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Vocabulary for ELA Class with Ms. Fallon Coffield

Vocabulary for ELA Class with Ms. Fallon Coffield

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Autism (Noun) A disorder charcaterized by defects in social interaction, comunication, and emotional detachment.     1. The child with autism was shy, and didn't make friends easily.   By Megan & Jordan.
  • 2. Autism (noun) A disorder characterized by severe deficits in social communication, and emotional detachment.   The boy with Autism was very emotional when he couldn't got to the park and he tried to run away.
  • 3. Occupational Therapy Medical treatment of people with physical, emotional, or social problems.   1. The child had to go to occupational therapy once a week to help with his social problems.   By Megan & Jordan
  • 4. Occupational Therapy   (noun) a form of therapy in which patients are encouraged to participate in vocal tasks of expressive activities as art or dance.     The senoir citzen with Alzheimer's was being helped occupational therapy to get back the ability to walk. by Danny Henry and Andy Kaplan
  • 5. Egrets (Noun) A type of white hering that makes it's home near water.   1. The egrets scavenged for food in garbage cans on the beach.   By Megan & Jordan
  • 6. Egrets (noun) any of several usually white herons any of several usually white herons that grow long, graceful plumes during the breeding season.      When I threw a rock ito the swamp, a startled egret flew away into the sky.
  • 7. Corridor   We walked down the futuristic corridor in the building. Definition- a gallery or passage connecting parts of a building
  • 8. Corridor There are many office doors in the long corridor. A passage way into which compartments or doors open. Noun By David and Jacob
  • 9. Scowl     The cat gave us a scowl when we didn’t give him his food. Definition-To have a gloomy or threatening look.
  • 10. Scowl Koby Bryant scowls after losing a game to the Miami Heat. A facial expression of displeasure. Verb By David and Jacob
  • 11. Flinch     The man flinched when the baby threw the block at him.   Definition- To shrink under pain;wince
  • 12. Flinch The man flinched as the two year old threw a block at him. To draw back or withdraw from. Verb By David and Jacob
  • 13. Thrashing A severe beating :( The dog thrashed the lion in the wrestiling match.
  • 14. Thrashing verb:To beat with or as with some thing that is wrong The football player thrashed out of the defenders strong grip.
  • 15. Wince The monkey winced   as the photographer took the photo. Verb:To draw back or tense the body,as from pain or from a blow; start; flinch
  • 16. Wince V:To shrink or draw back ,as from a blow or a pain I winced when I fell off the later
  • 17. Scrawl V:To write in a hasty,clumsy,or careless way I scrawled
  • 18. Scrawl To draw or write in a sprawling   awkward manner. The child scrawled a picture across the white board.
  • 19. Sarcastic (Noun)   A from of humor that is marked by mocking with irony.              The man used sarcasm to lighten up the other persons day.
  • 20. Sarcastic a sharply ironical taunt.      The kid had a lot of sarcastic sayings.
  • 21. Fumbling (Verb) An instance of clumsines, usually of the hands or fingers.     The women fumbled over herelf and spilt her coffee.
  • 22. Fumbling to handle an object clumsily or inefficiently.  The Halfback kept fumbling the ball until Linebacker recovered it and ran it for a T.D.!
  • 23. Murky (Adjective) Hard to see through as a fog or mist; gloomy, dark, dim.     It was a dull, murky day in September.
  • 24. Murky obscure or thick with mist or vague and unclear.    The Murky water was dark and very unclear.
  • 25. Brisk The brisk soda was refreshing.
  • 26. Brisk The brisk was very refreshing on that hot summer day. I like Tea!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 27. Cringe I cringed when I saw the toast fly out of the toaster. :)
  • 28. Cringe  
  • 29. Stuttered i stutter when i read hard words
  • 30. Stuttered Thomas stuttered he was like t...t...t...t today junior.