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Best Practices for Integrated Innovation Performance
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Best Practices for Integrated Innovation Performance



Topics covered by Michel Delifer: ...

Topics covered by Michel Delifer:
• How to implement effective innovation management processes to dramatically increase the success rate of new product.
• How to improve throughput efficiency, enabling 15-30% more products to be brought to market for the same investment.
• How to easily access a single source of truth from a fully-integrated solution across the entire innovation management and new product development lifecycle.
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  • Review the bullet points above, then go into our answer below to the challenge.What Sopheon does comes between the high-level objectives that are defined in the corporate strategic plan, and the tactical execution activities that are managed within each function of the business. Our approach is to connect strategy to execution via something we call “Enterprise Innovation Management.” This is a system of cross-functional decision-making used to define and manage innovation investments. Our experience over the past 10 years tells us that doing this effectively leads to more innovative new products and initiatives, therefore creating businesses with sustainable and profitable revenue growth.
  • We believe that companies can achieve exceptional long-term revenue growth and profitability through sustainable product and service differentiation, by focusing on their enterprise innovation performance.Our experience demonstrates that companies with effective Enterprise Innovation Management consistently improve Innovation Performance by generating more innovative products and initiatives, leading to sustainable, profitable revenue growth.The impact can be objectively evaluated via these business metrics (CLICK), we’ve seen: Increases in the success rate of products and initiatives from 50% up to approximately 80%; Increases in the throughput of products and initiatives by 15-30%Increases in the value of the portfolio by up to 75-100%
  • [click] for ‘Key Decision’ to appear in all quadrants
  • Purpose: Impress upon the audience we are credible, experienced and the best in the world at Enterprise Innovation Management Process: Explain how Sopheon works with our clients. When engaged we first conduct a Innovation process architect to ensure we design the software to tap into your culture for success. We ask questions like….read them. Our Architect study is comprised of three very important components. Each play a very important role in your Innovation process being adopted for value…..We talk with you to understand your Rules Of Governance. Without rules of governance, innovation is left to chance, high risk low returnNext, we review your business so we can recommend how many Innovation processes are required to bring the most efficiency to your business with the least burden to your projects….to improve speed to marketWe create a master data map to understand the key data and metrics are to run your business and how they can easily be captured and updated as part of the process with minimal team member disruption. We also capture dependencies in our data mapping exerciseThe result of this work creates an output for our design of your system. We identify what is in it for the team member, the team leader, the project mgr and the executive involved with Innovation. This is how we achieve high adoption and acceptance.Transition: So clearly you can see Sopheon is not just a software vendor. We live the journey with our clients, we bring in best practices, we introduce our clients to other companies who share innovation business ambitions and they learn from each other.
  • Finally, I wanted to show you some challenges and results we experienced when working with Electrolux – a 14 billion dollar global producer of household appliances.Electrolux was challenged with a lack of process standardization across NPD, and they needed a better way to analyze portfolio opportunities.Working with Sopheon, Electrolux was able to deploy an enterprise-wide planning and development process and perform an analysis of their entire portfolio.As you can see, the Director of Consumer Innovation at Electrolux felt confident that Sopheon improved their innovation performance by:enabling them to make decisions on which products to invest in, which allowed Electrolux to move those ideas to market more efficiently and cost-effectively. As a result, they increased the volume of new product launches while cutting development time substantially.
  • Here is a view of the Modules and Components of Sopheon’s Accolade solution when Release 8.2 ships.Note: with Release 8.2 our nomenclature will change to align with software industry terminology:The major functional solution areas will be known as ModulesThe functional extensions / additions will be known as Components There will be five major Modules—Vision Strategist (AVS), Innovation Planner (AIP), Portfolio Center (APC), Process Manager (APM) and Idea Lab (AIL) —and each of these have a variety of optional components with supporting / additional capabilities.The portfolio center component in 8.0 is elevated to Module level status in 8.2 with the addition of more extensive Portfolio Management and Optimization functionality.Although Innovation Planner (AIP) was initially included with 8.0, release 8.2 marks the external release of AIP as a new Accolade Module.Accelerator Content (included with Modules)Roadmapping AcceleratorRoadmap templatesData fields / metricsIdeation AcceleratorCampaigns, Idea forms, Communities templatesData fields / metricsAccelerator Content (optional additional purchase - Best Practices Accelerator line item in pricing configurator)Portfolio AcceleratorPortfolio Optimization templateMetricsProcess AcceleratorProcess model templatesDefinition templatesData fields / metricsDashboards are the QlikView technology with Sopheon specific IP content for each related module consisting of:Dashboard templatesLoad scripts

Best Practices for Integrated Innovation Performance Best Practices for Integrated Innovation Performance Presentation Transcript

  • Best Practices forIntegrated Innovation Performance
  • Michel Delifer, Regional Sales Director Connect with Michel: Michel.Delifer@sopheon.com @MichelDelifer #innovationMDE
  • Innovation PerformanceIn a world of increasing complexity Real-Time Information Transparent data Cross-Functional Increase in complexity Accolade Harness & Close Gap Decision-making Personal experience Current Portfolio Functional silo oriented Manual, Ad hoc
  • The Innovation Gap • Too often, strategies are defined but not translated into action • Quickly out-of-date due to constant market changes Strategic Plans • Stuck in the three-ring binder on the shelf. ? For consistent growth, companies must close this gap Execution Activities • 95% of workforce doesn’t understand the strategy • AOP is spreadsheet exercise, disconnected from strategy R&D Supply Chain Production Sales/Mktg Finance • Each function has its own execution system PDM SCM MRP CRM ERP 4
  • Enterprise Innovation PerformanceSopheon’s Value Proposition Corporate Strategic Plans Innovative ~75-85% System of Cross-Functional Sustainable, Enterprise Success Rate = ~50-55% Decision-Making to Define Profitable Innovation Time Products -15-30% to Market = & Performance and Manage Innovation Revenue Initiatives Value = +75%-100% Investments Growth Execution Activities R&D Supply Chain Production Sales/Mktg Finance PDM SCM MRP CRM ERP 5
  • Enterprise Innovation Management 4 Quadrants to Master Short-Term Focus Long-Term Focus Key Decision: Key Decision: Which initiatives should Which Strategies should we fund to achieve our we fund to achieve our strategies? growth goals?StrategyExecution Key Decision: Key Decision: Should this initiative Should this new get funds/resources to idea/concept become move into an initiative? development?
  • Where Do We Start?Understanding Your Innovation Process Architecture Rules of Governance • What decisions will be made? • Who will make them? • What decision rules will be followed? • What analyses must be made available to the decision-makers?Innovation Master DataWhat data is needed tosupport investment decision- Innovation Processesmaking including: What are the repeatable• Financials, Risk business processes that will• Value and Feasibility Scores be used to:• Compliance, Sourcing • Bring innovation to theFor segments/platforms, marketproducts and technologies • Build corp knowledge / IP • Set targets, define priorities 7
  • The Core of the Innovation Process Innovation Portfolio Management, Gated Processes & Business Intelligence Doing the right projects Doing the projects rightInnovation Portfolio Management NPD Stage Gate ProcessCross functional ideation sessions, including Gs and Sectors Ideas in priority areas / drill sites Idea Initial Launch & Development Scale up refinement feasibility learn High level idea filtering and Decide on selection prioritized ideas that enter into Linked & stage gate iterative process Regular innovation portfolio evaluations / assessments to re-prioritize projects within stage gate process Business Intelligence (for innovation) Informing decision-making, capturing learnings
  • Return on Investment Level Of Manual Process Effort Value Time Level Structured Database Approach Of Effort Value Time Level of effort is minimized over time while supporting sustainable value proposition.
  • PLM Supplier Market MapPLM - Product Lifecycle Management Innovation Management The business layer of PLM Innovation Strategy, Ideation and Execution • Strategic Roadmapping • Idea Development • Gated Process Execution • Portfolio/Resource Planning PDM/Formula Mgt CAD Diagrams, Change Orders, BOMs The technical layer of PLM ERP/CRM/SCM Sales, Supply Chain, Mfg Costs, Sales Forecasts The transactional layer of PLM
  • Case StudyElectroluxChallenges• Lack of NPD process standardization across business $14B global producer of units household appliances• Needed better way to analyze portfolio opportunities to reach 5-year plan “We measure innovation by the amount of business and shareholder value it• Development projects treated as discrete lines in generates. Sopheon’s solution helps us portfolio; no project management integration make the right front-end decisions on which product ideas to invest in, and enables us to increase the efficiency andResults cost-effectiveness of moving those ideas to market.”• Enterprise-wide product planning and development process Johan Hjertonsson Director, Consumer Innovation Program• Top-down and bottom-up analysis of entire portfolio• Increased volume of new product launches by 80%• Cut development time by nearly 75%• Improved profit margins 11
  • Sopheon’s Solution Accolade SolutionVision Innovation Portfolio Process Idea Lab™ • Idea DevelopmentStrategist™ Planner ™ Center ™ Manager ™ • Campaigns,• Innovation Strategy • Define Targets & • Portfolio Optimizer • Innovation Process Communities• Market, Product & Strategies. • Portfolio Classes Execution • Ideation Technology Planning • Multi-layer planning • Portfolio Ranking • Stage-Gate®/PACE® Accelerator• Roadmapping • Taxonomy Automation Automation Visualization Portfolio Accelerator • Cross-Functional Team Additional Idea• Roadmapping Collaboration Configuration Accelerator Resource Planning Process Accelerator Packs Unlimited Web Viewers License Idea Submission Reputation Dashboards Collaborative Workflow iOS Integration MS Project Integration MS SharePoint SharePoint Integration Integration Dashboards Dashboards
  • SopheonWhat Makes Us Different Sopheon is more than a software company. We partner with clients to provide complete innovation performance solutions including software, expertise, and best-practices. • We provide Domain expertise, industry knowledge and best practices built from 10+ years of improving innovation for over 200 organizations. • Solutions that are highly configurable and scale to the enterprise, enabling you to start where it matters most to your business now, with the flexibility to adapt and expand as your needs evolve. • The most intuitive solution in the market, leveraging the Microsoft tools that cross- functional teams use. This ensures adoption and rapid increases in maturity. 13
  • Key Words used by Sopheon Clientsto describe Accolade (UGM, Richmond VA May 2012) • Fun • Easy/Intuitive • Configurable • Collaboration • Great Service team • Stage-Gate Practices • Innovation Inside • Dynamic Reports • Decision Support • Great References
  • Thank You for Attending Connect with Michel: Michel.Delifer@sopheon.com @MichelDelifer #innovationMDE