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For professionals relocating to a new city, Neighborhood Match provides a personalized, visually-interactive way to find the perfect neighborhood. Unlike Zillow, Craig’s List or other real estate and community sites, Neighborhood Match visually maps comprehensive local information in proximity to an ‘epicenter’ chosen by the customer.

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  • Rationale for target user reach Affiliate marketing = 2267000 = unique visitors on Redfin (2mil.) + Estately (260,000) + (7000) Social media marketing = 2000000 = Refer OEP marketing report (Dream relocation campaign) SEM = 84820 = Facebook ad targeted to users between 25-45 in Seattle, who are college grads and categorized under real-estate, small biz, early adopters based on Email marketing = 300000 = Total listed realtors on Zillow can be reached via cold-calling/email marketing Media coverage = 38000 = unique visitors on Geekwire, Community Associations = 440000 = Refer OEP marketing report (Welcome Wagon campaign)
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    1. 1. Neighborhood MatchA visual view of the perfect neighborhood for you!
    2. 2. Fundamental Problem• When relocating to a new city, it’s hard to find the perfect neighborhood.• - Personal research takes a lot of time• - Information is in disparate websites• - True proximity is hard to assess• - How do you know you can trust the information?
    3. 3. User OpportunitySimplify the online process of finding the perfectneighborhood, by: • personalizing the approach, unique to the user’s needs • showing proximity to an ‘epicenter’ • replicating the community experience • aggregating everything in one website, tailored to each person’s interests
    4. 4. Business Opportunity• 30 million US households relocate every year; US market spends $800 million annually on relocation costs• Corporations spend up to $1,200/day for relocation specialists to conduct ‘familiarization’ trips. Replicating the relocation ‘fam’ trip can save at least one day ($1,200 per employee)• On average, professionals relocate every five years; the city-based approach can scale worldwide
    5. 5. Our Advantages • Personalized • Comprehensive • Visual • Search by proximity to an epicenter
    6. 6. DEMORefer Neighborhood Match Mock-up
    7. 7. Business Opportunity• US Home Sales - $1 trillion / year• Realtor Advertising spend - $9.2 billion* / year• Less than $1 billion currently spent online• Online advertising share growing rapidly.
    8. 8. BUSINESS MODEL & COSTS Fixed costs Yr2• Revenue Model Prod Dev. - 5 engineers, 10 cities $400,000 • Realtor leads Traffic & Marketing $200,000 • Apartment rental leads Sales - 5 employees $200,000 • Display Advertising $800,000• Business Model Revenue Viability Total projected unique visitors 3,600,000 • Projections and estimates Anticipated "leads" conversion rate 1% based on 300k unique users Revenue per lead $30 per month by Yr. 2 $1,080,00 • Ongoing conversations with Total revenue 0 Redfin and Seattle Rentals Revenue per view/user $0.30• Biggest risk Business model viability • Traffic + Customer Acquisition analysis cost Total costs per view/user $0.22 Total revenue per view/user $0.30 Profit per view/user $0.08
    9. 9. Sales & MarketingUser Acquisition Partnerships••Estately•RedfinOther User Acquisition Channels•SEM/SEO•Social Media
    10. 10. PARTNERS & ALLIES Zillow Redfin Trulia Estately MLS Equity Residential highPotential benefits Wells Fargo Data Providers: -Map: Google, Bing, Maponics- Cartus Schools: Coldwell Banker Bain, m -Demographics: low -Traffic: News agencies, GPS companies -Crimes: -OnBoardInformatics Corp. -Walkscore low high Feasibility, Partner Growth Tapered
    11. 11. Forecast First 6 months Next 2 years MVP (Seattle) Scale to 10 citiesProduct Bootstrap 5 engineersDevelopment @ $80k = $400k/yr.Traffic & Marketing Partnerships Partnerships + Campaigns = $200k/yr.Sales: signup 100 Bootstrap 5 employeesagents per city @ 40k = $200k/yr.Cash Needed $0 $800k/yr.Ballpark Annual $32.5k per year $1.95m/yr.Revenue Opp. @60k visitors @3.6m visitors
    12. 12. RISKSUser acquisition • Maximize the partnership and syndication model.Lead quality • Focus user acquisition on highly interested users • Expand leads to multiple sectors e.g. rentals, movers, relocation specialists etc.Competition from other providers • Build exclusive partnerships • Get to top markets faster
    13. 13. NEIGHBORHOOD TEAM Experienced Professionals: 60+ years combined experience Technical Talent: Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Cisco, Lockheed Martin Leadership: Collectively manage 100+ professionals & $8M revenues International Markets: Lived/worked on four continents Start-up Experience: Six previous start-ups We are customers: 14 relocations to different markets Committed to Excellence: Driven to be in top 2% of Venture Lab Erlan Kostub Sonal Zane LynannMarket Analytics Product Team Leadership Program Mgmt. Business Strategy Development
    14. 14. SUMMARYNeighborhood match is a personalized experiential serviceto help you find the perfect neighborhood that meets yourneeds.We’re in the conceptual stage and actively working on theuser acquisition and lead quality story. We would love toreceive your support in making this product come to life!
    15. 15. CONTACT USPlease share your thoughts! We would love to hearfrom you and answer your questions.Feel free to email us at