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H e a l t h , Relationships, Finances, Life Longevity,Remedial measures and more.... You may also askthree complimentaryqu...
conditions exist for the Life Force to flow freely in thedesired direction. The Ascendant (1st House), 5thHouse and 9th Ho...
Numerology/Nameology Reading (forChildren, Individuals & Businesses)P o we rfu l names make all the difference betweensucc...
More... forward into the next birth-incarnation.Price : $600More...Ask a Quest ion (One Quest ion Horoscope)T h e healing ...
Ha ve a personal verbal consultation session with thebest soothsayers of India over the telephone. Over5,000 satisfied cli...
fine corporate gift as well. You also get to ask threecomplimentary questions.Price : $36More...needed to eradicate the pl...
More...More...Pre-Det ermine t he Birt h Time of your ChildI f you know the tentative date/s for the birth of your child a...
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indian horoscope reading - Indian Astrology readings


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indian horoscope reading - Indian Astrology readings

  1. 1. Vedic Astrology | The Organization | The Services | Panel of Astrologers | Links | Contact us | Site MapNamast e!Thank you for visiting this Vedic astrology website; the official internet address of The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers, New Delhi, India. The best astrologerswork here in unison to provide manually prepared horoscope predictions-readings which are sent by e mail. Indian-Vedic Astrology horoscopes covering human life aspects ofCompatibility, Marriage, Love-Relationship, Progeny-Child, Job-Business-Wealth, Spirituality, Yagya, 2013 Horoscope, Numerology, Nameology, Birth Chart, Gemstone, Tarotand more....can be availed online at this website.You may refer to the site map for the complete list of horoscope readings. We hope that you find this mystical experience with Vedic astrology rewarding and enriching. Goodluck & God bless!Personal Ast rology Report (Life HoroscopeReading)Life is a constant learning school and the planetaryplacements at the time of your birth reveal yourcurrent standing in the cycle of evolution. Thisamazing Vedic astrology report deciphers the cosmicmessages spoken only for you through your BirthChart. Destiny is pre framed but not prewritten....and hence you yourself are the author.Faster a man learns (wisdom)...quicker his misfortunesdissolve. The report talks on your Personality, Career,H e a l t h , Relationships, Finances, Life Longevity,Personal Ast rology ReportWealt h & Career HoroscopeLove & Marriage HoroscopeYogas & t heir periods of act ivat ionCompat ibilit y Horoscope-Mat ching‘Three Quest ions’ HoroscopeCesarean Baby Horoscope‘Vedic Tarot DhananjayaProgeny HoroscopeFollowFollow @indianhoroscope@indianhoroscopeSoothsayers-India.comLike 10k
  2. 2. H e a l t h , Relationships, Finances, Life Longevity,Remedial measures and more.... You may also askthree complimentaryquestions with this horoscopereading.Price : $60More...Career & Wealt h HoroscopeWhether you are in a Job or Business this destinydocument (horoscope reading) is meant for you. Anastrological decision regarding anyones professionand wealth status is a very complex affair becausethese attributes of ones life are so extensive. Apartfrom the disposition of planets Sun, Mercury, Jupiterand Saturn, the 2nd, 10th, 6th & 11th houses of abirth chart determine the status, income andprofession of a person. However a destiny isessentially powered by the central impulse generatedby the 10th cardinal house of a horoscope whichindicates the true source of livelihood which may becommerce (vyapar - business) or job (naukri). Theadvanced predictive techniques used in this horoscopereading will bestow you with a deeper understandingof the limitless potential you posses and the way tomoveahead from here-on.Price : $60More...Love & Marriage HoroscopeThis is the most popular and constructive aspect of astrology.Love, Sex & Marriage are amongst the primary channels of lifethrough which various proclivities of an individual findexpression. The 5th house of a horoscope reveals the lovedestiny, 7th house- the marital destiny, 2nd house- familydestiny and 8th house-sexual happiness. The Indianastrological system has special contributions to make in thisvery vital human life aspect and should be taken advantageof. We highly recommend this comprehensive Indianhoroscope which also prescribes guaranteed healing tools tobalance ones love karmic energy, which is essentiallyrootedto past incarnations (births).Price : $60More...The Triangle of Spirit ualit y (Spirit ualHoroscope)The spiritual mission of the Soul will be fulfilled ifconditions exist for the Life Force to flow freely in theThe Triangle of Maya-IllusionThis is an inverted triangle formed in an Indian horoscope bythe houses 3rd-11th-7th. Along with the triangle of
  3. 3. conditions exist for the Life Force to flow freely in thedesired direction. The Ascendant (1st House), 5thHouse and 9th House form the Spiritual Triangle in anIndian horoscope. The distributed energy levels withinthese houses hint at the souls spiritual heritage,evolution status and the future course.You may also ask three complimentary questions withthis horoscope reading.Price : $ forms the mystical hexagon signifying the polarization ofmatter & spirit, leading to creation. In astrology this closelink between material & spiritual forces clearly indicates that abalance between spirituality and materiality leads to a perfectexistence and optimum productivity.You may also ask three complimentary questions with thishoroscope reading.Price : $60More...Child/Baby Horoscope Reading (ChildAst rology)Fore-knowledge will make you a teacher parexcellence and a deserving parent. We invite you tot h e most rewarding counseling session with thePlanets themselves. Get exposed to the greatness ofyour child right at the start and avoid a million pit falls.Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your mostprecious jewel. Topics of discussion in thistremendous Vedic astrology reading are personalitytraits, strengths to be reinforced, weaknesses to beovercome, planetary placements and the promise theyhold, mental characteristics, education & applying thelearning, prospects of education, career & areas ofinterest, power yogas and more..... You also get to askthree complimentary questions.* Note: Not for children below one year of age.Price : $60More...Horoscope Mat ching (Compat ibilit y IndianHoroscope)Minimize the risk of marriage/relationship failure through pre-wisdom bestowed by Vedic astrology. A wonderful report thatconducts a step by step correlative love-relationship analysisbetween two individuals. Mysteries of your partner revealedright at the doorway, will spare you the unpleasant surprisesthat may be in the offing in future. Be armed with a Bazookabefore walking into a relationship..... a priceless gift fromVedic astrology..... You also get to ask three complimentaryquestions.Price : $
  4. 4. Numerology/Nameology Reading (forChildren, Individuals & Businesses)P o we rfu l names make all the difference betweensuccess and failure and when the name matches thestrengths in a horoscope, it channels the power of thebirth chart towards the day-to-day efforts. You decidethe name of your child or business and we decide thespelling. A priceless Vedic astrology reading again.Price : $50More...Corporat e Imaging/Branding/Naming Service(Business Ast rology)A corporate makeover utilizing the cosmic mathematics isMiraculous. We encourage the corporate world to experiencethis revolutionary Indian astrology reading to achieve globalleadership, enhanced image, dynamic progress, clientsatisfaction and maximum productivity. The corporate brandname of a company is decided based onNameology,Numerology and an individual horoscope analysis.A l o n g with the most energized names and productidentification, we will also advise the corporate color. We willalso suggest the technical details for printing the letter headof the company as to in which font and color it can be printedin for maximizing the efforts. We will suggest a suitable "Gem"which can improve the general luck factor of thedirectors/owners/ or proprietor.You also get to ask three complimentary questions with thisvery unique Vedic astrology reading.Price : $200More...Birt h Chart (Print ed Horoscope)Get hold of the most detailed printed Vedic Birth ChartBooklet. This Birth Chart Booklet is the single mostnecessary tool for any Vedic astrology prediction andis recommended for each member of a family includingnew born children. Keep it handy at all times for youwill need it each time you visit a Vedic astrologer or doself analysis. It is also the only reference document tocheck all relevant astrological information aboutyourself viz horoscope, ascendant, moon sign,planetary placements, precise planetary periods &transits etc etc.Price : $60More...Karmic Remedial Ast rology (Fire Rit uals/Yagna)Experience the healing powers of Mantra or Sound. Firerituals or Yagya conducted to please the cosmic powersfollowing strict Vedic discipline are life changing. Works on theprinciple of diluting negative karmic debt through divineintervention. Seemingly defies human logic but certainlyestablishes the presence of a higher power. Faith & nobleintentions are the only pre-requisites. Yagya is the strongestremedial arm of Vedic astrology. Before the problem thesolution existed and we give you access to an unlimitedcosmic energy reservoir, that can be used to dilute-eradicatesorrow from your life. A must try by every human being on thisplanet as the energy generated by a Yagya is also
  5. 5. More... forward into the next birth-incarnation.Price : $600More...Ask a Quest ion (One Quest ion Horoscope)T h e healing wonders of Vedic astrology or Indianhoroscope is there for everyone to experience. If youare facing an immediate situation in life, then you mayput forth your question to us. The answer lies hiddenin your Vedic horoscope and we simply reveal it.Price : $30More...Birt h Time Det erminat ion/Rect ificat ion(Calculat ive Ast rology)A Vedic astrology reading is not possible without an accuratebirth time. If you are clueless or vague about your Time ofBirth, then this reading is a pre-requisite for you! . Leave thecalculation & math to us and we will zero-in on your birth time.Also includes: A Comprehensive Vedic astrology reading.Precise calculations and accuracy to the "T" is a legendarytrademark of the Himalayan Ashram. Ask Personal Questionsas well.Price : $150More...Vedic Horary Ast rology (Birt h Time notrequired)Astoundingly true answers & predictions for specificproblems/questions. This Indian astrology service isrecommended for asking a single / two questions andi s highly accurate with 98% accuracy. Time of Birthnot required with this Indian horoscope.Price : $30More...K.P Horary Ast rology (Birt h Time not required)Planets can read your mind ! It is fascinating how they line upto reveal the answer to any problem or dilemma that you maybe hounded by. Here K.P. system of prediction is applied toHorary astrology with remarkable results. While putting aquestion you have to select a number from 1 to 249. This fixesthe ascendant and the position of various houses in theHorary Horoscope. The queries are to be confined to a singlesubject only.Price : $30More...Telephone Horoscope Reading Yearly Ast rology Report (Birt hday HoroscopeReading)
  6. 6. Ha ve a personal verbal consultation session with thebest soothsayers of India over the telephone. Over5,000 satisfied clients worldwide and growing by theminute. The Himalayan masters are within your reachand you wouldnt want to miss out on this uniquea strology experience. Please e mail us for currentdiscounted promotions, whereby the prices drop byover 50% if you make the telephone call to us.Price : $100More...Reading)H o w is your period from now on till your next birthday? Awonderful tool to carry in your work bag or gift a friend for itpin points the yearly highs & lows in great detail as per yourIndian horoscope. Covers Career, Love, Health and more. AskP e rs o na l Questions as well with this very popular Vedicastrology reading..Price : $60More...Weekly Horoscope Predict ions (based ont ransit of planet s)Highly recommended for high profile entrepreneurs andcareer executives.This is a special subscription serviceavailable on a monthly/six monthly/yearly basiswhereby weekly detailed horoscope predictions basedon the transit of planets and other personalizedparameters is advised. Will prove very useful inproviding you a good insight into managing yourdifferent areas of life on a daily basis.Price : $ 36 ( 1month)$ 130 ( 6 months)$ 230 ( 1 year)More...Vaast u Shast ra...Archit ect ural Ast rology forHomes & Business PremisesMake your lif e easier: Embrace the ancient art of CosmicHarmony to experience success, prosperity, joy & well being.Obstructed flow of energies within your home/office canimbalance your life considerably leading to misery, failure,unhappiness and misfortune. Be in sync with the Universe toachieve maximum thrust to effortlessly move towards higherlevels of evolution.Come initiate a rewarding consultation session with theMasters of Vaastu and experience bliss like never before.Price : $48More...Employee Horoscope ReadingCorporate heads and business houses....get to knowyour employees better. Get an insight on the workingpotential of your workforce by getting a grip on theirhidden talents, IQ and ethics. A tremendous astrologytool to build a winning rapport on a personalized levelnaturally leading to increased productivity. Makes aThe Gemst one Horoscope Reading (RemedialAst rology)The most effective healing tool made available to mankind byVedic astrology to optimize a destiny by unfolding the hiddenpotential of a horoscope. Accomplished astrologers are able todecode the cosmic language spoken through a NatalHoroscope and accurately pinpoint that magic gemstone/sneeded to eradicate the planetary deficiencies
  7. 7. fine corporate gift as well. You also get to ask threecomplimentary questions.Price : $36More...needed to eradicate the planetary deficiencies andactualize/activate the dormant power of a soul. Gemstonetherapy is a must for all.Price : $45More...Yogas & Their Periods of Act ivat ion (EventTiming Horoscope Reading)Birth, Death, Education, Love, Relationships, Marriage,Disease, Windfall Gains, Children, House, etc fall inthe category of life changing events in a persons life.Destiny is measured by these Life Changing Eventsand not by day to day happenings. Such events do nothappen everyday but only get triggered when Yogasin a horoscope get activated. A big turn of fortune,cannot happen due to single planet but, is a result offusion of multiple planetary energies. This cooperationo f various planetary energies is termed as a Yoga.The intensity of a Yoga when high, can make a pauperinto a millionaire in no time....Price : $60More...Mahurat a Ast rology ReportIt has been mentioned a million times in the Vedic scriptures;that any work commenced during a favorable planetaryconfiguration will always bring positive results. An auspiciousphase of time signifies divine blessings and the good fortuneto follow. And when the mahurata is calculated as per thehoroscope of an individual, the results can be very glorious.Get to know the best Dates/Time for your; new businesscommencement, child birth through Caesarian, Marriage,Buying/Selling of Real estate, Investment, etc.We offer you the critical success factor!Price : $21More...Luck, Money And Lot t ery HoroscopeOne common dream across humanity is that ‘one’ lifechanging lottery win or better still a constant run ofgood luck in matters of speculation be it stocks,legacy, investments or lottery. The ‘luck factor’ is neverin man’s control for it is a cosmic ‘gift’ that stems fromone’s karmic history and remains permanent at leastfor one incarnation (birth). To put it simply, if you areborn ‘lucky’ you stay lucky for the rest of your life.Price : $60More...Past Life-Birt h Horoscope ReadingIn the process of evolution our ‘past’ incarnation (birth) playsa pivotal role for it is a link that taught us lessons whichinfluences our ‘present’ and the ‘future’. As the ‘soul’ evolvestowards perfection it must gather wisdom through lifeexperiences, some pleasant and some not so. The Rahu-Ketuaxis in a horoscope is the key that reveals the secrets andmysteries of past life and also the significance of our present‘birth’.Price : $
  8. 8. More...More...Pre-Det ermine t he Birt h Time of your ChildI f you know the tentative date/s for the birth of your child and you have the option of delivery through C-Section, then weencourage you on taking this opportunity offered by the wisdom of Vedic astrology to optimize the destiny of your child. Thedivine cosmic fraternity has already chartered out the ‘destiny’ of the child which is apparent by the placement of the majorplanets viz Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Mercury Rahu & Ketu in the to be horoscope, which no astrologer can change and hencewe are just mere instruments in the cosmic plan. However, probably due to your past life good ‘karma’ not to mention the ‘child’s’,you are fortunate that the ‘Intelligent Cosmic Force’ is offering you this chance to ‘customize’ the horoscope to a significantextent by way of choosing the Day, Tithi, Karana, Yoga, Ascendant, Nakshatra, and the placement of the fast moving ‘Moon’.These parameters are enough to bring about a significant change in ‘destiny’. of the child. However as no planet if completely‘benefic’ or ‘malefic’, similarly no ‘horoscope’ is perfect. Imperfection will exist as long as the ‘soul’ is caught in the cycle of ‘birth’& ‘re-birth’. This Indian horoscope is most praised for it utilizes the gift of free will made available to each soulPrice : $200More...So o thsayers Affiliate Pro gram | Vedic Astro lo gy | The Organizatio n | The Services | Panel o f Astro lo gersTerms & Co nditio ns / Disclaimer | Privacy Po licy | Links | Co ntact us | Site Map| RSS 2.0 Valid | Sitemap XMLFREE INDIAN HOROSCOPE LESSONS & ART ICLES (Updated Daily)Mo ney Luck Lo ttery In A Ho ro sco pe | Child Educatio n Ho ro sco pe Reading | The Art o f Ho ro sco pe Reading | Lo ve Ho ro sco pe Reading | indian ho ro sco pe lo ve co mpatability | Ho ro sco pe pro fileo f Bill Gates | Birthday Indian Astro lo gy a must fo r yo u| Indian ho ro sco pe has to be manually analyzed | Ho ro sco pe matches based o n Ganas | Mo nthly ho ro sco pe by Vedic astro lo gy | Lo vepredictio ns in Indian Vedic astro lo gy | The main features o f a Indian ho ro sco pe chart | Astro lo gy Ho ro sco pe co mpatibility fo r friends | Best Indian Astro lo gers | The basics o f a healthho ro sco pe | Daylight Saving Time DST in Indian astro lo gy | Ho ro sco pe matching in mo dern times | Muhurta by an Indian astro lo ger | Planetary Deities in Vedic astro lo gy | Vedic astro lo gy andGlo bal Recessio n | Yagya and Indian Astro lo gy | Best Astro lo gers | Ho ro sco pe reading in ancient India | Try a Vedic ho ro sco pe | The Ho ro sco pe An Overview | Yo ur ho ro sco pe...a map o f yo urlife | Western astro lo gy and Indian ho ro sco pe | Ho ro sco pe a po pular village to o l | What is a Numero lo gy ho ro sco pe | Use o f astro lo gy so ftware in indian ho ro sco pes | Online Ho ro sco peReading | Numero lo gy in Indian Ho ro sco pe | Online Co mpatibility Ho ro sco peCopyright © The Himalayan Ashram of Vedic Astrologers, for the best indian Horoscope Reading,All Rights