Reasons Why People Immigrate from India to Canada and Australia


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Want to know about the Reasons Why People Immigrate From India To Canada And Australia? Approach us for answers. Down Under and Maple country have been traditional favorites of migrants from Indian subcontinent region. Governments of these countries have also willfully accepted the immigrants from this region, and have applauded their contributions to the Australian and Canadian economies.

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Reasons Why People Immigrate from India to Canada and Australia

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  2. 2.  The turn of the 21st century saw a rapid development in India. For the first time since independence, the people of this country witnessed prolific economic growth. Numerous changes were incorporated into economic policies and society was ushered into a new age, where the citizens could get direct advantages of development, in form of employment and business opportunities.
  3. 3.  But as times changed and first decade of 21st century draw to a close, Indian dreams of registering consistent growth tumbled. The economic growth, which had been previously judged as being in auto mode hit several road blocks. The government since then has been in rescue mode, but the things do not seem to be progressing in the right direction. Government has instituted several changes in policies, but the sluggishness refuses to vanish. This has resulted in the deep frustration among the people of India.
  4. 4.  In the era of large scale transformations, one thing that has reaming constant and in fact is unmoved, are the aspirations of the people looking forward to opportunities to Immigrate To Canada And Australia From India. Historically, Indians have had a traditional affinity with these locations, which dates backs to times of second world war, when millions from this region chose to migrate to locations like Maple Country and Down Under.  There are obvious reasons for the craving among Indians for locations like Australia And Canada i.e. these destinations have always held a positive view about immigrants, and governments have never passed any legislation to curtail entry of Indians.
  5. 5.  The start of the 20th century saw a rise in outward migration of people from sub continent to United States of America. This country was the hottest destination for the people at that time, as the people left their country to escape the suppression and persecution by British. They chose USA because it held numerous promises for the hard working people, and it also promised freedom, but these migrants were not received well by the local inhabitants of USA. Indians residing in various parts of US had to witness large scale racial discrimination. This culminated into violent anti-Indian rioting in 1907, in which several people belonging to Indian subcontinent were massacred mercilessly.
  6. 6.  Indians started to vacate this land by late 1930’s, after a law was passed to ban Indian entry into the borders of United States of America. In 1940, only about 2000 people of Indian were left in USA. At the same time countries like Australia And Canada started developing, and people from Indian subcontinent starting heading towards these new destinations.  Where USA always has erected several hurdles in way Indians, countries like United Kingdom, Australia And Canada have instead offered several sops to hard working Indians. People from this region have been able to earn patronage of the respective local governments, and they have also received many accolades for their positive contributions to the Aussie and Canadian economies.
  7. 7. Aussie and Canadian governments offer many other reasons, that deepens the craze among people to Immigrate To Australia And Canada From India, i.e. You • Get to enjoy incomparable abundance in personal and professional life. • Enjoy all privileges offered by the government to their citizens. • Always stand a good chance of obtaining nationality of these countries, etc.. 
  8. 8.  Want to know more about Reasons Why People Immigrate from India to Canada And Australia?, approach us and gain valuable knowhow and details about these outstanding destinations. I can assure you, that, after knowing about all the good things, that could happen to you in these destinations, you would surely start preparing to migrate to any of these locations.
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