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MMCO Newsletter - Law Enforcement

  2. 2. THE COLLEGIATE RECRUITERApril – June 2012 The Career Services Division at Miller-Motte College Online division is devoted to assisting our students in securing employment within their areas of specialization.PROGRAM HIGHLIGHT: We identify volunteer opportunities and provide this information to our students. We encourage CRIMINAL them to volunteer within their area of expertise to gain relevant work experience, in lieu of JUSTICE internships. We do so because as an online MMCO EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT college, we do not require traditional internshipsThe Criminal Justice for graduation. We refer to these volunteer JACOB MAYHEW, MBAdegree programs at experiences as “Volunternships.” Through President, MMCOMiller-Motte specialize volunteerism, our students demonstrate corein offering highly competencies to potential employers like you. BAXTER VENDRICKdetailed and in-depth You benefit by observing the student in action National CS Director, Delta Corp.course material that and gaining the confidence you need to know thatproperly prepares you are indeed making a good hiring decision, MMCO CAREER SERVICESgraduates for should you decide to proceed with employment.exhilarating careers inthe criminal justice field. In addition to Volunternships, we also assist our graduates by identifying full and part-timeOur Criminal Justice opportunities in their field of study. We connectdegree training program them with employers through various channelsprepares students for such as our student portal, Career Corner e- LAURIE LEWIScareers in the areas of newsletter, social media, webinars, virtual career Director of Career Services, MMCOcorrections, law fairs, and virtual to face-to-face interviews. All of laurie.lewis@miller-motte.eduenforcement, and/or this makes it easy for your company to connect (954) 529-0281security. At Miller-Motte with our students and alumni to both educate andstudents are given the engage with them prior to employment.opportunity to examinethe legal process from We give you full access to our students toseveral different promote your vacancies on our student portalperspectives. This free of charge! This saves time and money andincludes areas such as helps you to engage with a well-qualified pool oflaw enforcement, the candidates to find the right fit when you need it. SONJA MOFFETTcourt systems and the Director of Employer Relations, MMCOcorrections system. sonja.moffett@miller-motte.eduStudents will also study (757) 635-5534the effect that criminaljustice and crime haveupon society. Bachelor & Associates Degrees Offered at MMCO Simply email your vacancies: Loree Ballenberger and Carole Dempsey JOB POSTINGS: Student Career Advisors INTERNSHIPS:
  3. 3. THE COLLEGIATE RECRUITER April – June 2012 HISTORY Miller-motte college online MMC ONLINE By Jacob Mayhew, President MMCO National Presence This month we wanted to highlight the employers who currently serve on our Advisory Board as we introduce Educating Students in 32 you to our college and demonstrate the values that set us apart from other online institutions. As you will see, states ACICS Accredited we enlist top professionals to ensure our curriculum is relevant to the needs and demands of employers like you. We have many recruitment opportunities in place to partner with your organization and connect you with our talented students and graduates. Our transparent approach to academic achievement is evident in our For over three-quarters of a commitment to meet the needs of your organization through solid professional insight of the business century Miller-Motte has communities that we serve. Through our programs, we provide a great educational experience for our students been a reputable leader in and equip them with the tools to succeed beyond graduation. Get to know us today here in private career education. THE COLLEGIATE RECRUITER. Judge Leon Motte founded the school in 1916 in Wilmington, North Carolina. ACADEMIC PROGRAM OFFERINGS The school provided the Wilmington legal community with a small training center for courtroom stenographers. Over the years the college established other campuses in Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Learn more at http://www.miller- OUR GROUND CAMPUSES Cary, NC Fayetteville, NC Greenville, NC Jacksonville, NC Raleigh, NC Wilmington, NC Augusta, GA Columbus, GA Macon, GA Chattanooga, TN Clarksville, TN Nashville, TN Charleston, SC Conway, SC Lynchburg, VA Roanoke, VA BECOME A WEBINAR SUPERSTAR!1. Gulfport, MS We value your expertise and would like to invite you to interact with, and educate our students through an online platform called GoToWebinar. Each month, MMCO employers, like the F.B.I., Federal Bureau of Prisons, Verizon Wireless and the South East Area Health Education Center offer presentations on their areas of specialization. These presentations include information sessions about careers relevant to our degree programs that students may be interested in pursuing. Employers have conducted information sessions with our students to educate them on various topics important to them when considering a candidate for employment. CONTACT LAURIE LEWIS, DIRECTOR OF CAREER SERVICES AT 954-529-0281 TO COORDINATE YOUR OWN WEBINAR SESSION
  4. 4. THE COLLEGIATE RECRUITERApril – June 2012 Advisor perspectives At Miller-Motte College Online, our goal is to help our students prepare for the demands of today’s workforce. Knowing what is important to employers is critical to ensuring we are providing our students with an education that is both relevant and current. Advisory Boards, sometimes referred to as Program Advisory Boards or Program Advisory Committees, are representative groups of local business employers, alumni, and industry specialists who provide the faculty and administration abreast of the trade, current and future trends along with employment practices to enhance the career training of our students. At Miller-Motte College Online, advisory boards meet at least twice per year, typically spring and fall. Our meetings take place online through GoToWebinar and normally run less than 90 minutes. An agenda is distributed one week prior to the meeting date and minutes are distributed within one week of the meeting. Written and detailed minutes of each meeting are maintained. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to review the established curricula of the program, instructional-related program materials, equipment and facilities, and student achievement outcomes as a means to provide the school with an external review of its programs. Advisory Boards composition should reflect 12-15 qualified representatives external to the institution who can provide a meaningful review of the school’s programs and supporting resources and materials. WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PARTICIPATING AS AN ADVISOR? CONTACT LAURIE LEWIS AT 954-529-0281 Our 2012 National Advisory Board:  District Manager of Operations, CVS Caremark  Office Manager/Occupational Medicine Clinical Coordinator, Premier Urgent Care  Area Manager for Central VA Off Airport, Hertz  Correctional Treatment Specialist, Federal Bureau of Prisons  Special Agent/Recruiter, Federal Bureau of Investigation  Chief, Security and Law Enforcement, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers  Manager for Field Talent Acquisition, 7-Eleven Corporation  Director of Human Resources, Brynn Marr Hospital  Vice President/Chief Operating Officer, South East Area Health Education Center  Chief Operating Officer, Service Thread  Paralegal, Bolinger & Hogue  Practice Administrator, Carolina’s Oral and Facial Surgery Center  Manager of Human Resources, Verizon Wireless  Clinical Manager, the Pain Institute of Central PA  Human Services Coordinator, New Hanover Regional Juvenile Detention  District Manager, LM Restaurants  Sales Director, Kamin & Associates  Chief Information Officer, ACT Health Management Services  Controller, Robert Aude Associates, Inc.  Attorney and Partner, Chleborowicz & Theriault  Technology Support Specialist, North Carolina Office of Information Technology  Talent Management Coordinator, Southern Company, Alabama Power
  5. 5. THE COLLEGIATE RECRUITERApril – June 2012 Advisory SPOTLIGHT By Kathleen J. Cymbaluk Special Agent/Recruiter Miami FBI Advisory board members provide perspective from industry/government about positions available, skills sought, and upcoming hiring trends. For example, currently in the FBI there is a large emphasis on hiring computer scientists. The critical skills/degrees sought for the Special Agent are also very diverse: accounting/finance, physical science/engineering, language ability, military/law enforcement experience, computer science, international relations/intelligence, or a law degree! I believe it is helpful for colleges to remain current with the job market and the needed skills in various areas, in order to properly prepare students to successfully obtain employment. The remote advisory board meetings are convenient, especially to connect people from large geographic areas. I also learn from hearing the perspective of other industry professionals. I have participated in information sessions online and plan to continue as an advisory board member. Brett Waress, MHA, FACMPE Associate Director- Vice President/Chief Operating Officer Brett Waress serves on our Advisory Board and has contributed valuable insights to enhance our Electronic Medical Records program which currently enrolls over 500 students. Recently, Waress conducted a critical career session with our students for the purpose of fine-tuning their professional development. Brett has been with SEAHEC for 12 years and has nearly 20 years’ experience in medical practice management, practice consulting and academic medicine administration. Brett received his Master’s in Healthcare Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a Fellow in the American College of Medical Practice Executives. He is a published author and teaches medical residents and physicians in a variety of medical management, contracting and career subjects. MMCO is committed to working with the best of each of our industry partners.
  6. 6. THE COLLEGIATE RECRUITERApril – June 2012 “VOLUNTERNSHIPS” By Sonja Moffett We offer many cross-over opportunities for our employer partners. Miller-Motte College Online recently launched a “Volunternship” Program. This is not a typo, but it is a hybrid of 2 terms, volunteerism + internships. We have made it our objective to continue to improve our student’s practical work experiences. We have created this as an alternative solution to internships for our online degree students located across the country. Our volunternship program is mutually beneficial to you as the employer and to our students. The value of our volunternship program will provide much needed assistance and help employers meet their objectives while coaching and mentoring our students and utilizing their skills in the workplace at no cost. For example, many businesses have downsized significantly in the past several years which often leads to employees who remain on board taking on additional responsibilities of former colleagues. This can lead to long hours, fatigue, higher error rates and back logs. Volunternships are a solution to this issue. Our employer partners benefit from utilizing “volunterns” because they can meet MMCO Board Member their company’s performance objectives and delivery deadlines without Laurie W. Mays, FACMPE, CPC Executive Director compromise. Carolina Sports Medicine Has sought MMCO “Volunterns” In addition, when considering a new hire – they will have the benefit of evaluating that student for future employment free of charge! Our students are located nationally. Jennifer Kamin Kulbersh of Kamin & Associates, Inc. has been a long-standing member of the Advisory Board here at Miller-Motte College Online and one of the first companies to mentor volunteer students. As the program continues to grow, Jennifer says, “We hope to have more students who are interested in learning about the sales industry.” Kamin & Associates is a full service promotional advertising company based in Atlanta, GA, and like MMCO has a national presence. Brooke Sheaffer is the practice manager for the Pain Institute of Central PA and another member of our advisory board. The clinic is a pain management practice and they have taken on one of our “voluntern” students, Sherri Auker. “The benefit to our organization is that we get some additional help from someone who is eager and willing to learn. Also, by having someone in our facility that we are “teaching” it may help us to discover areas in which we may need to improve our processes and provide better patient care” says Sheaffer who oversees all functions of the office from administrative to clinical. “Our volunteer, (Sherri Auker) has been wonderful! She is always willing to help and she is very eager to learn. She does not hesitate to jump in with both feet and take on new tasks. She has a terrific personality and is customer service oriented. Having her here has been a great experience.” One of the things that differentiate MMCO from other colleges is our commitment to graduate well- rounded professionals. The programs that we have in place not only set us apart from other colleges and universities – but it really adds value to the employers who work with us because having a
  7. 7. THE COLLEGIATE RECRUITERApril – June 2012 degree today isn’t enough to land that job. Applicants have to bring more to the table because the job market is very competitive. Providing mentorship opportunities to our students during their educational pursuit helps them to develop a sense of purpose and direction as they complete their degree. Throwing them into the fire after graduation with not tangible experience may not yield the best results for the student or employer. But through coaching and mentoring, they develop the confidence and acute skills to become better employees in the long-run. These are our graduates. Our employer partners benefit from the Volunternships as well because they can evaluate how that student would perform as an employee at no cost to them. It truly is a win-win for both. When asked what she thought about the benefit for students to volunteer and gain experience in their field, Sheaffer offered, “I think that having someone volunteer in their area of study is imperative because it helps students to see real life experiences. I think that students only learn so much from reading or in the classroom. There is nothing quite like hands on experience to teach you.” INTERESTED IN OUR VOLUNTERNSHIP PROGRAM? EMAIL YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO VOLUNTERNSHIPS@MILLER-MOTTE.EDU OR CONTACT SONJA MOFFETT, DIRECTOR OF EMPLOYER RELATIONS (757) 635-5534 Who gets their degree online? By Sonja Moffett As you can see, Miller-Motte College Online is committed to providing a well-rounded education to our students. We want to ensure our employers that we graduate highly-qualified and knowledgeable professionals who are serious about making a positive impact in their work environment. With so many predispositions about the type of students graduating out of online programs, it is imperative to us that we not only differentiate ourselves from the pack, but that we also educate employers about our school, curriculum, and participatory programs. Our commitment to continuous improvements in our programs, professional development of our students, and open discourse with our employers has created strong business relationships that will go the distance. Not only do we ascertain professional advice on current trends in each of our programs from those who run, manage or recruit for these industries; we give employers access to our students during their educational pursuit to develop them through “volunternships” and entry level opportunities prior to graduation. We cannot speak for everyone who obtains an online degree, but our students receive a quality education from highly-qualified educators. In addition, our students must be disciplined to be successful in an online environment. Attending MMCO requires a high degree of self-motivation, timeliness, personal accountability, attention to detail, and resourcefulness. All of these are attributes that translate very well in the workplace. This is why we are confident that those who complete this journey have what it takes to exceed the expectation of employers like you. Unsure – try a volunternship with them and allow them to show you what many of our employers already know – our graduates are outstanding. To conclude, we would like to introduce you to some who are currently seeking employment. MMCO currently enrolls over 1300 students nationwide and would love to work with you in sourcing the right people for your company. Contact me at 757-635-5534 to get started today.
  8. 8. THE COLLEGIATE RECRUITERApril – June 2012 Stacy Short, B.S.A.H. – Cary, NC completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Allied Health GRADUATE PROFILES Management. “I am currently pursuing a career in the healthcare industry as a surgical technician or a healthcare management professional. I have completed my degrees in both programs. As a recent graduate student at MMCO, one of the most valuable lessons that I feel would translate well in the workplace of either position is organization and leadership, possessing a professional work ethic, as well as strong office administration and clinical skills. Many of these skills I obtained from previous work experiences, but I can say that MMCO, challenged me to sharpen them within a team environment and on an individual bases, skills that I now carry into my daily life outside of the job. I know that I will be great at my career as a surgical technician or a healthcare manager because I am dedicated and passionate about helping others improve their quality of life. I welcome the opportunity to correspond with you at” Amanda Bradley, B.S.A.H. – Leland, NC completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Allied Health Management. She says, “As a student at MMCO, one of the most valuable lessons I feel would translate well in the workplace are my attention to detail and great communication skills. I know I will be great at my career as a Clinical Trial Associate because I have a passion for changing lives through research in the medical industry. I welcome the opportunity to correspond with you at” Shawni Loader, B.S.C.J. – Reading, PA has obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice program. She is excited about working in an administrative role in law enforcement, hospital security, and security monitoring services or retail loss prevention near Reading, PA. Please contact to arrange an interview. Phyllis Griffin, A.A.S. E.M.R. – Surf City, NC has obtained her degree in Electronic Medical Records. She is currently seeking a career in a medical facility as a medical biller and coder near Surf City, NC. Please contact to arrange an interview. Melinda Heath, B.S.B.A. – Wilmington, NC has obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and looking forward to embarking upon a great career in manufacturing, logistics, or government. She has held a Confidential Security Clearance with Homeland Security in the past and believes she would be a valuable asset to any organization requiring someone who is intelligent, focused, meticulous, and dedicated to the job. Please contact to arrange an interview. Anita Luna, A.A.S. C.J. – Glen Burnie, MD is an MMCO graduate currently pursuing a career in the field of Criminal Justice. Her career interests include a career in government, manufacturing, or in a corporate role where she can be an active field personnel. She describes herself as an energetic and passionate professional. Anita also possesses governmental security clearance. As a student of MMCO, she deeply appreciated the technical advice and explorations into current policies and trends. Anita says, “The cogent and sage advice of experienced professors has left the indelible impression that ethics and maturity are vital to a successful career.” She looks forward to this professional journey and welcomes the opportunity to correspond with you at: or send your opportunities to Dritan Mecaj, A.A.S. C.J. – Sterling Heights, MI is a graduate of our Criminal Justice program and currently resides in the state of Michigan. Dritan is looking to embark upon a career in law enforcement. He is very enthusiastic about utilizing the training he has received as a student here at MMCO. Dritan is opened to relocation if the right position becomes available. You can reach Dritan at or send your opportunities to Pam Whitehead, B.S.A.H. – Columbus, GA is a military wife who has invested the past 4 years in pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Allied Health Management. She is seeking a flexible role in Columbus, GA in a medical setting. Pam welcomes the opportunity to elaborate on her experiences. Please contact to arrange an interview. Jerry LeBlanc, B.S.A.H. – Ash, NC has obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Allied Health Management. He is currently seeking a career in a medical facility as an office administrator in Ash, NC. Please contact to arrange an interview. Jennifer Dalton, A.A.S. Paralegal - Chandler, AZ has obtained her Associates in Paralegal studies. She has 2 years legal secretarial experience and is looking forward to working for a great law firm in the Chandler, AZ area. Please contact to arrange an interview.
  9. 9. THE COLLEGIATE RECRUITERApril – June 2012 Graduate ACHIEVEMENT A Hidden Benefit and a Surprising Outcome to a Graduate’s Achievement at Miller-Motte College Online By Laurie Lewis For Lisa Clark, working at Wilmington Orthotics and Prosthetics has truly been a “compassionate fit” for both herself and her employer. When Lisa recognized that further education could only enhance her career and learning prospects, she decided to complete some unfinished business by pursuing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration at Miller Motte College Online. Looking back, Lisa identifies the flexibility of the online program as being key to her choice of Miller Motte College Online, and she gives high marks to the program for both its scholastic challenge and the ability to balance school, family and work. Mariska Truesdale, Lisa’s supervisor and the owner of Wilmington Orthotics and Prosthetics relates that it was Lisa’s ability to organize, innovate and express compassion that caught her eye during the interviewing process. Mariska also indicates that she recognized Lisa’s degree as an advantage, and knew that she would bring efficiency and structure to the medical practice. Lisa’s desire to make a difference in other’s lives joins neatly with her employer’s focus which is to provide a one stop spectrum of products and services for those in need of prosthetic and orthotic devices. In fact, Wilmington Orthotics and Prosthetics has been serving the community since 1994, and provides support, compassion and technological solutions for both children and adults. Lisa plans to specialize in one area of the company’s services called “Compassionate Fit,” which focuses on post-oncology solutions that encourage patients to feel whole and beautiful again by providing breast forms and post mastectomy garments. Lisa and Mariska offered advice for both prospective students and graduates, encouraging them to engage in what they feel passionate about, and to look beyond monetary compensation to more intrinsic rewards that offer lasting satisfaction. Lisa underscored the importance of students being able to maintain focus on their academics and to work towards honing their time management skills. She added that if the student will make an iron commitment to their goal, they will find themselves making wise choices and automatically prioritizing their life activities in order to meet their goals. Lisa Clark truly embodies the spirit of Delta Career Education’s Mission of “Changing Futures. Changing Lives,” and stands as both an example and a guidepost for all those who want to better themselves while they strengthen the community that surrounds them.
  10. 10. THE COLLEGIATE RECRUITERApril – June 2012 SAVE THE DATES! Each month prior to our graduation cohort, MMCO will host Career Week. During this week, employers are encouraged to participate in various employment and career events throughout the respective weeks. The week’s activities include: • virtual career fairs • company information sessions • industry panel discussions • social media events • video interviews and coordination of face-to-face interviews with students in their location. RSVP today for any career week or by the dates below for participation. CONTACT SONJA MOFFETT 757-635-5534 OR EMAIL: EVENTS@MILLER-MOTTE.EDU MMCO is interested in sharing your video recorded career tips with our students to feature June 18 - June 22 on our internal Career Services page. This includes PLEASE RSVP BY JUNE 1, 2012 career advice we can share with our students while they sip on their morning coffee. FBI Interested in contributing? Please contact Laurie Lewis at 954.529.0281 August 20 - August 24 FEEL FREE TO EMAIL YOUR RECUITMENT EVENTS PLEASE RSVP BY AUGUST 1, 2012 JOB POSTINGS OR INTERNSHIPS TO US AND WE WILL DISTRIBUTE THEM TO OUR STUDENTS BY PROGRAM AND LOCATION. THANK YOU! November 12 - November 16 PLEASE RSVP BY OCT 15, 2012
  11. 11. THE COLLEGIATE RECRUITERApril – June 2012 If you are an HR or College Recruiter interested in partnering with MMCO on any of our employer events or Advisory Board, please feel free to contact Sonja Moffett, Director of Employer Relations at Miller-Motte College the online division. Please indicate how you would like to get involved. MMCO has a national scope with students in over 30 states across the nation. All of our events are remotely conducted from the convenience of your own office. Save time and money in travel expenses through our virtual events. Fax your inquiry to 757.419.3884 or email I am interested in getting involved as an employer partner with MMCO. Please follow up with me with regarding (check all that apply):  Virtual Career Fairs  MMCO Career Week Activities  Conducting a Webinar with MMCO Students  Social Media Events  Other: ________________________________________________________ My professional contact information is as follows: Name: ________________________________________________________ Title: ________________________________________________________ Company: ________________________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________________________ Fax: ________________________________________________________ Email: ________________________________________________________ Website: ________________________________________________________ The Collegiate Recruiter has been Published by the Employer Relations Department of MMCO | 757.635.5534