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AppEngine Platform & core feature services

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App engine feature

  1. 1. Google App Engine Platform and core features services 02-Nov-2013 #DevFes2013, Phnom Penh @Norton University
  2. 2. Sophea MAK Senior Backend Software Engineer GoldenGekko 9+ years experiences in software development
  3. 3. Agenda in this session  What is Google App-Engine (GAE)?  GAE Envrionment  Why GAE?  How to calculate GAE cost ?  GAE core services  How GAE App works?  GAE Best Prastice  Summary
  4. 4. What is Google App-Engine (GAE)?  Platform as a Service (Paas)  Allow you build web-app run on Google's infrastructure  Make your development easy, simple, and scale You are in control with nice dashboard  It's not just a hosting service: App Engine empowers you to design  your app in Googly way!
  5. 5. GAE Environment  Build applications with any of environment Experimental Experimental
  6. 6. GAE Environment : cont. Warning: The App Engine SDK no longer supports Java 6. Applications that use Java 6 need to be migrated to Java 7. Existing applications that use the Java 6 runtime are still supported, but this support will be removed in a future release. The PHP runtime is available as an experimental Preview feature. Please be aware that the APIs and service may change before the service becomes Generally Available. Experimental Ref:
  7. 7. Why GAE ? Fast bootstrap Small opeartion Reliability Scalability More …. Help avoid commons isssues with file system, threading, and timeout request. Interesting with new Technology ?
  8. 8. Why GAE : Runtime ? Helps avoid common pitfalls : file system, time outs and threading !
  9. 9. Why GAE : Operation ? Easy to maintenance, Managing , Monitoring ! All in once place !
  10. 10. Why GAE : Reliability ?
  11. 11. Why GAE : BootStrapping ? Up and Running in hours !
  12. 12. Why GAE : Scalability ? small to BIG passion
  13. 13. Why GAE : Consolidation ? All in one place !
  14. 14. How to calculate GAE Cost ? - No cost setup and installation - Cost free to get started with limited resources (Mem,CPU, requests) - ONLY pay when consuming 1 - type of service 2 - system design 3 - quality of usage 4 - supporting service
  15. 15. GAE core services Data storage, retrieval, and search - Datastore - Blobstore - Search - Memcache - Log Communications - Channel - Mail - URL Fetch - XMPP App configuration and management - App Identity - Capabilities - SSL for Custom Domains - Remote - Multitenancy - Traffic Splitting - Users Process management - Task Queue - Scheduled Tasks Computation - Backends - Images Ref :
  16. 16. How GAE App works? Tranditional App Server Structure What if you have: ○ Hardware failures, Traffic Spike, Growing Big Data, No initial fund to buy all the hardware, No one to design, implement and operate this complex thing...
  17. 17. How GAE App works?
  18. 18. GAE Best Prasticse Design Non-relational data model by Datastore/Bigtable: - Denormalization : optimize the read performance : duplicate properties between entities to avoid an extra read, always use queries that run a list of results, never request single result on a loop -Use pagination through larget dataset : Use cursorKey rathen than offset and limit - Use Sharded counter : getCount(),... Memcache is your friend, use it in effective way! For GAE Dev, it's important to understand how things are working inside the App Engine structureto get more benefits from these goals
  19. 19. Summary A fantastic service for complex, high availability, scalable service for demanding customers need -1 fast start-up projects: dev can make the app in a few hours -2 easy deployment -3 run-time will support and lead dev. into a good habits while development (esp. dealing with resources - filesystem, request, thread) -4 small operation team can manage a large number of service - All in one place -5 Auto-scaling is nice and reliability as well
  20. 20. FAQ!