Col Dis Development Eng


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Col Dis Development Eng

  1. 1. Investment budgeting process support system
  2. 2. ColDis Develoment is a modern web-based system supporting the key processes of developer investment. The system’s main function is to aid in creating and managing budgets. The system supports the process of office premise sale Development What is ColDis Development?
  3. 3. Support of initial developer analysis Input of administrative documents and project data. Enhancement in the process of budgeting. Control of budget realization. Support of office premise sale. Tracking of cash flow . Co-operation with accounting system. Controlled access to resources – users and authorizations, acceptance operations. Reports, evaluations, data analysis. Development Main tasks of ColDis development:
  4. 4. Remote operation – access via a web browser from any place in the Intranet, a VPN network or the Internet. Minimal requirements towards the workstation. System of authorizations allowing for secure access to particular modules. Updating of data au courant for all users Possibility of consecutive updating of budgets in relation to changes in a project. Development Main features of ColDis Development:
  5. 5. Functional scheme of the system Development
  6. 6. Definable budget structure Division into categories: - costs - incomes - financing Defined groups of administrative accounts. Unlimited number of administrative accounts within a group Development
  7. 7. Particularization of a budget through consecutive phases of project realization Development Initial analysis. Purchase of land and acquirement of authorizations. Choice of a general executor – signing of contracts and orders. Building – protocols of reception and cost invoices. Sale – reservations, prelimenary contracts, registration and payment invoicing. Office premise reception process
  8. 8. Analysis of document flow Documents of cost part of a budget: - contracts and orders - protocols of reception - invoices of purchase. Documents of receipt part of a budget: - Initial reservation - Prelimenary sale contract - Requests for payment and advanced invoices - Sale contract and final invoice Registration of any documents related to a project. Development
  9. 9. Cash flow Development
  10. 10. Work security Development Controlled access to the system’s resources: - authorizations assigned to each element of the system - types of users – as a sum of chosen authorizations - User accounts with assigned type in chosen projects Work on independent objects.
  11. 11. Modern solutions Development Technologies applied: Microsoft Framework .NET 2.0, C#. SQL Server and component procedures Crystal Reports. System requirements of a server: - operating system: Windows 2003 Server - database server: Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005 - server hardware Pentium IV 2 GHz, HT or Xeon version, 2 - 4 GB RAM 80 GB HD (RAID).