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library classes

library classes



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Library classes Library classes Presentation Transcript

  • Library classes
  • Class creation• User defined (if the user creates)• Library classes (Readily available with the system)
  • LIST OF LIBRARY CLASSES•• Java.lang• Java.awt• Java.util• Java.applet•• Java.math
  • Input operations in java•;• In.readLine();
  • Output operations in java• System.out.print();• System.out.println();
  • Types of streamsInput stream related to keyboard• System.inOutput stream related to VDU• System.out• System.errThese streams are available in
  • Categories of stream• Character related Referred as reader stream and writer stream (for character encoding)• Byte related Any data in terms of byte can be inputted
  • Exception & Exception handling• An unexpected situation which occurs due to improper use of input resources during the execution of the program• The process of eliminating unexpected errors during runtime
  • TRY and CATCH Try contains block of statements to perform An error will be trapped in try block Hence try is an error trapper Catch will be informed about the error and catch the errors
  • Throws Keyword Applied with the function signature Throws IOException If error occurs it will report to the error handler
  • Wrapper classes• It is a member of java library• It wraps the primitive data type in an object
  • Need of Wrapper class• To store primitive values in objects as well as in conversion from string to primitive types• Ex :• String x = “12”;• int c =Integer.parseInt(x);
  • Static data members• Instant variables which is global in the class and used commonly by all the objects of that class
  • Static member methods• Method which uses only static data members or static instant variables
  • Packages in java• It is a group of class which can be imported to a program to use implicit facilities• It can be included by using import keyword• A package may be defined by the user and is termed as user defined packages