Employee	  Wellness	   Wellness	  is	  a	  business	  strategy	                                                 1	  
                                                                           About	  Network-­‐Wellness:	  Network-­‐Wellnes...
 	  	                         C	                           A B                                                            ...
 	         Table	  of	  Contents	  •       EXECUTIVE	  SUMMARY	               –             Strategic	  scoping	  and	  fo...
 Network-­‐Wellness	  are	  wellness	  specialists	  with	  a	  wide	  range	  of	  wellness	  experts	  who	  are	  ready...
 	  Network-Wellness    customize your wellnessprogram by selecting practitioners who are rightfor you.Network-­‐Wellness	...
 	  	  	            Partly	  Assisted	  ConsulEng	  Program	                                                             U...
 Network-­‐Wellness	   provide	   you	   with	   insights	   of	   our	   latest	  research	   and	   help	   you	   plan	...
 	  Order	  Form	  	                                   	         Name	                                   	                ...
Sonja	  Breuer	  (MSc)	    ExecuEve	  Director	  &	  Founder	  of	               Network-­‐Wellness	  	                   ...
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Network wellness business brochure


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Network-Wellness are pro-active health maintenance specialists. We provides information tools and help for the design and implementation of corporate wellness programs.

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Network wellness business brochure

  1. 1. Employee  Wellness   Wellness  is  a  business  strategy   1  
  2. 2.   About  Network-­‐Wellness:  Network-­‐Wellness   provides   wellness   soluEons   to  organizaEons.   Network-­‐Wellness   creates   a   healthy,   happy  and  fully  engaged  workforce.  Who  is  ‘Network-­‐Wellness’?   Network-­‐Wellness   will   provide   a   wellness  •  The  first  consultancy  to  focus  on  proacEve-­‐ workshop   to   your   HR   team.   This   workshop   will   health  provision   contain   our   latest   research   on   wellness,  •  Europes  largest  community  of  corporate   including  the  10  states  of  un-­‐wellness,  the  most   wellness  specialists   popular   therapies   among   employees.   Find   out  •  A  unique  market  research  provider  shaping   about   the   PSQ’s   (program   setup   ques7ons),   your  wellness  strategy   which   you   need   to   know   when   implemenEng   a     wellness  program.  Network-­‐Wellness  will  also  be  Who  is  ‘Network-­‐Wellness’  for?   looking  at  what  you  might  already  have  in  place,  Leadership  in  Engagement,    OccupaEonal   which  can  contribute  to  a  wellness  program.    Health,  Employee  RelaEons,  CommunicaEon,   You   are   convinced   about   the   benefits   of  Employee  Benefits  and/or  HR  operaEons.   wellness   to   your   organizaEon,   and   are   looking     for   ways   to   staff   your   wellness   program?  What  does  ‘Network-­‐Wellness’  offer?   Network-­‐Wellness   can   provide   you   with   the  InformaEon  products  and  help  with   right  wellness  staff  suitable  for  your  needs.  Our  implemenEng  wellness  programs.   network   consists   of   wellness   pracEEoners,     personal   trainers,   health   coaches   and   CAM  Self-­‐Serve   (Complementary   AlternaEve   Medicine)  Network-­‐wellness   will   provide   you   with   pracEEoners.  The  people  Network-­‐Wellness  put  informaEon  on  pro-­‐acEve  health  through  the   forward   are   carefully   selected;   Network-­‐provision   of   market   research   reports   and   Wellness   have   checked   their   credenEals   and  insights.     their   up-­‐to   date   pracEEoner’s   insurance   cerEficates.          Partly  Assisted   Do   you   want   to   outsource   set-­‐up   and  N e t w o r k -­‐ W e l l n e s s   d e l i v e r s   t h e   management  of  your  wellness  program  because  implementaEon   of   pro-­‐acEve   wellness   you   are   short   of   HR   staff?   No   problem,   we   can  programs   by   facilitaEng   a   connecEon   to   the   help   with   a   full-­‐service   wellness   program  pro-­‐acEve  wellness  staff  in  it’s  network.     including   design,   set-­‐up   and   management   of     your   wellness   program.   We   also   even   Network-­‐Full  Serve   Wellness   pare   a   feedback   report   at   the   end   of  O n -­‐ s i t e   p r o j e c t   m a n a g e m e n t   a n d   the  projects,  containing  learnings  to  take  to  the   2  implementaEon.     next  program.            
  3. 3.       C   A B Wellness  is  a  business  strategy;   Insights  Report  *  NEW*         Purchase  your  Wellness  Insights  report  now!   IntroducAon   In  tougher  economic  condiEons,  engagement  and  employee  relaEons  are  becoming  top  prioriEes  to  corporates,   sharpening  the  compeEEve  edge.  CreaEng  wellness  is  central  to  a  successful  engagement  strategy.  Wellness  not  only   removes  obstacles  to  engagement,  but  also  creates  engagement  itself.  Decision  makers  must  learn  how  to  build   wellness  into  engagement  models.       Features  and  benefits   •  Understand  key  characterisEcs  of  pro-­‐acEve  health  &  wellness  for  the  creaEon  of  new  highly  customized   engagement  products   •  Benchmark  novel  and  exisEng  pro-­‐acEve  health  therapies  using  the  product  &  industry  profile,  only  available  from   Network-­‐Wellness   •  Support  human  resources  with  the  building  blocks  of  wellness  benefiEng  the  enEre  organizaEon  and  it’s  decision   makers  in  12+  business  areas     •  Evaluate  your  unique  wellness  opportunity  matrix  profile  with  early-­‐stage  benchmarking  of  your  wellness   indicators   •  Access  Network-­‐Wellness’s  predicEon  of  how  the  pro-­‐acEve  health  landscape  may  change  in  the  next  20  years       Highlights   Wellness  is  an  important  consideraEon  for  organizaEons,  yet  very  oeen  wellness  is  misunderstood  and  thereby   leaving  a  whole  sector  of  wellness  unuElized.  A  reason  for  this  is  that  organizaEons  lack  the  right  knowledge  partner.   Historically,  research  companies  only  focus  on  convenEonal  medical  intervenEon,  primarily  focused  on  disease   eradicaEon  as  opposed  to  health  promoEon.  There  are  over  50+  separate  wellness  programs  across  all  intervenEon   points,  which  organizaEons  can  use  for  the  conEnuous  creaEon  of  a  highly  customized  and  vibrant  engagement   strategy.  Understanding  the  building  blocks  of  wellness  and  providing  the  employee  with  an  element  of  choice  allows   organizaEons  to  personalize  and  niche  their  engagement  strategy  like  never  before.  Network-­‐Wellness  sees  the  future   of  pro-­‐acEve  health  provision  &  funding  to  be  moving  towards  a  greater  corporate  responsibility.  OrganizaEons  able   to  integrate  the  provision  of  pro-­‐acEve  health  programs  early  on  will  be  able  to  harvest  posiEve  results  for  the   organizaEon  avoiding  costly,  reacEve  and  knee-­‐jerking  changes  in  the  future.     Your  key  quesAons  answered   •  What  are  the  key  trends  in  pro-­‐acEve  healthcare,  what  is  wellness?   •  What  are  the  associated  corporate  opportuniEes  and  how  do  new  programs  capture  maximum  benefits  and   increase  engagement?   •  How  will  proacEve  health  care  provision  as  part  of    corporate  responsibiliEes  evolve  in  the  next  20  years?   3  
  4. 4.     Table  of  Contents  •  EXECUTIVE  SUMMARY   –  Strategic  scoping  and  focus   –  Update  details:  January    2012   –  Network-­‐Wellness  key  findings   –  Related  products  •  ENGAGEMENT  &  EMPLOYEE  RELATIONS  OVERVIEW   –  Engagement   •  Employee  engagement  maiers  to  the  most  progressive  corporaEons   •  Corporate  wellness  profile;  opportuniEes  in  engagement  and  proacEve  health  care   •  Employees  responses  to  wellness  programs  indicates  innovaEve  methods  of  corporate  communicaEon     –  Driving  Wellness     •  Successful  employee  wellness  helping  businesses  funcEon  as  one  unit  providing  real  value  in  producEvity     •  Failure  to  implement  a  wellness  strategy  creates  costs  to  the  business  and  also  the  larger  economy  •  CORPORATE  WELLNESS     –  Overview  of  the  health  care  provision  market   •  Network-­‐Wellness  has  idenEfied  50+  separate  programs  available  for  wellness  creaEon   •  Emerging  features  of  the  wellness  industry  focusing  on  pro-­‐acEve  health  care  and  health  maintenance   •  Changes  in  health  care  dynamics  are    driven  by  the  consumer  and  provide  cost  effecEve  opportuniEes  for  decision  makers   •  HolisEc  overview  of  the  proacEve  health  care  industry  as  a  extensive  but  fragmented  emerging  heath  care  system  •         -­‐-­‐              Wellness  is  a  business  strategy   •  OrganizaEons  must  address  the  10  states  of  employee  un-­‐wellness  represenEng  obstacles  to  engagement   •  Capitalize  on  the  15+  benefits  of  an  integrated  wellness  strategy  into  the  overall  business  strategy   •  The  use  of  CAM  (complementary  alternaEve  health)  in  corporate  wellness  strategy  •  OPPORTUNITY  PRODUCT  PROFILE   –  Wellness  therapies   –  Acupuncture,   Alexander   Technique,   Aromatherapy,   Ayurveda,   Autogenic   training,   Auricular   therapy,   Bowen   Technique,   Birthing  Prac77oner,  Bio-­‐feedback,  Body  harmony,  Chiroprac7c  Therapy,  Chinese  Medicine,  Colonic  Hydrotherapy,  Cranial   Sacral   Therapy,   Color   Therapy,   Cogni7ve   Behavioral   Therapy,   Don   Spinal   Therapy,   Energy   Management,   Energy   Healing,   Emo7onal   Clearing,   Flower   Essence   Therapy,   Feng   Shui,   Feldenkreis,   General   Prac77oner,   Homeopathy,   Hydrotherapy,   Heller   work,   Hypnotherapy,   Iridology,   Inner   Re-­‐paPerning,   Kinesiology,   Life/Health   Coaching,   Massage,   Medita7on,   Mo7va7onal  Speakers,  Naturopathy,  Nutri7on,  Osteopathy,  Personal  Training,  Pilates,  Podiatry  &  Chiropody,  Physiotherapy,   Psychotherapy,   Qi   Gong,   Reflexology,   Radionics,   Sound   Therapy,   Siddha   Medicine,   Thought   Filed,   Unani   Medicine,   Vastu,   Yoga.   –  Customized  new  product  development  opportuniEes  for  engagement  strategy  design  •  INNOVATIVE    APPROACHES  TO  WELLNESS   –  Program  design  and  planning   •  Eligibility  &  funding  consideraEon  during  the  planning  stages  of  the  corporate  wellness  program   •  Catalogue  of  program  design  quesEons  to  be  addressed  when  implemenEng  wellness     •  CommunicaEon  and  branding  opportuniEes  for  a  uniquely  customized  corporate  wellness  program   –  ImplementaEon  and  measuring  results   •  The  pivotal  role  of  an  appointed  in-­‐house  wellness  manager  or  outsourced  agency  during  the  implementaEon  process   •  Measuring  success  rate  and  results  will  feed  into  the  next  program  design  &  planning  stage   •  QualitaEve  versus  quanEtaEve  approaches  to  measuring  wellness  effecEveness  •  THE  FUTURE  OF  PROACTIVE  HEALTHCARE   –  Health  of  the  NaEon   •  Progressive  worsening  of  collecEve  consumer  health  not  only  due  to  an  aging  populaEon  but  also  even  among  the  young   •  Life-­‐style  and  health  of  the  naEon  reflecEve  of  a  pool  of  increasingly  wellness  challenged  employees   –  Corporate  Health   •  Vulnerability  of  employers  to  be  idenEfied  as  the  cause  of  un-­‐wellness  and  producer  of  a  cost  to  the  health  care  system   •  NaEonal  health  is  rooted  in  costly  reacEve  health  soluEons,  a  pro-­‐acEve  health  &  wellness  system  helping  to  reduce  these  costs    •  BIBLIOGRAPHY   –  Journal  papers   –  Websites   –  Network-­‐Wellness  proprietary  research    •  APPENDIX   –  ContribuEng  experts   –  Conferences  aiended   –  Report  methodology   4  
  5. 5.  Network-­‐Wellness  are  wellness  specialists  with  a  wide  range  of  wellness  experts  who  are  ready  to  create  wellness  in  your  organizaEon.     Network-­‐Wellness   are   specializing   in   the   provision   of   wellness   pracEEoners,   delivering  you  a  vibrant  and  engaged  workforce.    Network-­‐Wellness  also  deliver   your  wellness  program  from  concepEon  to  compleEon:  Network-­‐Wellness  do  all   the  work  and  you  reap  the  benefits  of  working  with  Network-­‐Wellness:       ü  Working  with  the  first  agency  specializing  on  proacEve  health  care  &   corporate  wellness   ü  Access  to  latest  business  informaEon  and  monthly  newsleiers  and  interviews   on  corporate  wellness   ü  Latest  research,  agency  wellness  staff  and  implementaEon  of  your  wellness   program  all  under  one  roof  at  Network-­‐Wellness   ü  One  touch  point  when  working  with  a  variety  of  wellness  pracEEoners     ü  Choose  the  level  of  service  you  wish  to  receive  self-­‐  or  full  serve   ü  Network-­‐Wellness  manage  schedule  &  administraEon  of  the  program  for  you   ü  Network-­‐Wellness  assist  or  manage  set  up  of  the  wellness  program   ü  Network-­‐Wellness  help  you  access  the  right  pracEEoners  for  your  specific   needs   ü  All  our  pracEEoners  are  fully  qualified  &  experienced  experts  in  their  field   ü  Our  pracEEoners  are  with  valid  professional  indemnity  insurance   ü  Network-­‐Wellness  promote  professional  excellence  and  conEnuous  training     ü  Our  pracEEoners  communicate  and  work  as  a  team     5  
  6. 6.    Network-Wellness customize your wellnessprogram by selecting practitioners who are rightfor you.Network-­‐Wellness  are  looking  to  raise  the  profile  of  pro-­‐acAve  health  care  &  provide  wellness  soluAons  to   •  Don  Spinal  Therapy  organizaAons.   •  Energy  Management       •  Energy  Healing  It   can   someEmes   be   difficult   to   navigate   through   the   •  EmoEonal  Clearing  landscape   of   wellness   pracEEoners   and   make   the   •  Flower  Essence  Therapy  choices,   which   are   right   for   you.   Thats   why   Network-­‐ •  Feng  Shui  Wellness  are  here  to  help!  Network-­‐Wellness  specialize   •  Feldenkreis  on  wellness  &  proacEve  health  care  so  you  dont  have   •  General  PracEEoner    to.     •  Homeopathy •  Hydrotherapy •  Heller work •  Hypnotherapy •  Acupuncture   •  Iridology •  Alexander  Technique   •  Inner Re-patterning •  Aromatherapy   •  Kinesiology •  Ayurveda   •  Life/Health Coaching •  Autogenic  training   •  Massage •  Auricular  therapy   •  Meditation •  Bowen  Technique   •  Motivational Speakers •  Birthing  PracEEoner   •  Naturopathy, Nutrition •  Bio-­‐feedback   •  Osteopathy •  Body  harmony   •  Personal Training •  ChiropracEc  Therapy   •  Pilates •  Chinese  Medicine   •  Podiatry & Chiropody •  Colonic  Hydrotherapy   •  Physiotherapy •  Cranial  Sacral  Therapy   •  Psychotherapy •  Color  Therapy   •  Qi Gong •  CogniEve  Behavioral  Therapy   •  Reflexology •  Radionics •  Sound Therapy •  Siddha Medicine •  Thought Filed •  Unani Medicine •  Vastu •  Yoga 6  
  7. 7.         Partly  Assisted  ConsulEng  Program   U p -­‐ t o -­‐ d a t e   3 6 0 °       b u s i n e s s   we l l n e s s     informaEon   on   your     Subscribe  to  the  Network-­‐Wellness:    partly  assisted   ✔   fingerEps.     consulAng  program         The  partly  assisted  ConsulAng  Program  entails:   •  4  Research  Wellness  Reports  per  year     •  Monthly  newsleier  on  a  wellness  topic   Immediate   access   to     E u r o p e ’ s   l a r g e s t   •  4  consulEng  hours  to  be  used  for  your  wellness   network   of   proacEve     program-­‐  or  interacEve  presentaEon  of  a  report   ✔   c o r p o r a t e   h e a l t h   •  Access  to  the  network  of  wellness  pracEEoners   pracEEoners.         Benefits:     •  Easy  integraEon  into  your  wellness  program   ConsulEng   hours   for   •  Saves  you  costly  experiments   y o u r   Q & A ’ s ,   •  Immediate  results  in  engagement  and  wellness   •  Saves  Eme  and  hassle  finding  qualified  and  insured   ✔   PresentaEon  or  help  in   m a n a g i n g   y o u r   pracEEoners   wellness  program.   Subscribe  to  the  Network-­‐Wellness:     360°Wellness  Business  InformaEon     360°  Wellness  Business  subscripAon  contains:     •  4  Market  Research  Reports  shedding  light  on  topical  and  relevant   corporate  wellness  issues   •  Monthly  updates  newsleiers,  case  studies   Benefits:     •  Stay  informed  on  issues  of  wellness   •  Path  the  way  to  your  360°  wellness  business   •  Prepare  for  the  future   •  Reap  the  rewards     •  Realize  engagement  with  ease     7  
  8. 8.  Network-­‐Wellness   provide   you   with   insights   of   our   latest  research   and   help   you   plan   a   new   approach   to   a   truly    comprehensive   wellness   program.   Schedule   your   interacEve  presentaEon  with  us  today!                                                                                         Learn about the 10 states of un-wellness your employees suffer from. Our latest research in employee health reveals the 10 states   10   of un-wellness in healthy employees. These states of un-wellness impair performance and reduce productivity of your organization. Understanding these states of un-wellness provides you with opportunities to hook your wellness program   into and measure the results… Network-Wellness have researched the benefits of an employee   12   wellness program to your organization. The most important one being Engagement but did you know that there are 12 benefits to corporate when working with an employee wellness program? Understanding these benefits allows you to maximize the ROI of   your wellness investment even further, by tapping into those too. Did you know that there are over 50+ wellness therapies to chose   14   from when delivering wellness to your employees? Network- Wellness have researched into the most popular wellness therapies (among employees) in Britain. Network-Wellness are helping you understand those 14 therapies to make your choices   even easier. You can now provide a selection of practitioners to your employees, thereby providing the most comprehensive wellness program possible.   pdq   Do you want to know how to best approach a potential wellness program? Network-Wellness are going to provide help, explaining which questions you would need to answer in order to set up a wellness program. The most important PDQ’s (program   design questions) are shared with you and Network-Wellness will brainstorm further requirements you will need to fulfill which are customized to your organization.   Finally, Network-Wellness will cover communication and feedback loop, continuous research into the effectiveness of the C   program will help you understand lessons and leanings, which   you can implement in the next phase. Tips & brainstorming about communicating a wellness program to your employees for the benefit of maximizing engagement and participation.     8    
  9. 9.    Order  Form       Name       Company       Street       City       Postcode       Country       Telephone       E-­‐mail     Yes,  I  would  like  to  receive  the  Wellness  is  a  business  strategy  insights  report.  £  2995   q      (+VAT)   Yes,  we  would  like  to  receive  the  interacEve  presentaEon  of  these  insights  to  our  HR   q      Team  £  800  (+VAT)   Yes  I  would  like  to  subscribe  to  Network-­‐Wellness  Annual  SubscripEon  and  receive  4   q      Reports  and  12  newsleiers  £12  000   Yes,  I  would  like  to  subscribe  to  the  Assisted  ConsulEng  Model  which  includes  the   q      above  subscripEon  plus  4  consulEng  hours  and  access  to  the  network  of  qualified   wellness  pracEEoners  £  14  995     Date           Signature       9  
  10. 10. Sonja  Breuer  (MSc)   ExecuEve  Director  &  Founder  of   Network-­‐Wellness      Europe’s  largest  network  of  corporate   wellness  specialists   London,  UK,  HA9  8QX     www.network-­‐wellness.com   10