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Ar In3640 Presentation

  1. 1. I lose.. Therefore I think Shuen-Shing Lee’s views on video games as expressive of culture.
  2. 2. What about games? • Games have moral undertones (usually) • Games are usually fun/ enjoyable • Appropriating games = fun? • Content? • Delivery?
  3. 3. Games you will never win. (Why Bother?) • Games are usually win/lose situations. • Some games you can’t win – Lose/lose mentality • No defined way to “win”. E.g. Penguin Baseball • Artistic games imply, with no ending, a time of contemplation on the reason for the game/ not being able to win. • E.g. New York Defender, Kabul Kaboom
  4. 4. Trial & Error breakouts • Trial and error is common for overcoming obstacles • E.g. Arcade fighters, shooters lasting until player dies • Player “wins” not in the game, but in a determined other space of other players’ scores. • Having no score creates a void of reason • E.g. NYD, Kabul Kaboom.
  5. 5. Is there a need for a message? • Some games attempt to be message focused • However, Jarvis’ Narc simply becomes another shooter, while attempting to be socially critical. • Paradoxically attempting to comment on social issues while becoming one. • Confuses the artistic nature.
  6. 6. I lose, therefore I think.. • Explicit goal – game recognises end state • Implicit goal – Game supports user made goals • NYD & KK = Aim to lose the game • Second level player – Reflective state of understanding game design/relevance as opposed to finishing it. • Losing invokes thought to create solutions (trial and error); removing it creates an open space of interpretation as to why the game exists.
  7. 7. De-gaming games.. • To remove an aspect to focus on another. • Changes expression form • Focuses audience attention on specific things. • E.g. Arena, Adam’s Killer. • Ironic = Artistic?
  8. 8. Time & Pleasure in Twisted Spaces • Event time – In game happenings • Negotiation time – Time spent managing, making solutions • Progression time – Game time overall. • Limited progression time = No solution. • Thus; Enlightenment.
  9. 9. So, we’re done.. • Games aren’t always “fun” • Can be educating • Use of game as expressive media. • How useful is it/ will it be?
  10. 10. Questions • Basic shooters as artistic in method OR complex shooters being artistic in delivery? • Will art games, or games reflecting cultural concepts become more evident as their own thing or simply become another genre? • Any good ideas for some?
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