Aruba vacations think againThe Natalee Holloway cover up and Antilles’alleged Criminal Banking BusinessEnterprise.Are they...
Naglemakers the attorney for Aruba Bank to the Bailiff. He was allegedly told to open thebidding at 75K Awg. He was then t...
acts of deception and alleged fraud in the evidence yet he cannot represent his clientscorrectly even though the bill for ...
suffering under this heavy handed type of corruption. They have become prisoners on their ownIslands that you being free a...
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Aruba vacations think again


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Aruba vacations think again

  1. 1. Aruba vacations think againThe Natalee Holloway cover up and Antilles’alleged Criminal Banking BusinessEnterprise.Are they connected?It’s an absolute tragedy what happened to that Alabama teen. As the Hollowaystory recedesfurther away from our thoughts and those of the mainstream media, let us think about howand why the Aruban approach was handled in such an unusually poor manner as these aregenuinely good people. Aruba and Curacao are now independent of the Antilles but stillunder Dutch rule. The Judges who hand down decisions on those Islandsare directly out ofHolland and have a protocol where they are not to interact too personally with the localskeeping themselves from being influenced.Aqua Spa was built in the Riffort Village Renaissance in Curacao and financed by Orco BankCuracao. Aruba Bank,sister Bank of Orcopurchased that loan in April 2010. In an attemptto change the language of the original loan contract and make it more acceptable to theirplanned predatory tactics, they introduced a takeover agreement outside the original loancontract that could be considered a fraudulent attempt to reconstruct an existing viableloan contract that was produced by themselves and their parent Bank Orco of Curacaooriginally. The second contract presented as necessary just months before the illegalclosing was never signed by the plaintiffs consequently all areas of that original contractremain in effect no matter who buys that contract. In that fraudulent attempt to get theplaintiffs to signand the following action over the last year Aruba Bank has made numerousaggressive type entries to the Business of Mena’s in Aruba. In that original and still validcontract the clause says specifically that any actions resulting from disagreements in thatloan shall be handled in the courts of Curacao.Still in the face of that language they are using Aruban Courtsattempting to pursuecollateral that they think exists at Mena’s and Jardines. All this is occurring while they soldan estimated 4 Million USD Dollar Spa illegally without any court approval to Eduardo DeVeer in a one day advertised allegedly fixed public sale for 40K USD approximately 1% ofits estimated value. Another Spa owner present at that sale mentioned that all who came tobid were taken for a ride as the sale to the Renaissance was already a done deal accordingto written and voice recordings of the bailiff who conducted the auction for Aruba Bank. Heallegedly advertised that Multimillion dollar Spa in one paper only on a back page with a3x3 add 12 hours before the auction. The alleged sham auction was engineered through
  2. 2. Naglemakers the attorney for Aruba Bank to the Bailiff. He was allegedly told to open thebidding at 75K Awg. He was then told Eduardo De Veer would bid 76K Awg and that he wasto take that bid and close the auction.This is how things are done in the Dutch Antilles. It is not only looks to be very criminal innature but is done in the open simply because the system is seemingly in complete control.They do not fear the mother country swooping in and cleaning things up as allegedly themother country is the one in charge doing it through their appointed people on theseIslands according to locals who have been through the process.There are several cases now in the Courts of Aruba pending where these Banks and orwealthy business owners are using their power together to go after the client thatborrowed the money much like what has happened to the people in the Aqua Spa case. Ifyou are from the Antilles you look at this as normal everyday Banking operations. Outsidein the world beyond your borders this is beyond unusual and looks to be veryorganizedalleged criminal system operating in your countrycoming allegedly out of theNetherlands.In the Natalee Holloway case it was a simple procedure really that could have keptVandersloot under lock and key and saved the Flores girl from her eventual fate. It was theexisting system that was already in place prior to her disappearance that automaticallywent into the cover-up mode that was exposed. This is not an Aruban strategy but oneallegedly out of Holland involving the Banking Institutions that are in charge of the allegedMoney Laundering, Contraband shipping and Drug Shipments that allegedly passunchecked through the ports of Curacao and Aruba on their way to Holland and Europe.They have their people appointed in place on each of the Islands and key positions of theBusiness, Banking and Governmentwho are allegedly involved and keep the system intact.Those that have been caught up in this Banking-Business con game and have lostare told toremain silent. In the Aqua Spa case the Renaissance attorney speaking for Eduardo De Veercomplained that the Plaintiffs had gone to the media. In this statement may exist a hint ofhow this system has gone on for years? The American Investors went directly to Amigoethe local Dutch paper to seek a platform to air their story so that others could be warned.No one speaks out about what has happened to them. In that atmosphere the con gamecontinues with new unsuspecting entrepreneur victims waiting in line. If they get to courtthe attorneys they hire will gladly take their money but in the end will fall down.In the Aqua Spa case there is evidence their attorney made grave errors that exposed themto having their case shut down. Recently he asked the plaintiffs if they could get someone toexplain to him in words how the Bank committed Fraud? Keep in mind there are numerous
  3. 3. acts of deception and alleged fraud in the evidence yet he cannot represent his clientscorrectly even though the bill for his services is approaching 100K awg. This is the systemthat protects the people of Aruba and foreign investors.Inmost instances many never makeit to court as part of the Banking strategy is to clean out the accounts and seize all assets ina very quick approach. In a country where agenuine Banking, Business, Judicial system isoperating this would not be remotely possible. Here it occurs with regularity as this systemis a planned strategy thatallegedly comes directly out of the Netherlands. Their way ofaddressing this when questioned is Aruba is an autonomous nation so can make their owndecisions while their system they allegedly control remains in place as they wash theirhands and retreat from the public’s eye while they allegedly hold the keys to the operation.In the Natalee Holloway murder and cover up it wasn’t her murder they were afraid of, itwas the eyes and ears of the media and FBI that would find out what is really going on inAruba and the Dutch Antilles that had them worried and scurrying to shutthe investigationdown to the amazement of the outside of the world begging the question why?In a normalethical system there would be transparency and a welcoming of investigators, especiallyfrom the mother country. As you can recall the Netherlands were completely silent exceptfor a few renegade political people. The tourist industry actually is a cover for their allegedcriminal operations. It provides a nice lipstick on the system that without, you would beginto question how they survive and have those Multimillion Dollar Hotels springing up whenHotel occupancy is hovering at 60% and declining.There is no doubt in the evidence that has been presented and is now being prepared thatthe people of the Antilles especially Aruba are being used by their mother country theNetherlands as a playground for their benefit. The alleged money laundering is the keymagnet for the investigation as the US has stepped up its Latin America, Caribbeaninvestigation of drug trafficking and money laundering.The difference in this case is American Investors were involved and have become livid about theactions of the court system, the predatory Banking system, the near failure of the attorneyrepresenting the case, the way Aruba Bank was able to present themselves in the bankruptcyhearing and was told they would have to give up their rights to any liens or preferred creditorstatus and yet they still are criminally pursuing those while the courts in both Curacao and Arubaremain silent. In their words this is beyond anyone’s imagination of how far the judicialsystem ofthese Islands is away from reality and justice. They are the key and why this system exists. With anethical judicial system in place this simply would not be possible. The American interest is lookingforward to having the case heard in an American Court system where the facts can be heard andjustice will be served.The original verdict in the Aqua Spa case was scheduled for October of 2012. It is now nearly 4months later and still there is no verdict. In the Natalee Holloway case she will never receive justice.The Arubans and Island people of Curacao are crying out for help as they are victims and are
  4. 4. suffering under this heavy handed type of corruption. They have become prisoners on their ownIslands that you being free and able to speak your mind take for granted. Help will not come fromHolland as they are the alleged instigators and provide the cover for the operation. The Islandershold no power over these people. They have no place to go and are living with a veiled threat thatthey must remain silent or face consequences.