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Vip buyer presentation   joes(3) experienced buyers
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Vip buyer presentation joes(3) experienced buyers


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  • 1. Joe Dent’s VIP Buyer Services Making Your Home Buying Dreams Come True
  • 2. Benefits of Buyer Agency Services provided Seller (Listing) Agent Buyer Agent Arrange property showings   Introduce you to a lender; arrange financing   Provide info/data about property   Introduce paperwork   Prepare you for closing  
  • 3. Benefits of Buyer Agency Services provided Seller (Listing) Agent Buyer Agent 1. Provide you property values  2. Represent you on all MLS properties, PLUS bank properties (REO), new builds  3. Promote and protect your interests at ALL TIMES  4. Advise you even if it means advising NOT to buy  5. Negotiate best price and terms for YOU, the buyer  6. Structure your offer with your best interests in mind  7. Keep your information confidential from the seller unless authorized to disclose  8. Negotiate for a home inspection and repairs in YOUR favor 
  • 4. As A Homebuying Specialist:.. …I Will Help You:
    • 1. Find the best home for your needs
    • 2. Negotiate the lowest price
    • 3. Secure the best financing
    • 4. Meet your home buying needs
    • with the least amount of hassle
  • 5. None of My Services Will Cost You a Penny* *Exception: Fairfax Realty’s $195 admin fee to cover costs of Federal, State, Local (County) compliance and quality control. Included in your closing costs and payable at settlement. In most cases we get the Seller to cover this fee.
  • 6. My Homebuying System… Focuses on Your Needs
  • 7. LOAN PREAPPROVAL To Determine Your Purchasing Power Find Out How Much Home you Can Afford ( by helping you get FREE Home Loan Pre-Approval ) Step 1:
  • 8. Your Home Search Send You Information on Homes That Match Your Criteria ( our Unique Buyer Profile Service ) Step 2:
  • 9. Step 3: OFFER ON A SPECIFIC HOME Help You Get the Home You Want Using My Specialized Knowledge
  • 10. Step 2: Searching for your new home with
  • 11.  
  • 12. How Most Realtors Pick Out Houses:
  • 13. How Most Realtors Pick Out Houses: 1. They make a random search through the MLS 2. They pick 6-8 homes 3. They try to sell you one of them
  • 14. The WRONG Person is deciding which homes you’ll get to see...
  • 15. The Solution
    • With my Listingbook I give YOU priority 24/7 access to hot new listings that match YOUR home buying search criteria which you control!
  • 16. 10 Problems with SHORT SALES: 1. Competitive, and Often Unrealistic List Pricing 2. The Bank calls the Shots…and Dumb shots at that! 3. Property sold as-is
  • 17. 10 Problems with SHORT SALES: 4. The Bank holds your deposit money …   5. Delays, delays!  6. And More Delays!
  • 18. 10 Problems with SHORT SALES:: 7. Uncooperative/uninformed Realtors: 8. Little/No Closing Costs Help.  9. HOA/Condo violations or delinquencies, outstanding utility company bills from previous owner.
  • 19. 10 Problems with SHORT SALES:: 10. Totally uncertain, unpredictable outcome for your offer!
  • 20. How to Beat Out Other Buyers in Multiple Offers:
    • It’s the NET not the Gross!
      • Offer = $200,000 Seller help = $6,000 Seller net =$194,000
    • 1 st impression – 1 chance
    • 3. Big EMD deposit – at least 2%
  • 21. How to Beat Out Other Buyers in Multiple Offers:
    • 4. Strong lender letter!
    • 5. 1 st impression – 1 chance
    • Financial Info Sheet & Bank Statement Showing Cash to Close Match
  • 22. How to Beat Out Other Buyers in Multiple Offers: 7. The greater the contingencies (e.g. home, radon, mold, termite inspections) the less competitive the offer
  • 23. Bank Foreclosures (REO’s):
    • Sold AS-IS, no repairs, all need work
    • Lots of competition, multiple offers
    • Usually require certified cashier check for EMD (earnest money deposit)
    • Properties sometimes have appraisal/title issues
    • Many require seller bank loan prequal
  • 24. How to Make a Winning FCL Offer:
    • No concessions, few contingencies
    • Bumping price causes appraisal issues
    • Big deposit (2%); but make deposit in 2 installments (small initial, large balance) to give equitable rights
    • Proof of funds, buyers name on EMD check, completed financial statement
  • 25. Step 3: Negotiating your offer with my Specialized Knowledge
  • 26. When You find the home you want, I will 1. Help you prepare an offer that meets your needs 2. Present the offer on your behalf to the seller 3. Negotiate all terms and conditions of the offer in your best interest
  • 27. Joe’s NEW-Home Buyer Seminar
  • 28. Everybody has heard of a new-build “horror story.”
  • 29. 1. It always takes more TIME, MONEY, PATIENCE than the original estimate. 2. NEW construction does not equal SOUND, QUALITY construction! 3 TRUTHS about Buying a New Home No One Will Tell You 3. HIGH PRICED construction does not equal SOUND, QUALITY construction!
  • 30. How You and I Will Work Together 1. Call me before visiting & registering at any new home sales center, or talking to any builder sales rep. 2. To represent you as your buyer agent with the builder, I have to be present with you at the time you register with the sales rep, or give any information about yourself. We have to come in the door together! 3. Builders will only recognize & cooperate with buyer agents who register with their buyer clients.
  • 31.  
  • 32. “ The construction of our home in Hanover has truly been one of the most stressful and challenging tasks we have ever faced. Our initial troubles dealing with our builder and the construction details left two new homebuyers like ourselves in a near tailspin.
  • 33. Money Bombs!
  • 34. Money Bombs! 2. Can be (a) cheap materials behind the walls, (b) defective installation of good products, or (c) competent installation of cheap appliances, fixtures, components, in front of the walls. 1. Special scams or rip offs that can trip up new home buyers.
  • 35. Money Bombs! 5. Hurricane Andrew August 1992 in Dade County Florida 3. Too many builders operate under the cheaper the better philosophy. The rush for profit can be at your expense. 4. Home inspectors say one in three homes has serious flaws or code violations which don’t show up for years sometimes.
  • 36.  
  • 37. No better measure of defective homes than the “Hurricane Test” Andrew ripped off the roofs of 100,000+ homes. Much of the destruction caused by defective construction.
  • 38. Miami Herald . . . “ The homes most damaged by the hurricane were built recently in the 1980’s & later. By contrast subdivisions right across the street that were of older vintage . . .”
  • 39. “ . . . often suffered LESS damage. The reason is clear: homes built in the last 10-20 years were riddled with defects that directly contributed to their destruction in Hurricane Andrew.” By the way! Dade County FL has some of the strictest building codes in the nation!
  • 40. How Bad Contract Zap Good Buyers
  • 41. 1. Generic Real Estate Forms
  • 42. 2. Omission of Details
  • 43. 3. Verbal Promises
  • 44. 4. In most cases, the type of contract is not your choice
  • 45. 5. Market conditions will affect your ability to negotiate
  • 46. 6. Builders have expert lawyers & take extensive classes all designed to limit your rights – and their liability for problems.
  • 47. Here’s how you can take control of the process:  DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU STEP INTO A MODEL.  A. Research the builder in local papers.  B. Check out Hoover’s Online ( for profiles of 8500 companies including their latest SEC filings and reports from analysts. C. Check to see if the builder has been sued by a site called Cost: $1.50-$6.95 for a search, and $2.95-$6.95 for a detail record.
  • 48.  Ask for the price lists, options list, and brochures up front. Here’s how you can take control of the process:  See “real” homes. (homes lived in by real, live people!)  Check out the “model variances.”
  • 49.  Check out the attack/consumer ed websites: (Ryland) - (Homeowners Against Defective Dwellings [HADD]) (Homeowners Organization for Mediation & Education [HOME]) Homeowners for Better Building Home Buyer’s Guide to Potential Problems: (nice flash illustration)
  • 50. Ryan Homes (NVR) The Ripp-Off Report and www.ripoffreport.comm
  • 51. The Most Important Part of This Presentation …
  • 52. The 1 st of 3 Most Critical, Time-Sensitive Points for a Home Inspection During Construction 1. Foundation (before backfill!)
  • 53.  
  • 54.  
  • 55.  
  • 56. The 2 nd of 3 Most Critical, Time-Sensitive Points for a Home Inspection During Construction 2. Pre-drywall
  • 57.  
  • 58. 3. Pre-settlement walkthrough The 3 rd of 3 Most Critical, Time-Sensitive Points for a Home Inspection During Construction
  • 59.  
  • 60. homebuilding books construction schedules construction contracts home building process photo album . trade associations , Plan Center ,. tool companies and hardware manufacturers . links 4 kids sources of information and some helpful search tips.
  • 61. None of these Valuable Services Costs You a Penny*
  • 62. All I Ask in Return is Your Loyalty
  • 63. Your Offer to Purchase Real Estate Docs
  • 64.  
  • 65. What to Say and Do When You Come Across Homes on Your Own
  • 66. What to Say and Do When You Come Across Homes on Your Own 1. If you see a home you like, feel free to call for information but always tell the agent that you’re working with me ( this will prevent you from being hounded by other agents with questions and sales pitches)
  • 67. What to Say and Do When You Come Across Homes on Your Own 2. Get the price and (if available) MLS number and I’ll send you complete information 3. If you see a house you want to look at, always call ME for appointments
  • 68.  
  • 69. Meade Van Puttens
    • “ Your assistance & expertise were invaluable to us. You gave us excellent advise, counsel, and guidance every step of the way for which we are extremely grateful. We will be happy to recommend you to our friends confident that you will give them the same personal interest and care you have given us.”
    • - Elder & Mrs Meade Van Putten