Start up business success secrets


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This presentation looks at critical choices that a start-up business owner must consider.

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Start up business success secrets

  1. 1. Business Exchange Empowered<br />Start-up Business Success Secrets<br />What are the qualities that all business owners must consider?<br />By Sonja Onthank<br />2/8/11<br />
  2. 2. Small Business Success Focus<br />Keep Learning—Read It, Listen To It, Attend It.<br />Focus on Strategies that Cut Thousands of Dollars and Years of Hard Work<br />Create Profitable Products that WORK<br />Create a Business-Building Strategy<br />Establish Contingency Plans<br />The One Thing Your Product MUST Do is be BETTER than Competitors <br />
  3. 3. What Prevents Business FailURE<br />Business Owners, Take Care of Yourself<br />The Best Businesses Have the Best People<br />You Must Think Faster Than Your Competitor<br />Think What Skill Would Help ME Double MY Income in the Coming Year? — Write Down the First Thing that Pops in your Mind. <br />Imagine Success to Prevent The Opposite<br />
  4. 4. 10 Requirements for Business Success<br />Products or Services that People Need and Want — If it isn’t the right product or service, change it.<br />Marketing Plans that Earn to Right for Prospective Biz<br />Sales Plans that Convert Prospects to Customers<br />Product Diversity Plans<br />Proper Distribution for Your Products and Services<br />Financial Plans to Acquire and Manage Money<br />Pricing Strategies that Maximize Profits<br />A People Plan that Creates a Circle of Influence<br />IT Focus that Keeps you on Cutting-Edge Possibilities<br />Personal Plans to Maximize Personal Growth Possibility<br />
  5. 5. Qualities for Successful Businesses<br />What Type of People Do You Hire?<br />What Type of Customers Do You Accept?<br />What Type of Personality Does Your Company Have?<br />The Ideal Customer Experience<br />Offer Diversity to Your Products or Services<br />Deliver on Your Promises<br />Market Based on What Prospects Say They Want<br />
  6. 6. USP—Unique selling proposition<br />Online directories—who has the most listings?<br />HVAC—who has the best brands?<br />Real Estate—who has the best inventory?<br />Dry Cleaning—who is willing to sew a button?<br />Clothing—who has the best selection<br />Tools—who has the most durable product?<br />CPA—who is the best communicator?<br />Software—who has the best support?<br />
  7. 7. What breeds success?<br />Discover What’s Needed To Improve Cash Flow<br />Learn How to Sales Reps Can Improve<br />Listen to Trigger Words that Indicate a Prospect is Willing, Able and Ready to Buy<br />Find Out What Why Competitors Win a Sale<br />Determine What Objection Handling is Needed for Your Product<br />
  8. 8. Leaders sharpen the tools<br />Embrace the Idea that Great People must be in Your Circle of Influence<br />Attend Events Where Learning Reinforces Your Beliefs and Adds Clarity to Your Leadership<br />Find Ways to Mastermind Your Ideas<br />Keep Yourself Fit and Healthy<br />Be Prepared for the Unexpected<br />
  9. 9. Presentation summary<br />Meet Customer Expectations<br />Create a Warm Greeting with Clients<br />Be Dedicated to Promises Made<br />Learn More, Hire the Right People<br />Make Customers Happy & Ask for Referrals<br />Quality Traits that Attract You Are the Principles You Want for the Personality of Your Business<br />
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