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Maple CRM Brochure.
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Maple crm-brochure

  1. 1. CRM for small business
  2. 2. CRM for Small BusinessCustomer RelationshipManagement (CRM) Software Trackrefers to a technological solution Customerthat help businesses manage enquiries &customer relationships in an responseorganized way. CRMsoftwares are considered as atool that improves productivity No Userand overall business installation Friendlyfunctionality. & Interface Why download MapleMaple CRM is a simple hostedCRM software that helps to CRM?automate your businessactivities. With Maple CRM, youcan improve work efficiency andbring in an ideal workflow Plan & Access fromenvironment within your Analyze Anywhereorganization. businessMaple is cost effective, userfriendly and lightweight CRMfor any small/mediumorganization to accommodatein their business processmodel. Maple CRM
  3. 3. Web Based CRM to increase work productivityMaple CRM is an on-demand CRMwhich can be accessed via thebrowser as a web service.Web based CRM allows you toperform sales management customerservice management, post salessupport and to administrate yourmarketing campaigns.Maple CRM has been targeting Small PeopleBusiness Companies for completebusiness automating solution. Being aweb based CRM software, the producthelps in streamlining you day to daybusiness activities with its variousfeatures serving all types of industriesand focusing on sales, marketing andcustomer service automation.
  4. 4. Core Functions MODES OF OPERATION/LICENSINGCRM FOR SALES & MARKETING SUPPORT DESK MANAGEMENT • Email & SMS Marketing • Ticket creation using web service API • Marketing to Lead to Account Sales Pipeline • Ticket creation from ZipDial toll free • Marketing campaigns automation. • Auto assignment – location, past records • CAN-SPAM complaint SPAM free bulk email • Automatic load balancing – round robin • Bulk SMS (India mobile numbers only) • Automatic load balancing – custom defined • Design HTML email templates • Grouping & Tagging • Do-Not-Disturb & Unsubscribe OptionsCRM FOR CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT COMPLETE CRM • Account creation from website/email/zipdial • Sales & Marketing Tools • Auto assignment based on type and nature • Lead Generation • Activities & Schedules to manage work • Sales & Execution management • Send email and SMS to customers • Customer management functions • Schedule SMS – Alerts to customer • Custom Reports, Charts, Email, SMS • Custom reports, export to MS-Excel • Customer sales and support • Analytics – Charts & Graphs • Post sales feedback and RCA
  5. 5. Access control & PrivilegesUSER ACCESS CONTROL FOR ALL USERS• Support for multi office, multi division management. • Dashboard with current day activities and pending• Support for user groups with separate access control activities.• No access to each other for work items belongs to • Graph to explain the overall work versus eachtwo different groups. persons work with sub classification.• Superior admin control with birds eye view to all • Access to daily, weekly and monthly calendar.users and work items. • Configuring personal tasks and news preference. • Notifications & Announcements. • Internal message board.FOR GROUP USERS FOR ADMIN USERS• All features of normal user. • All features of normal and group user.• Access to group calendar • Access to organization level calendar• Access to all work items and activities of group • Access to all work items and activities of all usersusers. • Manage users and permissions across organization.• Manage users and permissions within the group. • Administrative level control for backup, global• Analyse work at a group level. configuration.• Group announcements. • Individual, Group and Organization level announcements.
  6. 6. The Interface The design experts of Maple CRM has taken at most care in making sure that the user interface is friendly and understandable to any user of a small organization. Single page Account administration and multi tabbed dashboard interfaces are the result of user interface simplification.
  7. 7. Reporting – Define your own reportsMaple CRM provides the flexibility to configure reports based on the type andneed of your business. Maple’s powerful custom reports feature enabled totake reports from any angle of your business or process model.
  8. 8. Customer Management – The Flow Source of enquiry / Maple Advantage service request Your website Process Advantage: Streamline process such that •Single place administration. Actions: •Better control over work burn down Auto assignment • Prompt response to customer Zipdial •Based on source of enquiries resulting in better customer • Based on type of enquiries satisfaction •Based on customer identification • Business progress (source phone or email) (monthly/weekly) analysis Customer mails to: Process: Cost •Track activities and schedules •No costly hardware required •Send mail to customer • No worries of installation/setup • Send SMS to customer Add account in Maple • No worries of crashes /virus attack • Check daily work sheet • No worries of backup & recovery •Check and close pending tasks • Collaborate within the team with • Access anywhere from web multiple activities for each customer. Business Advantage: • Generate Reports & Graphs to * Maintain elegant communication understand the status of work.Integrate other systems using model to your customers (using •Understand the account lifecycle email and SMS templates) using Process Flow. * Apply RCA (Root Cause Analysis), What went wrong, good & bad based on reports and charts.
  9. 9. Maple Email Power – Scheduled response In a service type business, ‘on-time’ reminders and notifications are very important to retain your customer. Maple can be configured to send scheduled email or SMS responses. Process Flow Maple CRM sends mail Data goes into MapleCustomer signs in for a automatically on the CRM, with an additionalservice with 3 months predefined date using mail settings to send emailvalidity period template filled in with automatically 5 days configured customer before expiry. attribute values. One time configuration of mail merge template Dear <Customer Name>, Thank you for choosing the service from us. Your service <service name> is expiring on <expiry date>. Please renew the Customer data in Maple CRM same. Thanks & Regards, Your Company customer data gets filled in the mail from CRM records
  10. 10. Sales Force Automation Manage Contacts, Leads and Accounts Integration of web page for lead generation Forecasting and Analysis with Reports Product Catalogue for organization reference Charts for accounts analysis Scheduler and Calendar for time management Exporting of reports for future reference
  11. 11. Marketing Automation Contacts Mass email campaign with HTML and Plain Text options Classification and tagging for handling contacts and customers Customizable reports for managing marketing techniques SMS campaigns with template configuration support Campaigns Design, Deliver, Track campaigns & customer behavior. Reduce the repetitive tasks using Maple CRM marketing software. Leads Maple’s Tagging feature allows to classify, nurture, observe and filter the pattern and behavior of customer reactions to campaigns and marketing. Customers
  12. 12. Help DeskCustomer SatisfactionEfficient work management  Manage support ticket and requestsEasy sharing of information  Track complete history of the supportAccurate data and customerSaves timeAutomated processes  Manage activities and schedulesEasy accessibility  Custom attributes and activity notes
  13. 13. Security Management | Product CustomizationUsers & User groups Custom AttributesCreate groups and user access model Add custom attributes to define yourspecific to your organization structure service or process as per your business requirementsLogin History Classify AccountsActivity history visibility of each user Define Account classification accordingfor better auditing and system to your business process and servicesecurity life cycle.Permission Settings TaggingControl the access to the software Create tag names relevant to your workaccording to users and attach/detach at any point of the work item life cycle.Monitor employees TemplatesMonitor the accounts, activities Create email and SMS templatesand schedules of your employees for easy usage and maintain thefrom your desk organization level communication standards
  14. 14. Integration to Maple Webpage integration with simple code for generating leads automatically into the software Email integration for creating leads Automatic assignment of queries to specific users Zipdial integration (third party telephonic service) for automatic capturing of leads through calls Web service APIs to integrate to any external systems
  15. 15. Access Maple Anytime, Anywhere Do you always have the access to all of your company’s information? With Maple CRM, you can leave behind the constraints of your desk. Since it is cloud based, you have access to all your data and information no matter where you are! With its 24x7 access to the software, it is easy to handle all your business activities at one place. Be available to your customer always. Your business lies there…
  16. 16. Sales and Lead Generation with Maple For improving Sales and Business, one need to have an efficient business model and processes S that should be followed by every individual. Along with it, various marketing techniques and ideas that has to be implemented and managed well. A Maple CRM system provides new and best methodologies to companies in raising the L capabilities of their sales force. The software enables to analyze the sales life cycle and helps in managing the sales from first to last. E Capturing and nurturing a customer’s interest is of prime importance in Maple. Maple enables business owners to streamline and S organize the process of converting the prospective customers into clients.
  17. 17. Customer Service using Maple CRMC In today’s business environment, customers are demanding for a higher level of customer service. The customer serviceR executives need to be empowered with all the information related to the customer at their finger tips. With CRM, you canM view and manage customer accounts, activities and history.Manage your business process quickly and accurately by mapping Mmultiple departments. Employees can deliver consistent andefficient customer service with easy sharing of customer Ainformation. Maples single page administration module providesa complete and updated view of customer information across the Pbusiness. L E
  18. 18. Denisys Technologies Bangalore, INDIA Phone: +91 80 41671981 +91 9538925641"How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose." -Bill Gates