How to Use Sparklines in Microsoft Excel 2010


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This presentation is very useful for Microsoft Excel learners. One of the interesting features in Microsoft Excel 2010 is Sparklines. The use of sparkline is to show a small chart among three, line, column, and win/loss, into a cell for representing your data trend. In this presentation, information of sparkline and how to use sparklines are shown very clearly. At the end of this presentation slides, there is a references slide that shows links for this presentation source. CS101 Assignment: <a> Zaman University Phnom Penh Cambodia </a>

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How to Use Sparklines in Microsoft Excel 2010

  1. 1. Name: Sopheak HengID: 12010112Major: Civil EngineeringDate: June 6th, 2013
  2. 2.  Information Inserting Sparklines on your Spreadsheet Customizing Sparklines Column Sparklines Win/Loss Sparklines
  3. 3. Sparklines
  4. 4.  You will find the Sparklines group located onthe Insert tab.
  5. 5.  Select the cell or cells where you wish todisplay your sparklines
  6. 6.  Select the type of Sparkline you’d like to addto your spreadsheet. You’ll notice there arethree types of Sparklines, Line, Column, andWin/Loss. We’ll select Line for our example.
  7. 7.  A Create Sparklines pops up and will promptyou to enter a Data Range you are using tocreate the Sparklines. You’ll notice that thelocation range (the range where theSparklines will appear) is already filled in. You can type in the data range manually, orclick and drag with your mouse across toselect the data range. This will auto-fill thedata range for you. Click OK when you arefinished.
  8. 8.  Here is the picture for the previous slide
  9. 9.  You will see your Sparklines appear in thedesired cells.
  10. 10.  Select the one of more of the Sparklines toreveal the Design tab. You can display certainvalue points like high and low points,negative points, and first and last points byselecting the corresponding options from theShow group. You can also mark all valuepoints by selecting Markers.
  11. 11.  Here is the picture for the previous slide
  12. 12.  Select your desired Sparklines and click oneof the included styles from the Style groupon the Design tab.
  13. 13.  Click the down arrow on the lower rightcorner of the box to display additional pre-defined styles…
  14. 14.  or select Sparkline Color or Marker Coloroptions to fully customize your Sparklines.
  15. 15.  The Axis options allow additional options such asDate Axis Type, Plotting Data Left to Right,and displaying an axis point to representthe zero line in your data with Show Axis.
  16. 16.  Column Sparklines display your data inindividual columns as opposed to the Lineview we’ve been using for our examples.
  17. 17.  Win/Loss shows a basic positive or negativerepresentation of your data set.
  18. 18.  You can easily switch between differentSparkline types by simply selecting the currentcells (individually or the entire group), and thenclicking the desired type on the Design tab.
  19. 19.  For those that may be more visuallyoriented, can be a wonderfuladdition to any spreadsheet.
  20. 20.  link