Oss presentation on in harmony 11.20.2010


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  • Sources are cited on the individual slides.
  • Download sitehttp://inharmonycat.sourceforge.net/backgroundhttp://webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu/inharmony/projectinfo/index.jspSacred songs by Dudley Buck (O saviour, hear me!) [my sheet music has same cover but is “Judge Me, O God”]http://webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu/inharmony/detail.do?action=detail&fullItemID=/lilly/devincent/LL-SDV-106019&queryNumber=5
  • Show how the search worksPossible types of searches: Name search, Title search, year, instrumentation, genre, & subject
  • PDF of sheet music by Dudley BuckThe details include: title, first line, first line of chorus, arranger, publisher/copyright, form/genre, instrumentation, local subject, holding institution, call number, etc.
  • http://webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu/inharmony/projectinfo/digitizeProcess/index.jspOverview of digitizing process
  • Having the sheet music available by .pdf would answer many of the reference questions we get without having to physically pull the sheet music. Often questions involve topics like “I can’t remember the name of the song but the chorus started with….”.
  • Continue the process of determining whether this program would be a viable option for the Ripley Sheet Music Collection at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library.
  • Oss presentation on in harmony 11.20.2010

    1. 1. Open Source Software presentation on the IN Harmony Sheet Music Cataloging Tool Presented by Charity RouseLI815A – Library & Information Technology November 20, 2010
    2. 2. What is IN Harmony?• This tool has been designed to assist libraries, archives, museums and individual collectors describe their sheet music collections in a robust and standards-based way.• The developing institutions are: Indiana University Lilly Library, the Indiana State Library, the Indiana State Museum, and the Indiana Historical Society.
    3. 3. Searching the IN Harmony site IN Harmony Sheet Music Catalog
    4. 4. Example of sheet music• Physical copy of Judge Me, O God• Sacred Songs Composed by Dudley Buck• Download .pdf
    5. 5. The digitizing process• Process statement
    6. 6. Why is this important to TSCPL?• At the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library in our Special Collections Department we have the Ripley Collection of sheet music.• Current access is limited by minimal cataloging (title, composer, publisher & date only) and the fact that the collection is housed in a basement controlled-climate storage area.• The music is individually encapsulated and roughly in alphabetical order by title.
    7. 7. Who would use this?• Initially, staff would be the primary users of this tool. Once the sheet music was scanned and cataloged, patrons interested in music (or the cover illustrations) could browse the sheet music collection and would have access to the music in a faster, easier manner.
    8. 8. Pros• Faster, easier searching by patrons looking for items in the Ripley Collection• Less wear and tear on fragile sheet music• Better searching capabilities than the current cataloging method• Capability for printing the music from the .pdf on standard size letter paper
    9. 9. Cons• Copyright issues for the digital images• It may not work effectively with the library’s ILS• The time, money & effort would be considerable for the size of the collection and the small number of requests each year• Does not have the capability to add a sound recording of the piece
    10. 10. Further uses• In Special Collections we also have collections of maps, photographs, manuscripts, etc. which could be cataloged using the IN Harmony program.
    11. 11. Other Products• Museum Plus from zetcom Ltd.• Does not have the .pdf capabilities, may not be compatible with Library Integrated Systems (performs a similar function for museums)• primarily for staff use although there is an option for a web display version• Costly but Special Collections already has it for gallery management
    12. 12. Would I use this program for the Ripley Sheet Music Collection?• Although it looks like a great program, at TSCPL there are a number of steps to be taken before any new programs are downloaded or used. I would work with Digital Services to ensure that the program would work with our other programs.• I would like to test the digitization process on a couple of pieces before committing to this or any program.