Sonico OpenSocial Launch


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Sonico launches its new OpenSocial container, and is looking for select Launch Partners

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Sonico OpenSocial Launch

  1. 1. Launch Partners OpenSocial v0.8.1 April 2009
  2. 2. “The biggest social networkingsite you’ve probably neverheard of.”
  3. 3. The Market• Latin America’s internet population is over 150 million.• Social networking is more used than email, with over 70% penetration overinternet users.• Online Advertising is expected to grow two digits in 2009 across the board.It’s one of the fastest growing Advertising Markets for Internet. Internet Penetration in Latin America for the Top 6 Markets *Source: internetworldstats Population Internet Users % Penetration Argentina Brazil Colombia Mexico Peru Venezuela
  4. 4. Latam: Advertising Landscape Advertising expenditure Internet advertising Million USD Million USD +25% +58% Internet represents 3.2% of total advertising expenditure +26% +50% Internet represents 3.5% of total advertising expenditure +9% Internet represents +59% 2.8% of total advertising expenditure Source: CACEM (Argentina), Intermeios (Brazil), CICOM (Mexico), ZenithOptiMedia, press clippings.
  5. 5. Welcome to Latin America 89% of our Audience is from Latin America (That’s over 31 million LatAm users) % of Latin American users over total user base *Source: ComScore Sonico 89% Facebook 15% MySpace 10% We get Latin America.
  6. 6. Sonico Timeline Global Reach With English Version Portuguese Speaking Countries Reach Spanish Speaking Countries Reach
  7. 7. Where We Are Now
  8. 8. Exponential Growth Small user overlapping with other Networks - 34% with Facebook - 38% with Hi5 (ComScore Feb. 2009) Huge opportunity to reach new audiences that currently have no access to social applications!
  9. 9. The AudienceOver 35.000.000 registered users.Latin America users: +31 Million*April 2009 # Users Brazil 7,647,457 Mexico 5,912,617 Colombia 4,425,612 Peru 3,398,870 Argentina 2,867,796 Venezuela 2,549,152 Spain 1,522,410 Chile 1,380,791 USA 920,527
  10. 10. Demographics
  11. 11. The Brands
  12. 12. Brands already advertised in SonicoMarch, 2009
  13. 13. Press Coverage
  14. 14. Sonico in the Press “Sonico: the biggest social networking site you’ve probably never heard of” February 16, 2008 “An Argentine has built up the most important social network in Latin America” March 1, 2008 “Flagging the concept of security, Sonico arrives at Brazil. The social network Sonico has caught the attention in Brazil as Ibope / Netratings unveils the most popular September 30, 2008 social networking sites in the country” “The economic crisis has worsened the fall of TV, radio and press advertising but has raised sales on the Internet. Worries for some, opportunities for others to develop February 3, 2009 tools in social networks like Sonico” Featured also in…
  15. 15. The Sonico Platform
  16. 16. Your Life Online Photo / Video Sharing Skins Games / eCards Birthday Reminders Applications PERSONAL (friends & family) Content Moderation Events Music Profiles PROFESSIONAL PUBLIC (recruiters, work relations) (brands, politicians, etc.) Branded Profiles Professional Profile Privacy Controls
  17. 17. The Platform Facebook Sonico My Space Is a communication utility with Is a customizable personal, public and Is a public environment with some entertainment function. professional communication utility. anonymous users, and complex UI. Users use their real names. Users use their real names. Most users have Nicknames. Identities No profile picture moderation. All profile pictures are moderated. Anonymous environment. No dedicated video or music efforts. Strong heritage with music.Entertainment Mainly achieved through Multiplayer Games, Music Band Section, eCards. High Quality Applications. Poor Application environment. Applications. Full ProfessionalProfile, allowing you to No Professional Profile. Little No Professional Profile. Possibility to Professional categorize your connections. differentiate your social from your organizing possibilities for connections. professional contacts. Extremely structured environment, Strong differentiator. Users can design their Many design and feature options, butPersonalization limiting individuality. own look & feel for their profile page. extremely chaotic environment. Facebook Platform Applications Open Social Applications are accepted. Open Social Applications are accepted. Applications are accepted. Focus on local and high quality apps. Poor Quality control.
  18. 18. Applications Platform: OpenSocial 0.8.1
  19. 19. Why we prefer OpenSocial?• Leverage a standards based platform: – Allows easy app portability. – Open source development. – Extensible platform allows further integration into Sonico.• OpenSocial has been adopted by a large developer community and major social networking players.• Apps have proven to fuel a value added experience for users.
  20. 20. Platform Roll-Out Sonico OpenSocial Sandbox Launched! (April 2009) We’ll be working with select launch partners that will be included in the first production launch at the end of Q2. Request access to sandbox at Once approved, you’ll be able to develop and test your app in Sonico’s environment.
  21. 21. The Partnership OpportunityWe’re looking for high quality apps for the initial launch. Participation in Sandbox is free. Appearing in the live ApplicationDirectory is $99.99/month. All approved launch partners will receive free promotional inventoryvalued at $1,000 for each application. We invite you to: • Leverage first mover advantage! Be one of the first to tap into +35Million users! • Create high quality, value added apps that you’re able to monetize! • Use viral channels to drive your apps’ engagement.
  22. 22. Key InformationKey dates:Sandbox Launched: April 2009Application/Developer deadline: First week June 2009Production Launch: End of June 2009Your application must be working and approved in the sandbox by the firstweek of June to participate in Sonico’s OpenSocial launch.Info & Documentation:OpenSocial v0.8.1 Contact:Juan
  23. 23. Anatomy of an Application in Sonico
  24. 24. Application Views Sizes for the different views are the same as used by Orkut. This will allow extremely low implementation cost for already developed apps. Page where user decides to add the app and configure privacy Preview settings. Application when shown in the "Apps Tab" of the user profile. Profile view This is the default view once the user adds the app. Application shown in the full page. Canvas view Monetization allowed in this view. Application when displayed in the users main profile. Home view User can choose to display up to 5 apps in the home view. Directory of applications in Sonico. App must be approved before App Directory going live into the directory. Updated specs may be found at:
  25. 25. Application ViewsPreview View• Users install the app and configure permissions while seeing this view – It’s possible for the app to know in which instance you are by verifying if the application has access to the owner and viewer.• Other data that can be seen in this view: – Friends that have this app installed. – Other apps by the developer.• Specs: – Monetization within this view is not allowed. – The preview has a default size of 500 x 300 px .
  26. 26. Application ViewsProfile View• This is the view for the Applications tab in a user’s profile – User can sort order of applications. – User can access canvas and configuration views from here.• Information displayed should be the same for both the owner and guest – Available actions should be the only difference between owner/guest.• Specs: – Automatic reproduction of video or audio is not allowed. – Monetization within this view is not allowed. – Default size of 500 x 200px .
  27. 27. Application ViewsCanvas View• User may access this view via the applications tab, profile or navigation bar.• Only the owner of the application may access this view.• Specs: – Advertising is allowed within this view. – The canvas has a default size of 800 x 600px .
  28. 28. Application ViewsHome View• This view is only used when user decides to place app in his profile.• User may have up to 5 apps in his profile.• Information displayed within this page should be as static as possible.• Specs: – Automatic reproduction of video or audio is not allowed. – Monetization within this view is not allowed. – The home view has a default size of 290 x 100px .
  29. 29. Application ViewsApplication Directory• Applications must be approved to appear in the directory.• The thumbnail and description provided by you in the XML is shown in this view.• At launch, sorting will depend on relevancy for user including availability in user’s default language. Plans are to factor in engagement metrics once the platform is live.
  30. 30. Interested in being one of the first appsto reach millions of users?Contribute shaping platform rules & success!Info and Docs:http://sandbox.sonico.comContact us!
  31. 31. Thank You!