leads should sign up on the website – better educated leads led to better expectations and experience of the program. • The initial email is important: Remember to have good, relevant content in a well-structured first email. It should grab their attention, be concise, and should direct them towards coming to an Info Session or meeting with you. Have content for them to be engaged – such as the national blog or social media. • Tracking: track your progress via the ‘My LC Leads Management’ dashboard on Salesforce. Check to see what your biggest lead sources and faculties are to see where your recruitment efforts have been most successful. Marketing awareness usually stems from a diverse number of sources that build up to the action/conversion. ! Promote AIESEC Programme Direct students to Learn about programme on Fill out Contact ‘Open’ lead, invite to Info Session Change status to ‘Qualified’ Nurture to ensure they attend Info Session Lead MarCom
  2. 2. Qualified Lead to Market Qualified Lead ! ! ! ! Important Tips • An Info Session (or other engagement touchpoint) should accomplish the following things: 1. Set the right expectations about the programme and what they can sign up for (fee, sub-products, timeline, etc.) 2. Give clear instructions on how to proceed with the next steps of the process (MQL Form, Review Board, setting them up for success) 3. Excite and motivate them to move forward with the process (links to national blog, social media, ebooks/guides of best- case experiences) • When filling out the MQL forms, leads should be told the following: • Filling out the MQL form ( means they are signing up for an interview (Review Board) • They should have an idea the sub-product for which they are signing up • The deadline by when they should fill out the MQL form
 Run Info Session (set expectations, educate, and sell programme) Come to Info Session or Engagement Touchpoint Send form Fill out Lead OGX Send nurture content to ensure they apply MarCom
  3. 3. Market Qualified Lead to Exchange Participant ! ! ! Important Tips • In Step 1, OGXers should look at the MQL categories (below) to see if the lead has the right expectations or if expectations need to be reset • Sub-product • Region • Start date • Duration • College • Year of study • EPOnline: Lead should have all 8 sections filled out prior to Review Board • Review Board: If the OGXer has evaluated the MQL categories properly, then the Review Board is basically a formality to ensure they have the right expectations, the right motivations, and are basically competent. • Payment: OGX should collect payment and create myaiesec form immediately following a successful Review Board Lead OGX Evaluate MQL categories, re-set expectations Schedule Review Board Provide EPO log- in details Send CV to OGXer, fill out EPOnline Interview lead (Review Board) Change EPO status to ‘Passed Review Board’ Pay EP Fee Create EP Form Enter myaiesec EPID on EPOnline