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A scheme to help build the soft skills needed to move from an Industrial-type Leader to a Collaborative-type Leader.

A scheme to help build the soft skills needed to move from an Industrial-type Leader to a Collaborative-type Leader.

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  • 1. Nov’13 MUTANT LAB 8 Innov-8 How to be a successful and innovative leader in the network FREE WEBINAR
  • 2. Oct’13 MUTANT LAB 8 Collabor-8 WITH SOOZIE BEA 01 Success in a Collaborative World 02 Becoming 04 Beyond 05 Wrap Up 03 Being
  • 3. Oct’13 MUTANT LAB 8 01 Success in a Collaborative World
  • 4. CONNECTED LEADER ATTRIBUTES • • • • • Coaching Measuring Adapting Exploring Bettering • • • • • Analysing Deciding Delivering Cooperating Clowning • • • • • Trusting Involving Empathising Developing Communicating BEYOND BEING BECOMING 06/11/2013 Soozie Bea | Innov8 4
  • 5. THE CONNECTED LEADER CHASM OPEN hurtful harmonious harmful hopeful CLOSED 06/11/2013 OPEN Soozie Bea | Innov8 5
  • 6. Oct’13 MUTANT LAB 8 02 Becoming Becoming a connected leader is about nurturing and creating an open environment of communication and development
  • 7. BECOMING Empathising Involving Trusting 06/11/2013 Developing BECOMING A CONNECTED LEADER Soozie Bea | Innov8 Communicating 7
  • 8. BECOMING: Trusting Be consistent in all your efforts Listen to viewpoints Mistakes happen – encourage them Be transparent in views & ations Less talk and more experience & interaction 06/11/2013 Soozie Bea | Innov8 8
  • 9. BECOMING: Involving Seek out comments, ide as and feedback Destroy ‘Walled Gardens’ 06/11/2013 Insist upon contribution Encourage participation Soozie Bea | Innov8 9
  • 10. BECOMING: Empathising Invest time relating to those with difficulties Open your door to the professional and personal lives of your staff Embrace mistakes and learn from them 06/11/2013 Soozie Bea | Innov8 10
  • 11. BECOMING: Developing Developing your people is mission critical Ensure equal responsibility 06/11/2013 Be proactive and help identify their strengths & weaknesses Regularly review with them to assess progress on developing goals Soozie Bea | Innov8 11
  • 12. BECOMING: Communicating Communicate with context by connecting dots with priorities & objectives Pay attention to what others have to say 06/11/2013 Be direct, concise & clear in verbal & written communication Straight talk is always preferred Soozie Bea | Innov8 12
  • 13. Oct’13 MUTANT LAB 8 03 Being Being a connected leader is about accomplishing actions in a comprehensive yet lighthearted manner
  • 14. BEING Delivering Deciding Analysing 06/11/2013 Cooperating BEING A CONNECTED LEADER Soozie Bea | Innov8 Clowning 14
  • 15. BEING: Analysing Specialise in the holisitic big picture Analyse through empathy Connect with people directly before executing Patience in analysing serves you well Open your analysis to multiple possibilities before acting 06/11/2013 Soozie Bea | Innov8 15
  • 16. BEING: Deciding The ultimate decider must be accountable for timely action What alternative options present themselves 06/11/2013 Outline who will be affected & ramifications Consult others as appropriate Soozie Bea | Innov8 16
  • 17. BEING: Delivering Celebrate & reward the team throughout delivery Use SMART objectives Ensure roles & responsibilities are clear Adjust as necessary & remain malleable Build in resource mgmt, evaluation & priorities 06/11/2013 Address issues as soon as possible Soozie Bea | Innov8 17
  • 18. BEING: Cooperating Be above the pressure Involve others along the way 06/11/2013 Be cooperative, not competitive Work with your team through good & bad Soozie Bea | Innov8 18
  • 19. BEING: Clowing Good jokes aren’t taboo Ease up and smile Gaming isn’t just for kids Lighten the mood Don’t work till you drop 06/11/2013 Soozie Bea | Innov8 19
  • 20. Oct’13 MUTANT LAB 8 04 Beyond True open leadership is the act of engaging other to influence and execute a coordinated and harmonious conclusion
  • 21. BEYOND Adapting Measuring Coaching 06/11/2013 Exploring BEYOND A CONNECTED LEADER Soozie Bea | Innov8 Bettering 21
  • 22. BEYOND: Coaching Personal knowledge management Things are never just right or wrong Bring the story to the surface before advising Nurture your relationship with your team All situations have teaching moments 06/11/2013 Soozie Bea | Innov8 22
  • 23. BEYOND: Measuring Use qualitative & quantitative metrics Consider both the business & and humans Monitor progress, focus on improvement, ad just as necessary Work with the team to adjust to constraints Use SMART goals for humanistic targets as well 06/11/2013 Soozie Bea | Innov8 23
  • 24. BEYOND: Exploring Understand how the frontline impacts your work Leave the office regularly 06/11/2013 Collaborate inside & outside of the organisation Better your IQ & EQ by examining different angles Soozie Bea | Innov8 24
  • 25. BEYOND: Adapting Shift priorities to address future needs Explore options, get creative 06/11/2013 Be uncomfortable with the status quo Anticipate bumps and barriers Soozie Bea | Innov8 25
  • 26. BEYOND: Bettering No one is irreplaceable Get out in front and initiate the bettering actions with your team 06/11/2013 Better the organisation Start and open dialogue about wants, needs, wishes and expectations Soozie Bea | Innov8 26
  • 27. Oct’13 MUTANT LAB 8 05 Wrap Up
  • 28. COLLABORATIVE LEADER ACTION MODEL CONNECT with others CONGRATULATE thru feedback & recognition CONSIDER all options CONFIRM the results met the target COMMUNICATE the decision & action plans CREATE the result 06/11/2013 Soozie Bea | Innov8 28
  • 29. WANT TO READ MORE ON THIS? Flat Army Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization by Dan Pontefract Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (April 8, 2013) ISBN-10: 1118529790 ISBN-13: 978-1118529799 06/11/2013 Soozie Bea | Innov8 29