environmental analysis and its technique
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  • 1. Environmental analysis and its technique NITISH KUMAR MBA 1st year ROLL Nub…. 15
  • 2. Business environment consists of those have a bearing on the business such as the strengths weakness, internal power and orientation of the origination government policies and regulation ; nature of the economy and condition; socio-culture factor ;demographic trend ; nature factor and global trends and cross-border development
  • 3. Internal  Value System  Mission and Objectives Management Structure and Nature  Internal Power Relationship  Human Resources  Company Image and Brand Equity  external       Micro Environment Macro Environment The suppliers Competitors Customer Marketing intermediaries
  • 4. Scanning Forecasting Monitoring assessment
  • 5. Environmental Scanning SWOT Analysis PEST Analysis Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
  • 6. Political Factors – may have direct or indirect impact on the organization’s operation. Decisions made by the government may have an effect on the business. The political arena has a big influence on how organizations operate, the purchasing power of the customers and other businesses. Economic Factors – the organization is affected by economic factors. Economy also affects the purchasing power and behavior of the consumers. Sociological Factors – include the demography, lifestyle, cultural aspects of the consumers. These factors have a big influence on the consumer needs and wants. Sociological factors also affect the size of potential markets Technological Factors – technological change plays an important role in shaping how organizations operate. Technological factors are important in gaining competitive advantage. Technological innovations can improve production efficiency, quality and speed. New technology is changing how organizations operate.
  • 7. Political factor Globalization Company policies
  • 8.  The environment of business not stable And can change quickly  The environmental factor have an important impact on the businesses  The environmental analysis help to find out weakness and strength of the product or services  The environmental analysis help cerate the new product And services in market