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2013 cannes lions_mobile summary
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2013 cannes lions_mobile summary



Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. 2013 CANNES LIONS -MOBILE LIONS- 2013.07.19 *참고 : 중복 수상 캠페인은 첫 카테고리에만 영상 저장하였음
  • 2. Grand Prix
  • 3. BRIEF EXPLANATION PROBLEM: In developed countries, tablets and e-readers have become the solution to large, heavy textbooks. But for Philippi ne public schools students, even the cheapest model is worth more than what their families make in a month. In fact, the only gadgets most own are one or two old analog mobiles phones, used mainly for texting. This is tragic because they're the ones who need a textbook alternative the most. Kids as young as seven must brin g up to 22 books daily, leaving them exhausted and unfocused even before their first class—and in many docume nted cases, afflicted with scoliosis. SOLUTION: We realised: What if you could use these millions of phones to create a new brand of textbook? Smart, the Philippines' largest telecommunications company, took their mission to "make text light and easy" furthe r than ever as we introduced Smart TXTBKS. Over six months, we collaborated with respected textbook authors and publishers to refine official school texts into 160-character messages. These were then programmed into the inboxes of thousands of inactive surplus sim cards . Which were then repackaged into new Smart TXTBKS. So it turned even the oldest analog phones into a new type of e-reader. And old text sim cards into a new brand of textbook. RESULTS: We launched it in partner schools that needed it most. And a quarter after, this simple—and, in fact, low-tech—sol ution had made a profound sustainable impact. With school bags 50% lighter, attendance was 95%, while averag e test performance was 90% during implementation. And with petitions and pledges from schools, families, and education sector members, TXTBKS is going even further , with plans underway for more subjects and grade levels; kits so schools can reproduce as many TXTBKS as they n eed for free; and a roll-out across the Philippines. Fulfilling Smart's mission to make every kind of text light and easy for all.
  • 4. Gold
  • 5. BRIEF EXPLANATION Today, mobiles connect people across the world, help us organize our lives and entertain us with hundred of game s. But the more we use them, the more we are forgetting how to spell. Our goal was to convince smartphone users to play their first scrabble word. And in order to succeed, we've reward ed them with what they need the most : a wifi connection. Bases on scrabble rules, the higher your score, the longer your connection. A scrabble wifi van was travelling around Paris, delivering wifi connection. It was parking in front of parks, museums, shopping center… Thanks to this campaign and its success the client wants to install Scrabble wifi as the most playful way to get conn ected everywhere. We are already talking about partnership with airports, highway rest top, resorts and fast-food r estaurant for the second step of the campaign.
  • 6.
  • 7. BRIEF EXPLANATION THE BRIEF: Singapore has one of the fastest growing aging populations in the world, but as the country develops, many seniors d on‘t have access to technology and are losing touch with the world. They grow increasingly isolated and estranged f rom the society – which contribute to health problems. Project SilverLine was commissioned to help connect the seni ors back to the community. THE INSIGHT: From research, we recognised that Singapore is one of the most rapidly aging countries in Asia. Currently, 8% of the p opulation is above the age of 60 with this figure projected to increase to 19% by 2030. But whilst there are more senior citizens now than ever, increasingly depression and loneliness are prevalent. In fact, social isolation has been describ ed as 'the hidden killer', causing serious health problems. The IDEA: To help connect seniors back to the community, used smartphones are collected and refurbished with senior-friendly apps. Seniors are then taught to use the phones so they can reconnect with family, friends and the community. The 5 Silverline apps developed help to enhance the social, emotional and physical needs of Singapore's rapidly gro wing elderly population. These apps enable users to feel inspired, connect with their care givers and loved ones, take care of their health and discover new experiences every day. The 5 Silverline apps are pre-installed on the phones and let the seniors do the following: • Read daily quotes and interesting facts keep their minds active. • Get daily reminders to take their daily medication. • Capture moments with the camera function and share experiences with friends. • Connect with family and friends using a picture speed dial • Call for an ambulance easily in the event of an emergency THE RESULTS: The project was well received by the community, earning itself extensive free coverage over 30 nationwide publicati ons across print, broadcast, radio and online media. An international rollout plan the project is also underway. Social sentiment was on an all-time high on the SingTel Facebook page, and most importantly, over 1,000 seniors from the Li on Befrienders and Willing Hearts senior community groups were reconnected back to the community through refurni shed phones.
  • 8. BRIEF EXPLANATION GetCash offers NatWest and RBS customers an easy fix for lost or forgotten cards, a way to quickly send money to fa mily or friends in need, or a choice of leaving their wallets at home in favour of their mobile phones. GetCash solves this in a totally secure and painless way for the first time anywhere in the UK. The number of NatWest and RBS customers that leave the house for work or a big night out, only to find they've left card or wallet or purse behind, is huge. It was also obvious from our market research that individuals preferred to ta ke less items out in case something got lost, mislaid or stolen. But the one thing they will always remember is their sm artphone. The fact that people are largely never without their phones posed a great opportunity for Natwest and RBS to displ ay its 'helpful banking' ethos and to innovate a solution that countered the inconvenience of leaving a card at ho me, at your desk at the office, etc. We knew that understanding the consumer mind-set would be the difference between NatWest and RBS launchin g a good app versus one that customers would wonder how they ever lived without it. Our team gathered copious research and feedback into how the app could really add value. Profiling different de mographic groups, GetCash was formed on the basis of three key findings: - peace of mind - fast, quick, cash access - the idea that customers could, in theory, leave the house with only keys and a phone. With GetCash, you choose the amount of cash you would like to withdraw on your mobile. You're then provided wi th a one-use only secure code that can be used at any 1 of over 8,000 RBS, NatWest or Tesco ATM's in the UK. Since the launch on 13th June 2012 over 161,900 GetCash requests with a total value of £5.5 million have been pro cessed. That's an average over 7000 requests a week. Our over 2 million users of the app log in over 26 times a mon th. GetCash has elevated NatWest and RBS's 'helpful' profile due to an overwhelming reception from customers - just l ook on Twitter, the app store and more; its still being talked about. It has driven ownership of the territory, increment ally increased our consideration, customer engagement and satisfaction score and other brand metrics.
  • 9. BRIEF EXPLANATION Inspiration can surprise you, because great ideas just happen. ScoreCleaner captures your musical ideas, in the moment. It's the only mobile app that translates a recording into a mu sical score - just press record and then start singing, playing, or humming. The app's unique technology, developed from years of sound research, translates your melodies and rythms into sheet music, and the intuitive mobile user interface makes it very easy to use. ScoreCleaner even syncs through the Cloud, so later you can take your idea further, and easily pass the music on. The underlying technology performs a musically intelligent interpretation of pitch, time signature, rhythm/meter, and te mpo directly from monophonic audio input. There are no limitiations with regards to musical style – ScoreCleaner tracks composite meters, syncopation, minor/major keys, free rhythm, and more. When finished, you can play the song back, using either MIDI piano sound or the original recording, store it in the Score Cleaner Cloud service, and continue editing it in ScoreCleaner Desktop. ScoreCleaner for mobile - now everyone can write music anytime, anywhere.
  • 10. BRIEF EXPLANATION In Belgium, every year 300 people die because they don't get a new organ in time. That's almost one every day. Th at's why the Belgian non-profit organisation ReBorn-To-Be-Alive is always looking for new and relevant ways to find more organ donors and to inform people about the problem. These days, every big event has its own smartphone application. When the event is over, the app loses its purpose and remains unused. However, a lot of people still keep the app on their phone. We asked big event organizers to give their apps a second life in order to find people who want to give their organs a second life. Via the so-called Reborn App, people learn about organ donation and can easily sign up as an organ donor.
  • 11. BRIEF EXPLANATION In China, over 20,000 children go missing each year. Abducted not for ransom but sold into slave labour, prostitution, or a life on the streets as beggars. For the parents, hope to find their children in a country so big, is small. Baby Back Home helps families by publishing missing profiles on their website. Unfortunately, with little success. They d esperately needed a more effective means to find these missing children. In a country of 1.4 billion people, surely we can do something. Take a photo. Save a stolen child. To enable anyone who owns a smartphone to become an instant search volunteer just by taking a photo of a child t hey suspect may be lost or stolen. Our Missing Children APP will then compare it to Baby Back Home‘s missing persons database to identify a match. Wi th Face Recognition Technology, the result is almost instantaneous. We had turned a simple act of photo-taking into a chance to save thousands of children. It starts with an outdoor sculpture. We installed an AR-interactive sculpture in public places. When passers-by take a picture, it will reveal real-life audio/ visual stories and data of missing children. With a simple tap of a button to activate the app, they can answer the ca ll-to-action. If you come across a lost or stolen child, simply take a picture of the child’s face. Using Face Recognition Technology, the APP will identify a match against Baby Back Home’s missing children database. The result is almost instantaneous. The APP will then notify the family and return the child. Results: In just one week, we had two long-awaited family reunions. Over 20,000 APP downloads = search volunteers.
  • 12.
  • 13. CONCEPT To demonstrate the power of the Chrome browser on both PC and Mobile, we created "World Wide Maze. " By using WebSocket, WebGL, and the Chrome Tab Sync function, we created a game where you can turn any w ebsite into a 3D maze and play using your smartphone. Simply connect Chrome on your PC and mobile with Tab Sync, and search for any site you want to play. Once its transformed into a stage, control the ball by tilting your smartphone and head to the goal. Points will be given based on the time and number of items you picked up along the way, which you can share an d compete scores with your friends. As a result, World Wide Maze became a huge buzz in global press and social media and drove Chrome usage on b oth PC and mobile, allowing millions of people to experience the internet in a whole new way.
  • 14. Silver
  • 15. BRIEF EXPLANATION In 2012, the MCSC successfully launched the first-ever online search party, the ‗World‘s Most Valuable Social Network‘. They n ow had a way to alert the masses, but also wanted to reach those most likely to report a sighting – people nearest to where an abduction takes place. So we created the ‗World‘s Most Valuable Check-In‘. A digital tool that sends alerts to FourSquare locations closest to where and when a child goes missing. As one of the MCSC‘s new digital tools, Most Valuable Check-In‘ is directly responsible for assi sting in the rescue of 6 children in the first 5 months alone.
  • 16. BRIEF EXPLANATION J. García López Funeral Homes has over 30 years of experience providing quality and professional funeral services. Over 6000 services are attended every year. BRIEF The brand needed to increase death notice hiring and to engage consumers in an original and emotional tone. SOLUTION We created an innovative product for the funeral market: The first interactive obituary. VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS People must scan a QR code printed in death notices in local newspapers. RESULTS We created a new product for the funeral market 35% increase in death notice hiring Over USD$200,000 in free media
  • 17. BRIEF EXPLANATION CHALLENGE The metropolis of Tokyo is a buzzing hive of activity with hundreds of thousands of distractions—so many in fact that visiting the famous Sunshine Aquarium, which has been around for 35 years, had fallen off many people's radars. To make matters worse, the Aquarium is located in an extremely dense part of the city and it's nearly a kilometer from t he nearest station. We had to find a way to attract more visitors to the Aquarium and, just importantly, make sure th ey had no trouble finding it. IDEA Get the cutest aquarium inhabitant—penguins—to guide visitors to the Aquarium. We designed an augmented real ity GPS system featuring penguins that lead the way to the Aquarium. Our GPS penguins walk and move exactly like real penguins. It was a world first: motion capture technology applied to penguins. Humans are naturally entranced by cute animals. With our App, all anyone with mobile phone has to do is follow the penguins. They lead straight to t he Aquarium. It's so entertaining that all other distractions go unnoticed. RESULT Attendance at the Sunshine Aquarium increased 152% over the previous month despite no change in exhibition co ntent. People who downloaded the App spent on average more than 9 minutes at a time playing with it. More tha n 32% of users opened the app more than 7 times and 93% of users planned to recommend it to friends/families. Pe nguins brought not only people to the Aquarium, they also brought smiles.
  • 18. BRIEF EXPLANATION We wanted to bring people together with a holiday experience they can share in-person, using their phones. By partnering with Pacific Chamber Symphony, we created the Mobile Orchestra, which turns phones into musi cians. Friends gather together, and when they visit the site on their phone, or tablet, their devices perfectly sync to pla y "Carol of the Bells".
  • 19. BRIEF EXPLANATION StarHub Mobile is one of the largest telcos in Singapore with over 2.2 million subscribers in a country of 5 million peo ple. Leveraging on its reach, we partnered StarHub Mobile with the Society of Visually Handicapped in a micro-vol unteering project called Third Eye. This initiative is designed to end the social isolation experienced by the visually i mpaired. The Third Eye experience can be likened to having volunteers sit with the visually impaired, spend time w ith them and describe the world to them. Third Eye is designed to crowdsource vision and care for the visually impaired. With Third Eye, we connected a co mmunity of micro-volunteers to the visually impaired. Using inbuilt iOS and Android's accessibility features, a visually impaired person can easily take a picture of anything with a touch. The image is then shared with micro-volunteer s in real-time as a query. The volunteers can describe the image to the visually impaired, from wherever they are, making volunteering effortless, easy and instant. The replies are then converted from text to speech for the visually impaired. To prevent abuse, Third Eye adopts a community policing system used by Facebook and YouTube. Volunteers are privy to all responses, and can report fraudulent and malicious responses. A telco's first and foremost promise is to connect people. Third Eye, as a CSR initiative for StarHub Mobile, is a true c elebration of that promise. The initiative exploits the omnipresence of mobile devices in our lives and turns the med ium into a truly social network. Now anyone, anywhere, anytime can connect to a visually impaired person and h elp brighten their day even if he or she only has seconds to spare. This gives existing volunteers an extra channel to help and demonstrates to would-be volunteers that actually it doesn't take much to make a difference. StarHub Mobile has 2.2 million mobile subscribers. If just one in every hundred subscribers micro-volunteered 10 sec onds a day to make a reply, the project would crowdsource over 60 hours of volunteering-time every day. The pro ject has just launched, but the current approximate ratio of micro-volunteers to visually impaired is already 12: 1, r eplies within the first 20 seconds is 3.7 and incorrect responses is less than 0.004%. ―Project Third Eye demonstrates that together we can change lives. I believe it‘ll open more than just eyes, it‘ll ope n hearts.‖ Michael Tan, Executive Director, Society of the Visually Handicapped
  • 20. BRIEF EXPLANATION We created the world's first 360 degree dual screen television broadcast. Viewers could not only watch the TV cont ent, they could control the camera in real time... Judges' Instructions: 1) Watch the SHORT film first (the main film is too long) 2) Open the app and have it running on device 3) Play the supporting film, the app will react to this film At 9pm on 16th April 2012, television history was made by broadcasting the world‘s first 360 degree dual-screen TV /mobile experience simultaneously on television, mobile and iPad. The promotion for The Gadget Show: World Tou r broke on television and mobile simultaneously. The app synched with the TV broadcast in real time. Viewers of the 360 mobile experience could then turn around with their iPad/phone and watch what was going on behind them, above them or anywhere off-screen. Specially scripted scenes and action was happening all around the studio exclusively for the mobile 360 viewers. Directional movement of the mobile device resulted in synchronized movement from the 360 degree TV cameras – the viewe r could look anywhere around the studio along a 360 horizontal and vertical axis. Early adopters are tough to reach. Well over 30,000 of them used the app to synch with the one-off broadcast on television. The experience caused a social media stir which spread to channel 5's website. The hard-core of credib le influencers were attracted WITHOUT promotion of the app. We wanted it to be organic and as such we did not think so many would go to the effort of downloading the app to watch the one-off broadcast. On YouTube, the n ext level of enthusiasts uploaded their own clips of the TV broadcast and 20,000 people watched those, generatin g more and more downloads. On Twitter, Facebook and YouTube the broadcast generated significant (global) so cial traffic but unfortunately this was not monitored by the client... Some of the Tweets and posts even said ‗this is t he best TV ad I have ever seen.‘ Significant numbers viewed the experience one social media (synched with their i OS devices) again and again. The client praised this work as a complete success.
  • 21. BRIEF EXPLANATION Human Rights Defenders are often kidnapped or killed. Without information about time/place it's impossible to help and with dated information the public‘s sense of urgency is lost. We needed to find a way to identify attacks, prote ct those at risk and build awareness around the challenges of human rights defenders. The strategy was to bring attacks to the world's direct attention and build a social media network amplifying the m essage. The creative solution was to provide individual human rights defenders with GSM/GPS assault alarm harware and c onnect it with local partners and social media through those signing up on, Facebook/Twitter. It needed to be unconventional enough to stand out in NGO dialogue yet simple enough to generate interaction with ease. A precise call for action provided the audience with the ability to contribute, redefining the meaning of a like or a follow. With the alarm engagement is built through direct dialogue in mobile and social media turning involvement in to a life-line, redefining the protection of human rights defenders. It engages the world and disrupts the silence of oppressive regimes by making information about assaults known gl obally - creating a link between the victims and the world making sure no cry for help goes unnoticed. Natalia Project as a vehicle, reaching 1 billion plus in leading earned media, positions Civil Rights Defenders as a for ce for driving change and builds direct relationships with local partners. The project was launched April 4 and after two weeks the results so far can be divided into four parts: - Direct response (likes and follows), within in less than a week created a reach in social media surpassing 100.000. - Google hits went from 4.000 to 23.000.0000 in under four days. - Earned media with a reach of 1.000.0000.000 + persons distributed the project, positioning Civil Rights Defenders. T he effect of Natalia Project on the Civil Rights Defenders brand has after two weeks not yet been calculated. - Just two days after launch the United Nations rapporteur endorsed the project.
  • 22. BRIEF EXPLANATION To launch an agency in a crowded digital marketplace and quickly to be established as a major mobile agency pla yer within 6-12 months is unheard of. Especially in the recent economic times. We believe we have achieved this. We also believe we have created an agency with a fresh approach to mobile marketing. We are setting the standard as a new breed of mobile agency that truly puts mobile at the forefront of thinking for all our clients and deliver excellence in both strategy and execution. We aim to continue building on this by being nimbl e and delivering robust thinking and execution defining and shaping the industry as it unfolds.Safari To launch as an independent agency, who think mobile first, leading by example of the next generation digital agen cy without the security and range of clients of a large network agency was ambitious. We believe we have succeed ed in this. In addition we are seen as industry spokespeople and the go-to agency even for other mobile and digital agencies. People in the industry want to hear what we have to say. Whether it is clients or agencies we seem to be tr usted advisers. To gain major brands such as ASOS, Photobox, BBC, Hachette and Travelex based on what we do and who we are is disrupting the mobile agency market. Our strategic thinking, vision and execution is second to none. In some cases globally recognised as the leader in pushing what can be achieved in the emerging mobile marketing space, specifically mobile HTML5 apps and sites. Results Apple emailed and offered to buy us a drink. Growing revenue from a standstill to £1M within 12 months. Picked a number of high profile clients: ASOS Travelex Transword Publishing BBC Orange OneYoungWorld Hachette UK Several global agencies
  • 23. BRIEF EXPLANATION Café Amazon is the largest coffee chain in Thailand. Known as the traveler‘s buddy with 650 coffee stops at gas st ations nationwide, Café Amazon helps keep travelers and drivers fresh and awake during their journeys. As the tra velers‘ buddy, Café Amazon cares about the safety and wellbeing on all who are on the road. And sleepiness is a great enemy of drivers, so Café Amazon wanted to find a way to help their traveler buddies to arrive at their desti nations safely – no dozing off, no accidents. Café Amazon decided to be the traveler‘s buddy on the road. Turn the drivers‘ smartphones into sleepiness track ers and alarms! "Drive Awake" The World's First Intelligent Mobile Application that helps wake up drowsy drivers by using eye and f ace tracking technology to analyze driver sleepiness while they are behind the wheel. ―Drive Awake‖ application re-enforces Café Amazon‘s commitment since the first cup of coffee was served—awaking each traveler buddy. When activated, the application wakes up drowsy drivers with a unique alarm whenever they start to doze off, an d it then offers them the route to the nearest Café Amazon to take a coffee break. With Café Amazon, the next o ne is never too far. Results: • Over 100,000 devices downloaded drive awake application. • Magazines and travel websites talked about and recommended the application. • Over 10,000 and counting drowsy drivers were detected and awakened since the release date. • 85% of detected drivers created routes to Café Amazon shops across the nation. • Thais drivers got the new tool for safer traveling to uplift their safety standard of journey.
  • 24. BRIEF EXPLANATION To launch and promote the band Kaizers Orchestras latest record, Violeta Violeta Vol.3, we designed the album like a virus. Through an Android/iPhone application we released songs one month before the official release in th e form of viruses. To get access to the songs you had to get infected. Using GPS-technology, your phone would a utomatically get infected when moving close enough to someone who was carrying a virus. When enough fans were infected with a virus, the songs became available through streaming and iTunes. This g ave fans the opportunity to be the first to listen to a new tracks and the power of deciding when the album itself would be handed over to radio, media and the public in general. Helping Kaizers reaching a bigger audience t han ever. The app gave you a full overview of available viruses, a map of other carriers and a music player for unlocked c ontent. You could also hunt down people that weren't infected to earn more points that could take you to a relea se concert at a secret location. Please watch the case movie for a full presentation of the app and the different activities.
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  • 26. Bronze
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  • 28. BRIEF EXPLANATION Moms heard about it on the web, in blogs on motherhood, and through the Kits with Hipoglos Bluetooth Alert that were distributed in two ways: sent to a select mailing list of women who have had their first child, and distributed in changing rooms at the country's main shopping malls. In the kits, moms found a manual instructing them to downlo ad the App and explaining how it worked. The idea had an instantly success and made a huge splash on the web, generating more than 1,200,000 dollars in f ree media. Thousands of people shared the idea on social networks and Hipoglos Amendoas, a traditional brand t hat is already part of every mother's life and has been for decades, immediately became an innovative and mod ern brand in public perception. The sales had a significant increase of 15%.
  • 29. BRIEF EXPLANATION BACKGROUND: Since 1945, every Saturday in Hong Kong is officially known as ‗Flag Day‘ – a government-approved day on which volunteers sell charity stickers to raise funds. PROBLEM: But since volunteering demands time and commitment, recruiting volunteers is always tough. To make things worse, the selling h ours are limited to a tiny 5-hour window. So with limited volunteers, working within a limited timeframe, only limited funds can eve r be raised. IDEA: For the first time, we combined NFC technology with traditional stickers to create NFC Charity Stickers. Stickers that do more tha n just show your support. They have the power to multiply. And turn every donator into an instant volunteer. HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: 1) Stick on your NFC Charity Sticker. 2) Ask friends to donate by simply placing their phones up to the sticker. 3) The NFC chip will direct them to a donation page, where they too can make a donation. RESULTS: Hong Kong embraced the project. It was championed by celebrities and the media, who helped us spread the word. Then in March 2013, we launched NFC Charity Stickers with UNICEF and overnight, our instant volunteers spread throughout Hon g Kong. Using the same simple action of donating for a sticker, we managed to turn every donator into a walking, talking volunteer. Overnight, NFC Charity Stickers created: - An unlimited number of volunteers - Working within an unlimited timeframe - Raising unlimited funds To date, the stickers have already: - Increased the number of volunteers x 30 - On average, every NFC Charity Sticker worn by our instant volunteers has raised a further 6 donations - Plus, with the stickers still in circulation, the funds being raised are still ongoing Best of all, within weeks, another major charity signed up for NFC Charity Stickers with many others currently in talks. So this is just t he start.
  • 30. BRIEF EXPLANATION CHALLENGE The newly launched Cómodo restaurant asked us to generate buzz, promote their cuisine and speak to their playful personality. IDEA We printed the #ComodoMenu hashtag on our real menu and invited guests to add and browse pictures of our co urses. The idea quickly became viral not only in the foodie community, but in mainstream media as well. RESULTS With $0 budget, the campaign generated - Over 280 million earned media impressions - Featured in lifestyle and business outlets like USA Today, Financial Times, Fast Company, Wired, Forbes, Business Insi der - Mashable named Cómodo among top Instagram marketers next to Red Bull and Tiffany & Co. - TV and radio coverage across the world - Restaurants worldwide started creating their own Instagram menus - Cómodo table reservations for up to 5 months in advance
  • 31. BRIEF EXPLANATION Running to beat the elements - Dark, Snow, Rain, Cold. Running in China as a sport is in its infancy. With the launch of the Nike new winter line of Hyper Products, Nike w anted to get kids running against the elements. These runs were validated by using Nike+ Running mobile applic ation and sharing runs with the hashtag #winagainsttheelements#. The game merging online and offline lived o n a social application on Weibo, China's biggest micro-blogging platform which holds Nike's running community. This activity rewarded runners with badges and increased active running and using Nike+ Running by 20%, a co mbined 44,528 km total.
  • 32. BRIEF EXPLANATION To strengthen the ongoing relationship between Uniqlo and smartphone users, we focused on the fact that ma ny people uses smartphone as an alarm clock. So we created a new tool for living, UNIQLO WAKE UP. By setting the alarm, the weather, time, and day of the week are sung to you as you wake, along with BGM. Also, the acti on of turning your alarm OFF automatically posts your wake up time and the current weather conditions to your SNS as the first message of your day. Waking up becomes a smoother, more enjoyable, and informative experie nce instead of the struggle it is for many. Results (as of December 2012) •1million+ users •12 million+ alarms •170 thousand+ wake up logs shared to SNS
  • 33. BRIEF EXPLANATION With the summer of 2012 shaping up to be the wettest on record, MURPHY‘S launched the When It Rains I t Pours app. The app would challenge the big boys like Budweiser – but with a far more realistic take on li nking free pints to the weather. The app embodied MURPHY’S keep it real brand positioning by allowing u sers to claim free pints when it rained. The end result was the most successful CRM programme ever run b y the MURPHY‘S brand, with 13,585 downloads, 50% awareness of the app, 61% redemption rate and alm ost 30,000 free pints claimed. iPhone - Please note that with this app, you need to be in a pub in Cork to redeem a pint.
  • 34.
  • 35. BRIEF EXPLANATION Hutchwilco are New Zealand‘s oldest manufacturer of life jackets. The only problem is their customers keep dying, b ecause the target audience of recreational fishermen don’t tell anyone where they’re going when they go fishing. The problem is, no matter how good Hutchwilco‘s lifejackets are, if no one knows where fishermen go, the likelihood of finding them if they get in trouble is close to impossible. To combat this, we came up with Secret Fishing Spots, an iPhone app that allows fishermen to log their secret spots, without giving them away to everyone. When they go out fishing, all they do is drop a few GPS pins on the map at th eir favourite spots, then select the spots they‘re going to each time they head out. The only time anyone can see these spots is if for some reason they don’t come home. A loved one they have nomin ated can log on to and see all their pins. They can then send these coordinates straight to e mergency services with the touch of a button. While fishermen are out there the app also lets them log the fish they‘ve caught at their spots, as well as connect to F acebook and boast about their catches. Without revealing where they caught them, of course. Over the summer the app has consistently stayed in the top 10 free sporting apps on iTunes, and over 2,000 spots hav e been registered, quite a big deal for a demographic who tend not to tell a soul where they go. For Hutchwilco, it‘s built up a new database and a whole way of talking directly to their customers, as well as learning valuable data ab out how they behave on the water. Most importantly, it‘s provided fishermen and their families with a valuable tool to keep themselves safe.
  • 36. BRIEF EXPLANATION New Zealanders love the outdoors. So much so, that we get up at pretty crazy hours to get on the ski slopes, on the water, or just out the front door to do the things we love. But the outdoors don‘t always love us back. We‘ve got some of the world's most changeable weather – and there‘s nothing wors e than dragging yourself out of bed, only to see that the weather has turned overnight. So when Metservice – New Zealand‘s weather site – asked us to increase their relevance to New Zealanders (and their advertising revenue to boot), we saw an opportunity for a whole new service – and a whole new revenue platform. ‗Weather to Wake‘ is a phone-based alarm clock that only sounds, when the weather's worth getting up for. Whether you‘re plan ning on golfing, fishing, cycling, surfing, skiing or just an early morning jog – you select the time, place, and conditions you want. The app wakes before you do, and checks the conditions against your preferences. If they‘re right, you wake up. If not, you sleep in. In a country where outdoor pursuits are mainstream, and the weather‘s rarely certain, the app delivers huge value to numerous hi ghly targeted audiences – golfers, yachties, fishermen and so forth – who deliver huge value to Metservice‘s advertisers. With most of these activities having an inherently social component – we knew it would be natural for our audience to spread the app among their fellow players and groups. So instead of burning budget on paid promotion, we invested in outstanding functionality and user experience – and used Metse rvice‘s own properties as our primary launch channels – with friend-get-friend sharing driving ongoing downloads. The app will launch – in late April – through promotion throughout the Metservice site – particularly around specific content such as surf, marine and snow reports – and to Metservice‘s 30,000 strong Facebook & Twitter community. We‘ll drive further coverage through outdoor & technology blogs. And to maximize friend-get-friend, we‘ve made the choice to share an alarm with playing buddies – via email, SMS or Facebook – a standard step in the alarm process. This will highlight the app to millions of potential users, with a paid media budget of $0. And – with May weather looking quite unpleasant – we‘ll be giving tens of thousands of Kiwis a much-appreciated sleep in.
  • 37. BRIEF EXPLANATION The campaign launched socially via Twitter. New and traditional media drove kids to the BHF website and BHF YouT ube channel, where they could watch the Mini Vinnie training film. They were also directed to download the kid frie ndly CPR app, where they could also watch the film from smartphones. Mini Vinnie also rolled out in schools across t he UK, with teachers showing kids the film in the classroom. Simultaneously, the BHF ran a petition, encouraging people to sign to support their campaign for CPR to be taught i n schools. The campaign ran according to plan, and ran for 1 month. By launching an educational tool on a phone and making it fun we turned something serious into a game. This became more relevant than ―hard and fast― mad e it into playground. Lifesaving became a game.
  • 38. BRIEF EXPLANATION Our task was to reduce heavy drinking in Sweden. (To reduce the alcohol-related problems that cost billions of dollars, and a lot of suffering, every year.) Studies show that half of all heavy drinkers actually want to drink less. But changing one's behavior is hard. Almo st impossible if you don't have a clear goal. Not drinking at all is a clear goal, but that's too big a step for most p eople. So we introduced a more realistic goal: Keeping your blood alcohol content below 0.06 percent. (The point whe re the positive effects of alcohol are at their peak.) And an app that helps you do it. The app was covered by all leading Swedish media and quickly became the most popular free app. In a few m onths it‘s been downloaded by more than 600,000 people, almost a quarter of all smartphone owners in Swede n. And it continues to spread, since four out of ten users tell their friends about it. Most importantly: 24 % of the a pp‘s users have reduced their alcohol consumption. This kind of change in behavior has previously only been achievable with individual counseling. (Which is costly, and very few people voluntarily seek this kind of counseling.)
  • 39. BRIEF EXPLANATION In 2010, airlines were disappointing their customers even while they were posting profits. Inspired by the insight th at travel can be complicated, but the tools shouldn‘t be, Delta set out to create a digital platform that would tr ansform the flying experience. Because every moment along a journey is different, the Fly Delta platform of digital touchpoints is carefully tailor ed to each of them. From mobile on the go, to kiosks in the terminal and tablets at home or in flight, it‘s compre hensive enough to handle the challenges of travel, and simple enough to surprise and delight. Fly Delta for iPad is the first airline app to blend the utility of a travel tool with the fun people expect to have whil e on a trip. Before booking a flight, travelers can get inspired by destination guides for more than 150 locations a nd connect with their social networks to get recommendations. Once on their way, the ―What's Next?‖ feature continually guides them to the next point in their journey, and ser ves up timely information like directions to the airport and downloadable entertainment customized for their trip . While in flight, the first-of-its-kind Glass Bottom Jet experience gives travelers a window on the world below, callin g out points of interest, photos, and even letting them connect with friends from 30,000 feet. Mobile Marketer had this to say about Fly Delta: ―The new iPad app is a great example of how airlines need to b e viewing more than just bookings and account management to take their mobile initiatives to the next level." In the first week alone, Fly Delta for iPad met its internal revenue goal for the month and generated more than 1 00,000 downloads. It skyrocketed to #1 Travel App in the iTunes App Store, and won Gizmodo App of the Day a nd FWA Mobile of the Day honors. As it matures, Fly Delta for iPad continues to hold solid footing amongst Delta's other channels, averaging 18,000 daily visits and serving as a preferred method of check-in, with over 1,200 completed each day.
  • 40. BRIEF EXPLANATION WWF Together iPad app unleashes the potential of innovation in conservation. With one in four US adults owning a tablet device, we saw an opportunity to shape a new narrative around some of the biggest challenges on the planet: saving endangered animals. To do so, AKQA developed an experience that shares the lives and stories of the world‘s most amazing animals in an emotionally engaging way. This helped supporters feel more connected to World Wildlife Fund‘s mission, driving further involvement and brand equity. The objective of the app was two-fold: 1) establish a deeper level of engagement with existing members, and 2) create awareness for a new generation of supporters. Taking the lean-back media consumption behaviors associ ated with the tablet into consideration, we wanted to push the possibilities of nontraditional storytelling and prese nt some of the most captivating facts about these species in an exploratory and playful way. WWF Together launched with an initial eight animal portraits (with additional species to be added regularly. The s tories are presented through a unique interactive experience, lush portraiture and the aesthetic metaphor of orig ami. The interactive elements leverage the unique hardware and gestural features of the iPad – swipe sea ice to reveal polar bear facts, chop the panda‘s bamboo, and access the device‘s camera to simulate tiger vision. Additionally, the iPad‘s location-based services give users the chance to spin an interactive, 3D globe and discov er how far away they are from 60 different species around the world. Social integration enables the animal stories to be shared as animated origamis across Facebook, Twitter and email. WWF Together has experienced 500K+ downloads in 100+ countries, with consumers having spent an equivalent of over 12 years of total time within the app. In the iTunes App Store, WWF Together was featured in the top 10 list of ‗Apps that Wow‘, was named ‗New and Noteworthy‘ and has received an average rating of 4.5 stars. The app has received wide-reaching praise from publications including The Guardian, Wired, Creativity Online, F ast Company, and Gizmodo. It was also named Mobile of the Month by FWA. Recent awards for WWF Together i nclude Best of Interactive and Best of Show at the American Advertising Awards (ADDYS) in Washington, DC.
  • 41. BRIEF EXPLANATION Dentsu‘s mission is to utilize the three keywords ―Idea‖ ―Technology‖ and ―Entrepreneurship‖ to realize its corporate philosophy of Good Innovation within the communication space. When we look at Japan and its people, we see that many are very shy and have trouble expressing their bare feeli ngs to others. As a result, we feel that the Japanese people face a challenge in communication itself. As a company that is responsible for cultivating the future form of communication, Dentsu had decided to develop a new communication mobile device that enables people, namely the Japanese, to express their emotions more directly. Something that is faster than Twitter and more intimate than Facebook. Dentsu has identified the human ―brainwave‖ as being a unique, but not yet thoroughly utilized way of tapping int o the human mind to extract emotions. We created a mobile tool that utilizes brainwaves for a new way of communication. It is called ―necomimi‖ which s tands for ―cat ears‖ and have launched the commercial version worldwide in collaboration with NeuroSky, a Silico n Valley based venture. Since there was a need to attach the brainwave sensor to the forehead, we used the cat ear motif frequently used in Japanese manga and fashion items to make it fun for everyone to wear. necomimi utilizes a specially made brainwave sensor that senses the status of the human brain and emotions. When the user is ―focused‖, the ears will stand up, and when the user is ―relaxed‖, the ears lie down. If the user is sim ultaneously ―focused‖ and ―relaxed‖, necomimi has greatly helped the Japanese to communicate better with each other, and has been an enormous h it. The concept video on YouTube was played more than 3 million times, and has generated a phenomenon amon gst its fans that posted their own necomimi video‘s. Over 200 sales reps have shown interest, and more than 100 me dia outlets around the world such as TIME, BBC, NY Times, TF1, Globo and NHK have written about the device. It wa s also selected as one of TIME Magazine‘s ―BEST 50 INNOVATION OF THE YEAR‖ in 2011. This has helped Dentsu to not only build on its reputation as an innovative communication company but also find a new business model where they gain royalties from building devices based on ―brainwaves‖.
  • 42. E.O.D