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  • 1. 1/19/12 Ability  To  Work   An  Economic  Empowerment  Program   For  the  Learning  Disabled  All  contents  in  this  document,  including  images,  ideas  and  concepts  pertaining  to  the  stated  program/project/ini;a;ve,  is  the  intellectual   property  of  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor.  Unauthorised  use  of  this  document  or  its  printed  contents  is  strictly  prohibited.     ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.  •  Selangor  Cheshire  Home  (SCH)  is  a   charity  organisa;on  offering  support   services  with  a  residen;al  home  &   advocacy  for  the  disabled  community.  •  SCH  was  set  up  in  Dec  1963  &  is  one  of   6  Cheshire  Homes  in  Malaysia.  •  SCH  is  a  member  of  Leonard  Cheshire   Interna4onal  established  in  1955  with   255  Homes  in  54  countries.   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   Ability  To  Work  An  Economic  Empowerment  Program  For  the  Learning  Disabled   In  one  small  seed…   1
  • 2. 1/19/12 …lies  a  mighty  forest  Case  Example  1   Meet  Mohd  Aizat.  He  is  24  years  old.   Born  with  learning  disabili;es,  he  has  been  in  Special  Educa;on   classes  at  SMK  Manjalara  KL  un;l  the  age  of  20.   He  was  one  of  the  first  students  of  Cheshire  Home’s  Economic   Empowerment  Program  in  June  2007.   Aizat  graduated  in  July  2008.   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   A  SPECIAL  PERSON  Amongst  Normal  People   Excerpts  from  his  Job  Coach’s  Progress  Report  Mohd  Aizat  is  a  cheerful  guy  &  loves  new  challenges  in  his  life…  …  He  was  offered  a  permanent  job  at  a  hotel  in  April  2009…  …  His  duty  is  to  fold  the  bath  robes,  towels  and  some;mes  he  is  asked  to  take  care  of  the  machines  so  that  he  will  not  get  bored  by  doing  the  same  task  daily…  …  He  has  a  manager  who  really  understands  him  and  all  the  other  workers  have    been  told  about  his  condi;on…  …  “So  far  he  has  no  problems  working  with  normal  people.”   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   2
  • 3. 1/19/12 This  is  Aizat  today   He  works  in  the  Laundry  Dept.  at  the  Sheraton  Imperial  Hotel  KL.   He  earns  a  basic  salary  of  RM250  +  3  service  points  per  month.   (Each  service  point  is  equivalent  to  an  average  of  RM410.00)   Aizat  now  brings  home  a  minimum  of  RM1,500.00  per  month.   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   Ability  To  Work  The  PURPOSE   Empowering  youths  with   learning  disabili4es   through  specialised  skills   training  for  life-­‐long   employment  and   independent  living.  FAIZ   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   Ability  To  Work  Background   In  2010,  the  government  affirmed  to  achieve  a   target  of  1%  employment  of  disabled  persons   into  the  civil  service  to  support  the   Na;onal  Economic  Transforma;on  Program.   Currently,  less  than  1%  are  employed.   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   3
  • 4. 1/19/12 Ability  To  Work  Program  Achievement   From  2007  –  2011,   99  youths  completed  the   pilot  program.   53%  are  now   fully  employed.   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   Ability  To  Work  Steps  To  Employment   Job  Coach  &  Job   Placement  Support   Supervised  On-­‐The-­‐Job   Training  &  Orienta;on   Experienced  Teachers  &   Cer;fied  Industry  Trainers   Selec;on  on  Skills   Specializa;on   Founda;on  in  Personal  &   Social  Skills   Interviews  with  Parents  &   Medical  Assessment  Aizat   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   Ability  To  Work   Bene>its  to  Community   •  Hope  for  a  secure  future   •  Empowering  opportuni;es   *  For  Self   *  For  Family   *  For  Community   •  Become  produc;ve  ci;zens   •  Raises  economic  status   •  Become  empowered   consumers   •  Acknowledge  their  Rights   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   4
  • 5. 1/19/12 Ability  To  Work   Bene>its  to  Organisations   •  Unlocking  a  poten4al   economic  &  business  asset   •  Adopt  a  sustainable  CSR   strategy  into  business   opera;ons   •  Taking  the  lead  before   regulatory  enforcements   •  Enhance  brand  percep4on   through  strategic  stakeholder   engagement   •  Posi4ve  consumer  acceptance  Interviewed  by  the  General  Manager  of  Sheraton  Imperial  KL   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   Ability  To  Work  Resources  Employed   •  Full-­‐;me  Experienced  Teachers   •  Cer;fied  Job  Coach  /  Job  Placement   Officers   •  Qualified  Physiotherapist   •  Residen;al  facili;es  w/  Cafeteria  &   Laundry  Facili;es   •  Teaching  premises  w/  Computer  lab   •  Training  Bakery  Facility   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.  Case  Example  2   This is Mohd Aziz showing off his new car! •  Works in Shangri-la Hotel KL. •  Average salary of RM1,800 to RM2,000 per month •  Contributes RM300 a month to his family of 7 •  Pays RM200 a month to his sister to drive him around •  Car installment of RM500 a month •  Saves RM500 a month ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   5
  • 6. 1/19/12Ability  To  Work  A  Good  Day’s  Pay   Average  monthly  salary  of  the  52  graduates  is  RM800.00   Total  annual  salary  per  person  is  RM9,600.00   Total  annual  income  for  the  52  employed  is  RM499,200.00   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   Ability  To  Work  The  Social  Return  On  Investment   With  even  MORE  Longer  Term  Social  Returns  on  Investment…   Through  EPF  Contribu4ons…   Employee  (8%):  RM39,936.00   Employer  (12%):  RM59,904.00     Resul4ng  in  an  annual  contribu4ons  of…   RM99,840.00  per  year  in  their  re;rement  funds     Compounded  over  20-­‐work  year   with  same  annual  contribu;on  @  5.5%  interest  per  year...   Total  Re;rement  fund  of  RM4  Million   ©2010  Rumah  Amal  Cheshire  Selangor  (Reg.  No.  826  Selangor)  All  Rights  Reserved.   Creating Social Businesses for Special People A business enterprise set- up by an entrepreneur with funding from Ambank & Malaysian Welfare Dept. 6
  • 7. 1/19/12Located at Mid Valley,Level B2, South Court 7 graduates made as shareholders and assisted by their parents. EMO  Bakery  &  Cafe   Baked  with  Love  and  Filled  with  Emo4ons   SCH’s very own Bakery & Café River City, Jalan Ipoh 7
  • 8. 1/19/12 Purpose •  Training ground for graduates with allowance •  A social business with profits that is used to support more skills based trainings •  A business model that future graduates and their families can make use to create their own businessWe need more funds for capital expenditure to improve our EMO Bakery & Café.We  Are  Ready  &  Able  To  Work To  Hire  Loyal  &  Hard  Working  Young  Malaysians,  Contact  Us  At:     RUMAH  AMAL  CHESHIRE  SELANGOR   Batu  7  ½,  Jalan  Ipoh,  Selayang  Baru,  68100  Batu  Caves,  Selangor,  Malaysia   Tel:    +603-­‐6136  6151,  6138  7118        Fax:  +603-­‐6136  3573   E-­‐mail:  selangor_cheshire@hotmail.com   Website:  www.cheshire.org.my   8