Manufacturer & Supplier Of Zero point energy wand, ZPE Nano Wand, Nano Wand, Scalar Energy Wand


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Manufacturer & Supplier Of Zero point energy wand, ZPE Nano Wand, Nano Wand, Scalar Energy Wand.

We have best quality of Zero Point Energy Wand, AM Wand, MFST Wand, Scalar Energy Wand, Nano Wand, Nano Energy Wand

To Know More Call: +91 265 6581148, +91 9033429184, +91 9377232623


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D-41, Vrundavan Township, Near Shree Maruti Courier, Harni Road, Vadodara, Gujarat - 390022, India.

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Manufacturer & Supplier Of Zero point energy wand, ZPE Nano Wand, Nano Wand, Scalar Energy Wand

  1. 1. Tel. +91 265 6581148 | Mobile: +91 9033429184, +91 9377232623 Website: | e-Mail: Zero Point Energy WandNano Wand is energy generating device, Which is made up ofdifferent types of natural minerals and crystals, combined in thesteel casing with fusion techniques.The Nano Wand is having ability to promote taste of fluids, especiallyliquids and also meat, fruits to give better taste & give themextended self life. The energy created specifically rejuvenatesmolecular structures in all liquids.
  2. 2. Nano Wand is energy generating device, which is made up of different types of natural mineralsand crystals, combined in the steel casing with fusion techniques.The Nano Wand is having ability to promote taste of fluids, especially liquids and also meat,fruits to give better taste & give them extended self life. The energy created specificallyrejuvenates molecular structures in all liquids.Nano Wand looks like simple pen, but its not a simple one. This wand having a specialcombination of granulated minerals and crystals mixed & bonded together at molecular scale toresonate the Zero Point Energy.How it works?He granulated minerals and crystals are kept between SS-316 casing. As the zero-point energyprinciple, The Nano Energy Wand works on Body cells, and balancing bodys chi energy andspeeding up healing processes; It also targeting the immune & nervous systems. Special crystals,which are in the Nano Wand is having powerful healing energy.Which can amplifies, regulate, store, also release the energy of our body.Our bodys energy field, which is being disrupted with our daily basis of modern civilization,Nano Wand can counterbalance this effect. The wand activates negative ions to bring your bodyon balance. The body, when balanced has capacity to heal.Zero point energy technology has been utilized in Asia for decades and is now being readilyaccepted in western cultures.Zero Point Energy Wand Benefits: As fruits and vegetable, our cells slowly deteriorate with age. By use of the Nano Wand, that cells can re- energized at a molecular scale. The Natural balanced energy of Nano Wand may help for improving sleep patterns. Decrease muscle tension and improve the positive chi energy of the body when worn, placed under your pillow while sleeping.
  3. 3. It can help to give strength to the body & immune system against the detrimental effects of daily stress and exposure to electromagnetic pollution around us in everyday life. The Nano Wand is a energy generating device that can rejuvenate the molecular structure when stirred in liquids, making them more vital, hydrating and better tasting, creating the same resonance as found in natural healing springs. In addition, the Nano Energy Wand, when placed in the refrigerator promotes fresher and tastier foods.In addition, the Nano Energy Wand, when placed in the refrigeratorpromotes fresher and tastier foods.The Nano Ionized Water will mix-up with the beverage then the acidic effectof the beverage always keeps away When we take food with Nano ionizedwater the food will become tasty and hygienic The Nano Wand will changethe Molecular structure of the liquid and make it tasteful Nano Wand ishelpful in enhancement of the cellular absorption. Nano Ionized water will helpful to increase the blood oxygen level which help to provide more energy to the body. Nano Wand will helpful make blood circulation properly Nano Wand is helpful to increase the Energy level.
  4. 4. Helps our bodys bio energetic field to source Zero Point energy. The Nano Wand will helpful for Quicker, stronger nail and hair growth improved Nano ionized water will helpful for dissolving kidney stone, reduction of cholesterol and detoxification of the body. The nano wand helps our cells charging power as well as to maintain a healthy level, so even if we have a hard days work but would not feel very tired. The nano wand will remove blockages in the body and clear the distortions in our Q- bio energetic field. The energy wand includes the magnet and zero point energy function, which will relieve the pain & aches. The Scalar energy will balance the bodys imbalances. It will enhance the immune function. Negative ion outputing at 1800 guass, enhancing internal organ functions and adding to blood energy levels. Helps our body to obtain a homeostatic condition. Relieves us of pain and discomfort, and supports healing. Neutralizes harmful elements (energetically) from liquids we drink and foods we eat. Energizes creams and oils for better absorption of nutrients. Facilitates and strengthens the flow of energy in our body. Unblocks and strengthens the flow of energy in our body. Stimulates bodily functions and strengthens immunity. Our Other ProductsBio Energy Card, Bio Magnetic Bracelet, Detox Foot Patches, BioEnergy Disc, Scalar Energy Pendant, Zero Point Energy Wand,Facial Beauty Roller, MST Energy Pendant, AM Pendant, NanoEnergy Flask, Alkaline Water Stick, LED Mini Projector & ManyOther ProductsWebsite: e-Mail: , sonient1@gmail.comTel.: +91 265 6581148, +91 9033429184, +91 9377232623