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Ixp strategy (updated)

  1. 1. IXP for GCDP
  2. 2. What is Integrated Experience(IXP)?
  3. 3. Where are the raises coming from? University Students Members going on exchange Expansions
  4. 4. Why we need to use IXP? 1. How would it be if all our members had Exchange experience? 2. How would you sell your program (any) if you have Exchange experience? 3. It is the AIESEC Way!! Yes, we would have a stronger talent capacity, sales force and higher quality in our experiences!
  5. 5. 2 Types of IXP EP Re-integration Members going on exchange
  6. 6. Timeline January February March April May June Reintegration Go on exchange! So what is our focus right Now?
  7. 7. Now look at this: New members going on Exchange this summer! January February March April May June Reintegration Go on exchange! Member Recruitment
  8. 8. Target Audience: LC Members, team leaders, managers, LC EB Chanel: LC meeting, LC social media group, newsletter, mentoring etc KEY Steps Message: Brand, Value proposition etc (why members should go X) Product Packaging for Members Go X Goal: No. Realize Match, Raise of members who wants to go on exchange. Example: AIESEC in Colombia created a a new product: “Global Leader” for TMP TLP recruitment, this product engages people who wants to go on Exchange and also be a member.
  9. 9. “Make ‘Members go on X’ a culture. It’s part of the members development path. It’s just normal to go on exchange as an AIESECer. To massively drive IXP, we need to… Integrated Experience (IXP)
  10. 10. StrategiesforMC Planning and Tracking • Have a clear goal for IXP (per programme and for each month) • Track the contribution of IXP to GCDP and GIP goals, in terms of RA MA RE and talent capacity in local teams. LC’s management • Create national R&R campaign for LC’s • Define IXP focus according to MC / LC strategy (focus on GCDP or GIP) • Make sure there’s a clear responsable at local level for IXP goal (VP TM & VP Comm). Drive IXP Culture • Include Exchange experience in your education cycle, every member should plan in their career plan a GCDP XP. • Promote the opportunity of being TMP TLP for EP’s in OPS and EP preparation seminars. • Incentives (e.g. Scholarship for members to go X, investment for EB, TL)
  11. 11. Strategies for LC Start Up LC • Big Focus on reintegration to start having talent capacity in your LC. Allocation according to LC needs. • All the members need to have in mind to go on Exchange. • Embed into Career Planning Intermediate • Choose a focus for IXP, GCDP or GIP. • Returnees allocated in Operations team and sales teams. Advanced • Be able to drive IXP for GCDP and GIP. • A lot of your membership is going on Exchange, you have off peak TMP TLP recruitment to support operations during summer. High Volume • Big amount of OGX exchanges should come from IXP. • Create an IXP corner in the LC to upscale strategies.
  12. 12. How to do re-integration?
  13. 13. Converting exchange participants into your Talent Capacity. Talent Capacity What Matters: 1. EP’s Experience? 2. Plan & Goal: How, What, When? 3. Synergy: TM, GCDP OGX. Re-integration
  14. 14. Re-Integration Flow (GCDP – TMP-TLP) P(re) - Integration Re-integration XP Tracking Engagement in Absence Promotion LC Updates Involvement & Engagement Re-Integration Seminar or Conference Flexible Structure (more Short-term XP) Strategic Structure (Allocation to Strategic teams and position => sales teams)
  15. 15. Re-Integration Flow (GCDP – TMP-TLP) P(re) - Integration Re-integration Engagement in Absence: - EP Contact abroad included in mailing list, - EP Newsletter, - Exchange Assignment, based on background of studies & role, - Promotion home country abroad, Promotion: - Re-integration pack & Promoting Position LC Updates Involvement & Engagement - Induction to the LC - Invitation to LC meetings - Offer specific roles - Add to internal communication channels Re-Integration Seminar or Conference: Experience sharing, Experiencing different Culture Flexible Structure (more Short-term XP) Strategic Structure (Strategic position) (sales teams) XP Tracking: - Evaluating Value proposition delivery, - Experience sharing and showcasing,
  16. 16. How can I plan my IXP goal? Plan your OGCDP/OGIP Goal Historical review, how many IXP you delivered in 2013? Plan a growth percentage What is your Ambition? What % of your membership do you want to have Exchange experience? How many Reintegrations and realizations do you want from IXP?
  17. 17. Example 1. Plan your OGX Goals OGCDP Goal: 100 OGIP Goal: 40 2. Historical review 2013: 15 members went on Exchange 20 EPs reintegrated Total IXP: 35 3. Growth percentage: We want to grow 70% in IXP! So thi means we will deliver as a mínimum 60 IXP! 4. Ambition: But I have 90 members and I want 50% of my membership to have Exchange experience. 5. GOAL Realizations OGX: 45 Reintegration: 34 (with a 70% growth). Total IXP Goal: 79
  18. 18. Synergy MC level MCVP TM -Responsible for IXP programme -Track LCVP’s TM in IXP goals achievement. MCVP OPERATIONS -Include IXP in the portfolio strategies -Separate goal of RE coming from IXP and external market. MCVP MARKETING/COMM -Internal communication campaign -Design external campaign to recruit EP’s and members to be IXP -Synergy with TM and OGX to set recruitment timelines and messages. -Collect cases of EP’s IXP to showcase
  19. 19. January February March April May June Reintegration Go on exchange! TM Support Delivery of XP. Comunications Keep the Eps uptaded with LC internal comm. Support reintegration, start selling. Raising Members Raise and Match DeliveryoGCDP Allocating people coming from reintegration, specific induction for them. Run member recruitment. Induction and L&D for oGCDP, Members go on exchange strategy. Tracking of IXP. Internal campaign for reintegration of Eps, Inclusion of the Eps to the LCs. Members going on exchange campaign Synergy LC Level
  20. 20. Results using IXP strategy Improve quality exchanges Drive Exchange Results Talent capacity in your LC • Returnees selling the programmes, increases our conversion rate. • High quality membership
  21. 21. IXP GCP from AIESEC in Colombia
  22. 22. Activities / Initiatives • Creation of a new product: “Global Leader” for TMP TLP recruitment, this product engages people who wants to go on Exchange and also be a member. • LCVP’s TM have an Exchange goal per quarter and IXP is considered as an organizational goal. • Incentives and R&R campaign for IXP’s in national congress. • IXP opportunities portfolio in EP preparation seminar. • International Project “IGNite Project” to send EB members on Exchange to expansión entities in IGN. • Tracking system on PODIO. • $$ Discounts for members on their EP Fee. Results Around 250 EP reintegrations in the 1st semester 50 Raises of oGIP in Q1 40 Raises of oGCDP in Q1