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  • 1. LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY HOMEWORK NO: 1School of Business Administration: Q2Department of ManagementName of the faculty member: Kriti AhujaCourse No: MGN101Course Title: Principles and Practices of ManagementClass: BBA (Semester: 1) Section: Q3208Batch: 2012
  • 3. ThE hAnDS-on CEo of JETBlUEINTRODUCTION OF COMPANYfoUnDEr iS DAviD nEElAmAn  April 11, 2002 announcement of initial public Offering  JetBlue is a rather new company witch in order to maintain safety uses old aircrafts.  David Neeleman appeals to travelers with electronic tickets and in-cabin satellite TV.  JetBlue has achieved high customer satisfaction.  It is very particular when to come to hiring employees.  The company is doing an extremely profitable business.
  • 4. PRODUCT AND SERVICEJet Blue has stepped up a great deal compared toother airlines. David Neeleman is constantly in touch with the technological Environment. Its innovation can be seen since: It has introduces live cable T.Vs separately for every passenger. It uses 25-year old, factory fresh, state-of-the-art A320s It uses 25-year old, factory fresh, state-of-the-art A320s. Neeleman has fitted each with 162seats versus the A320s 180-seat maximum parately for every passenger
  • 5. SWoT AnAlYSiS STrEngThS-Low operating cost-strong brand-efficient employees-consumer satisfaction-Effective use of technology-Advertisement
  • 6. WEAknESSES-JetBlue has not been able to expand intosome of the major routes across the U.S.-Not gained enough influence in the airlineindustry.-Increased costs of security, which theairlines absorb doe to Terrorist activities.
  • 7. opporTUniTiES-Industry-Technological Improvements in Airplanedesign and maintenance.-Increasing demand for air travel.-Increasing use of the internet-online bookingand ticketing.-Expanding in National and internationalmarkets.
  • 8. ThrEATS-Security-Increase in fuel price-Strong Competition-Union
  • 9. rECommEnDATionS  JetBlue needs to pursue a cost Leaders Strategy  Improve Fuel Hedge Opportunities  Initiate international Alliance  Introduce point to point service in west market ConClUSionWhile JBLU has not done well so far in 2012,there are five reasons why the stock can rally.The bullish options activity, decline in oil prices,large short interest, high insider ownership, andU.S. focused business are all reasons to considerJBLU.
  • 10. BiBlogrAphYWikipedia,Books.google.comQuestion/AnswerQUS=In what way does Neeleman demonstrate an understanding of the humanresources approach to management?Ans= Consumer satisfaction.JetBlue is low price and all coach.In the air blue offers the leather seats and satellite TV .David Neeleman has fittedeach with 162seats versus the A320s 180-seat maximum partly for everypassenger.Qus=How else might Neeleman make use of management knowledge to improvethe chances of jetblue Airlines staying successful?Ans=1>David Neeleman used new Technological Improvements in Airplane designand maintenance.
  • 11. 2>David Neeleman has increase demand for air travel.3>-David Neeleman Increasing the internet-online booking and ticketing.Qus=in your opinion, was cooperating with the Transportations securityAdministration a sign of good or poor management? Explain your reasoning.Ans=>in my opinion cooperating with the transportation security Administrationwas a sign of good management because in this contract transport SecurityAdministration used their 5 million passenger itineraries information to study highrisk airline passenger. This study was titled Homeland Security. Airline PassengerRisk Assessment. This system color code the airline passenger according to theirrisk level. Hence making more comfort to passenger.