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  • Social Media is getting a lot of attention these days because there are often used as a way to increase exposure.
  • Why do some businesses hire Communication Information Executives CIOs to manage social content?
  • Why does social media compel people to interact more so than a website?
  • What are the first 7 steps to take to be on the social media scene
  • How much time should I allocate to Social Media
  • Who benefits from social media chats
  • What is the Hook
  • How does this turn into a press release
  • What qualities should my social media profile include. Our presentations are downloaded on the website in a PDF file. Good luck in your leadership development skills. If you have questions about this material, contact Sonja Onthank of OMG at 503-975-3684.


  • 1. Business Exchange Empowered
    Social Media why how strategy
    Viral Marketing for Facebooks, Twitter, LinkedIn & Others
    By Sonja Onthank
  • 2. Communication Info Executive (CIO)
    Listen To The Buzz
    Fix Customers Who Had a Bad Experience
    Focus on Strategies that Educate
    Find Ways to Engage Employees
    Keep Followers Engaged
    Be Aware of the Expanding or Decreasing Participation in Your Social Media Sites
    See What Competitors Do To Engage Followers
  • 3. Why do people use social media
    Small Communication Bits
    Mobile Friendly
    Interactive and Real Time
    Reacting to an Emotional Topic
    There was a “Hook”
    It is a Sales Tool (LinkedIn)
  • 4. 7 Steps for social media
    Create a Profile in Facebook
    Create a Profile in LinkedIn
    Add Groups and Events in Those Profiles
    Join Groups that Relate to You
    Create a Profile in Twitter
    Start a Blog that Appeals to your Audience
    Solicit Friends and Connections From Business Cards You Have Retained
  • 5. How Much Time for Social Media
    2 Hours a Week for a Small Business
    6 Hours/Weed for Mid-Sized Business
    16 Hours/Week for a Large Business
    Double Online Time with Preparation:
    Writing Articles
    Creating Emotional-Compelling Content
    Validating Facts
    Review Follower Interactions Daily
  • 6. Who Benefits from social media
    The people who publish info.
    The people who receive & interact with info.
  • 7. What is the Hook?
    Find Urgent, Relevant News for Pull Marketing
    Have a Mini-Website for the Call-To-Action
    Use Google Analytics to Know What Social Media Thread Created the Call-To-Action
    A Call-To-Action Captures Information for your Push Marketing, but Followers Expect a Reward
  • 8. Turn social media to press releases
    Followers are Your Testimonials
    Analytics Are Gathered
    Mastermind Your Ideas
    Keep Up with Virtual Responsibilities
    Be Prepared for the Unexpected
  • 9. Presentation summary
    Social Media Points to Various Links
    You Have Several Sites to Maintain: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
    You Monitor What People Are Interested In
    You Respond to Complaints and Compliments
    You Maintain a Reputation
    Don’t Trick People… Keep It Honest