Hopes peak academy*


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Hopes peak academy*

  1. 1. Hopes Peak Academy Written By Sophie Thomas Joshua Vallely Curtis Groombridge
  2. 2. 1 1. EXT. HOPES PEAK ACADEMY FRONT GATE MORNING 1. DSLR h H.A of Hannah walking towards college - PANNING ACROSS THE CARPARK, FOLLOWING HANNAH AS SHE WALKS TOWARDS THE ACADEMY ENTRANCE. NARRATOR: This is Hannah Ross; A very shy and individual human being. Just like you and I, she is an average person. However, what she doesn't know, is that she's going to a sixth form which has students that have special gifts. 2. 3. 2. 1. 2. DSLR C CU of Hananh getting out the letter from her pocket. DSLR M M.S of Hannah reading the letter DSLR L L.S walking DSLR O OTS of conversa tion HANNAH GETS OUT HER LETTER FROM HER JACKETS POCKET. SHE READS IT QUIETLY TO HERSELF. HANNAH: Dear Hannah Ross... Monday the 12th of October... Go straight to reception and collect your things to start the day. Okay... Where is that? INT. HOPES PEAK ACADEMY RECEPTION HANNAH WALKS IN THE RECEPTION LOOKING AROUND, AND CONFRONTS THE RECEPTIONIST. HANNAH : (Quiet) (MORE)
  3. 3. 2 HANNAH (CONT'D) Hi... I'm Hannah Ross, I just came in... I'm new. RECEPTIONIST: Ah, I see. Welcome to Hopes Peak Academy I'm sure you will enjoy it here. This is your planner and timetable. 3. DSLR C C.U of hands 3. THE RECEPTIONIST HANDS OVER THE PLANNER AND TIMETABLE TO HANNAH, HANNAH THEN WALKS OUT. INT. HOPES PEAK ACADEMY CORRIDOR MOMENTS LATER 1. 2. DSLR L L.A walking down corridor DSLR M M.S of collisio n HANNAH WALKS DOWN THE CORRIDOR AND BUMPS INTO A STUDENT STUDENT: You seem lost. HANNAH: Haha, yeah do you know where class B is? STUDENT: 3. DSLR S S.R.S of conversa tion Yeah its right there :
  4. 4. 3 4. 4. 5. 1. DSLR P P.S when student points. DSLR P P.F of Hannah's reaction DSLR P POV of Hannah THE STUDENT WAVES HER HAND AND THE DOOR OPENS LEAVING HANNAH SPEECHLESS. INT. HOPES PEAK ACADEMY CLASS ROOM CONTINUOUS HANNAH GOES UP TO THE NOW OPENED DOOR AND TAPS LIGHTLY , WAITING FOR THE TEACHER TO LET HER IN. TEACHER: Ahh, hello you must be the new student. Hannah..Hannah Ross am I correct? HANNAH: Urm, yes that's me sorry I'm late Miss. TEACHER: 2. 3. DSLR O OTS of conversa tion DSLR L L.S of the whole class No it's perfectly fine, just stand at the front of the class and introduce yourself. FEELING EXTREMELY NERVOUS, HANNAH SLOWLY MAKES HER WAY OVER TO THE FRONT OF THE CLASS, TAKES A DEEP BREATH AND BEGINS TO TALK. HANNAH: Hello, my name is Hannah Ross. I'm (MORE)
  5. 5. 4 4. 5. 6. 7. DSLR L LS from back of class DSLR T T.S of Hannah walking DSLR C C.U of Hannah, then out the window DSLR M M.S of teacher HANNAH (CONT'D) from Soham, I've just changed colleges and hope to stay here as long as possible. HANNAH , ONCE WINDOW STARTS MAKES HER WAY OVER TO HER SEAT THERE SHE GAZES OUT OF THE AND WATCHES AS EVERYONE AROUND TO USE THEIR POWERS. TEACHER: Right class, lets begin.