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ROBOT And Robotics. …

ROBOT And Robotics.
This is a Paper presentation on Robots

Published in: Automotive, Technology, Education

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  • 2. Robotics is a branch of science and engineering dealing with thestudy of robots. It is involved with a robotsdesign, manufactur e, application, and structural disposition
  • 3. ROBOTS are computer-controlled machine that areprogrammed tomove, manipulateobjects, and accomplish workwhile interacting with itsenvironment.
  • 4. “robot” comeWhere did the word from?
  • 5. The word robot was coined by theCzech playwright Karel Capek in hisplay “The Rossum’s Universal Robot”It came from a Czech word “robota”which means “forced labor”
  • 6. The robots wereUnimates developedby George Devol andJoe Engelberger firstindustrial in the late50’s and early 60’s. JoeEngelberger is the“father of robotics
  • 7. ROBOTS Are UNIMATESBecause , they have no eyes andcannot makejudgments, Unimates are limitedto relatively simple tasks that arecoordinated by means of timedoperations .
  • 8. ROBOTICS is thescience andtechnology ofrobots, theirdesign, manufacture, and application.BASIC SKILLS ARE...• Electronics. Mechanics• Programming
  • 9. A robot is a virtual ormechanical artificial agent.In practice, it is usually anelectro-mechanicalmachine which is guidedby computer or electronicprogramming, and is thusable to do tasks on anyversion…
  • 10. An industrial robot isofficially defined by ISO asan automaticallycontrolled, reprogrammable, multipurposemanipulator programmablein three or more axes .
  • 11. The use of robots is necessaryto meet production demands.There are many advantages toincorporating robots suchas, decreasing cost and wastematerial while speedingproduction. Robots are alsoremoving the risks toemployees by performingdangerous tasks.
  • 12. Snow Shoveling RobotLOBOT Jr. Mobile Robot Lego Robot
  • 13. SERVO Magazine is a monthlyrobotics publication producedby TL Publications.It has beenan active member of therobotics community, sponsoringsuch events as the FIRSTRobotics Competition, theRobonexus roboticsconvention, and the Tetsujinrobotics competition.
  • 14. Rovio is the first robot from the WowWee company to use the breakthrough Northstar technology for pinpoint navigationROVIO of your home or office.
  • 15. Mika is a robotthat used toassist family inhomeenvironment.
  • 16. KISMET is a sociablerobot that engagespeople with naturaland expressive faceinteraction. Thisrobot was developedby the SociableMachines Project.
  • 17. QRIO is thefirst humanoidrobot that canrun. This robotwas launched bySony in Japan atDecember 18th2003.
  • 18. This new teacher robot is developed in Japan, located in Nippon Institute of Technology.e-Nuvo the FutureTeacher Robot
  • 19. Posted in: Robotics News. Tagged: force sensors · freedom of movement · joints · obstacles · recognition system · robot works · voice recognition · wheelSMARTPAL ROBOT
  • 20. The DJ Robot by Toyota is a continuously collective project by the Toyota in making the robot that assists the human activities. The robot developed to showThe DJ kindness and intelligence.ROBOT
  • 21. With six feet, ¼ meter long, and 2 kilo weight RiSE can move in 0.3 m/s. this robot designed with the posture that can change to fit the surface of wall or tree that the robot climbed. RiSE has special feet that are designed to climb inClimbing different surfaces.Robot, RiSE
  • 22. This is the robot that will assist the nurse in nursing the patientRIBA The Bear Nurse ROBOT
  • 23. US Navy planned this robot in order to identify and destroy mines hidden in surf zone.US Navy TerrainRobot Robo-Lobster
  • 24. TYLON is used in military applications, and in filling this job Talon is a realTAYLON The versatile robot. It could bearmy robot used in any different environment and situation.
  • 25. In This way there are many ROBOTSare Introducing by Engineers.
  • 26. THANK YOU