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Why you should quit your job and join a startup.
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Why you should quit your job and join a startup.


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Why you should quit your job for a start-up. By: Nishant Soni (CEO, Cobaan) [email_address] , 9350353067 Dec 21, 2006
    • 2. Why Startups
      • Startups present the only (and the best) opportunity to make you stinking filthy obscenely rich.
        • Think 50-200 Crores over the next 2-5 years
      • Catch
        • Be at the right place at the right time
        • Understand what is the right place (company) and what is the right time (cofounder, post-angel, post-seed)
    • 3. Understand Startups to Win with Startups
      • Why?
        • Odds are very heavily stacked against startup success.
          • Think flipping a dice 10 times in a row and getting a six each time.
      • The good part
        • Very Striking and Identifiable predictors behind Startup success.
          • Team, Experience, Funding, Marketing, Leadership, Board of advisors, Opportunity Size (Valuations), Focus,
          • References: Google(“paul graham”), Google(“guy kawasaki”)
      Start-up which has these predictors in place and is at the ‘right time’ to join is extremely rare (think needle in the biggest haystack you have seen) . Consider it an opportunity of a lifetime .
    • 4. Get the Startup State of mind
      • Why ?
        • So that you can startup next.
        • A new way of life – the right way
          • TAKE CONTROL and CREATE opportunities
      • What is the startup state of mind ?
        • GTD-WIT
          • Getting Things Done, Whatever It Takes.
          • If you try hard enough something’s gotta give.
          • Approaching people – everyone wants to help.
    • 5. What is the best way to ‘Understand start-ups’ and learn the ‘Start-up way of life’
        • WORK AT A START-UP
        • Ref: Google (“paul graham”) or anyone who has done or been at a startup
    • 6. Why ?
    • 7. Cobaan is the right place
      • Team :
          • Nishant Soni, IITG Computer Science, Trilogy Software, Drishti-soft ( another startup ), Cobaan
          • Amitabha Bagchi, Assistant Professor, IITD CS
      • Funding is in place
      • Focus:
          • Product Focus: High Impact, High Innovation, Research based
          • Singular Focus: We don’t do services, not now and never will.
      • Market:
          • US Only, Size of opportunity is big.
          • There is little reason to believe that Indian market can absorb innovation.
    • 8. It is the right time to join cobaan. Co-founder Risk Reward High Risk High Reward Post-Angel Pre-Seed Post-Seed You are here ! Low Risk, Highest Reward Monetary Risk