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Rap music genre

  1. 1. Rap Music Genre With its supercharged rhythms, rap music took the world by storm in the late 1970s and led to the cultural phenomenon known as hip hop. Rap music had its roots in Jamaican “toasting”, R&B and funk, but rap songs are essentially the sounds of the streets, a passionate outcry from inner city youth about their bleak lives. Since its early days, rap songs have really exploded with incredible sonic invention, exploring new poetic ideas and the “gangsta” life. Rap’s germination is sometimes attributed to the righteous street poetry of the Last Poets and the Watts Prophets, but it didn’t begin to take full shape — and earn its tag — until after the Sugarhill Gang released “Rapper’s Delight” in 1979. Since then, rap spread from its New York epicenter throughout the remainder of the U.S. (with each region taking on its own specific flavor) and then to countless countries. Rap is music that consists of topical rhyme verses recited over a recorded or live instrumental background. Developed by urban American blacks, its format originally consisted of a disk jockey (D.J.) alternating and mixing small excerpts of recorded music and adding rhythmical scratching sounds, while a “rapper” sings or recites rhymed lyrics, that were often similar to poems. Rap first appeared in the mid-1970s. Rap musicians sample a wide range of street sounds, historical music, and spoken-word recordings in a very powerful, musical format. The first rap came into existence in the Bronx, a ghetto of NYC. African-American poets had started using drum beats and instrumental music as a background for their lyrics. Later, a guy named J. Saddler developed a more accurate way of mixing music from two turntables and also had the idea of adding scratching to the three components of rap. The rap music we know today was born. Rap music soon became a subject of criticism and controversy because of sexually explicit lyrics and texts that glorified violence or promoted controversial political views. The music was also used to express feelings and criticize the government, life standards and society. Gangs in the ghettos of big American cities stopped fighting with weapons and started fighting with rhymes. Styles of Rap Urban, Christian Rap, Gangsta Rap, New Jack Swing, G-Funk, Go- Go, Alternative Rap, Bass Music, East Coast Rap, Hardcore Rap, Jazz-Rap, Old-School Rap, Quiet Storm, Southern Rap, West
  2. 2. Coast Rap, Latin Rap, Pop-Rap, British Rap, Comedy Rap, Contemporary R&B, Dirty Rap, Party Rap, Underground Rap, Turntablism, Dirty South, Political Rap, Golden Age, Reggaeton, Post-Disco, Midwest Rap, Left-Field Hip-Hop Gangsta Rap Before entering the discussion on gangsta rap, a certain question must be raised: what is the difference between hardcore and plain old gangsta rap music? Not much. While, gangsta rap music is almost always classified as hardcore hip hop, not all hardcore can be classified as gangsta. The term “hardcore gangsta rap” is basically used to convey the fact that gangsta rap music can be considered a subdivision of hardcore rap. Fans frequently drop the word “hardcore ” and refer to this genre strictly as gangsta rap. When fans do use the term hardcore gangsta rap music, they are usually referring to the most intense brand of this type of music. If you were to classify rap according to the fans, hardcore gangsta rap music is gangsta to the max. With its ultra aggressive themes, explicit lyrics, and non- stop hard hitting beats, hardcore gangsta rap music is extreme hip hop uncensored. Although gangsta rap music pushes the envelope beyond the point of what some critics may consider socially acceptable, it has still managed to become the most commercial form of rap throughout the late 1980’s, and into the early 1990’s. Hardcore gangsta rap music fans rejoiced during this period as some of the most deliciously loathsome songs were recorded. Thanks to gangsta rap downloads, you can get free music songs that are over a decade old – perhaps some of these free rap songs may lend a clue to where top rappers of today may have found some of their inspiration. If you’re looking for free gangsta rap songs from the original stars, like Ice-T, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg, or maybe some of the more current ones like 50 Cent, DMX, or Young Buck, you’ll find what you’re looking for among our gangsta rap downloads. Here’s your opportunity to download gangsta rap music mp3 to your heart’s content. Some free gangsta rap songs that you should definitely listen to are “What up Gangsta” and “Wanksta” from 50 Cent; if you don’t already have these downloads on your computer, go get them. Gangsta rap downloads from 50 Cent are must haves because he is such a huge innovator of this music. If you’re
  3. 3. looking for a rapper that may be a little more old school than 50 Cent, check out Dr. Dre and his G-Funk brand of gangsta rap which is a little more laid back. Pop-Rap In order to understand what pop-rap is all about, it’s best to start with a pop rap music definition. Pop-rap, in a nutshell, can come from any genre, so long as it becomes popular enough to be considered mainstream. Although pop-rap is frequently less aggressive than most rap genres, gangsta rappers could also be classified as pop rap music if they’re popular enough; Eminem, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dog are good examples. To get a clearer picture of the pop rap music definition, it helps to know who some of the biggest stars in pop rap music are. LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys, P. Diddy, and Will Smith are four artists whose names are synonymous with pop rap music. Some past pop-rap artists who have enjoyed mainstream success are Coolio, MC Hammer, and Vanilla Ice. Though Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and Eminem could fit into the pop-rap music genre, it’s only because of their mainstream success that they are classifiable as pop-rap. Keeping the pop rap music definition in mind, it becomes easy to see how any rap, regardless of the genre, can be considered pop-rap. What classifies one genre of hip hop as pop-rap, over another, are the number of record sales – however, in order for something to become that successful, it has to be accessible to a wide group of people. “Accessibility” is a big part of the pop rap music definition because the number of record sales is frequently in direct proportion to its accessibility. With the number of record sales being a deciding factor in what makes something pop rap music, it almost seems that free pop rap songs would be antithetical to pop rap music’s entire existence. However, this is not the case. To get a better idea of how free pop rap songs help promote pop- rap, we must look back to the pop rap music definition. If the pop rap music definition states that more record sales are one of the things crucial to the success of this genre, then free pop rap songs serve as an excellent promotional tool. In fact, some of today’s biggest pop-rap stars like P. Diddy offer free pop rap songs on his own record label’s website. While artists’ websites might be a good place to find free pop rap songs, other sites like EZ-Tracks have a huge variety of free pop
  4. 4. rap songs. On EZ-Tracks, there are free pop rap songs available from a variety of famous pop-rap artists, regardless of their label. So, summing up the pop rap music definition, we find that pop-rap music is not only defined by its amount of record sales, but how accessible the music is to its fans.