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Gen quiz finals Gen quiz finals Presentation Transcript

  • Grand Finale
  • Rounds• Round 1 : Tribute (Written Round)• Round 2 : Mixed Bag• Round 3 : The Visual Connection• Round 4 : Amul (Written Round)• Round 5 : Mixed Bag II
  • Rules
  • * A memorial at Ontario, Canada. It’s atribute to whom?
  • * This is Google’s tribute to a person whogave a new concept to the world.* Who?
  • * The National Language Council of anEuropean nation has recently added a wordto the national dictionary as a tribute to X.The word, a verb that means ‘to dominate’,was originally coined on Les Guignols, apopular satirical puppet show, whosecharacters are in awe of X.* Who is X?
  • * It is Oreo’s tribute to which seminal event of recent times?
  • * This limited edition pen is a tribute byMont Blanc in honour of whom?
  • * A memorial at Ontario, Canada. It’s atribute to whom?
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • * This is Google’s tribute to a person whogave a new concept to the world.* Who?
  • Friedrich Fröbel
  • * The National Language Council of anEuropean nation has recently added a wordto the national dictionary as a tribute to X.The word, a verb that means ‘to dominate’,was originally coined on Les Guignols, apopular satirical puppet show, whosecharacters are in awe of X.* Who is X?
  • Zlatanera – as a tribute to  Zlatan Ibrahimovich
  • * It is Oreo’s tribute to which seminal event of recent times?
  • Mars landing by the NASA rover  Curiosity
  • * This limited edition pen is a tribute byMont Blanc in honour of whom?
  • Edgar Allan Poe
  • Rules
  • * With which BESU alumnus, would youassociate the following clues?
  • Narayan Sanyal
  • * The End of the Affair (1951) is a novel byBritish author Graham Greene, as well asthe title of two movies (released in 1995 &‘99) that were based on the novel. Greenesown affair with Lady Catherine Walston played into the basis for the novel.* How this novel is associated with the last venture of a noted Indian?
  • Jab Tak Hai Jaan
  • * This painting by Vasily Vereshchagin,claimed to be the third largest oil painting in the world, is preserved in the museum ofthe Victoria Memorial at Kolkata. Theevent it depicts is the reason for the originof a particular sobriquet.* What is that?(Bigger vis – next slide)
  • The state entry of King Edward VII, then Prince of Wales, into  Jaipur in 1876. Jaipur got the  sobriquet ‘Pink City’.
  • * Whose name has been blanked out?
  • Natalie Portman
  • * Generally referred to as the Four-Move Checkmate, this particular checkmate isalso known in Italian as Barbers Mate andin Greek as Napoleons Plan.* How do we know this move better?(Animation – next slide)
  • Scholar’s Mate
  • Audience - 1* Which country’s flag contains flags ofsix other countries?
  • Norway
  • * This is a song from the soundtrack of apopular American tv-series.* Identify the singer.
  • Anushka Manchanda
  • * Stephen King dedicated his 1989 book,‘The Dark Half’, to the "deceased Richard Bachman".* Who was RichardBachman?
  • Stephen King himself. It was his  pseudonym.
  • * Identify the advertiser.
  • Baygon
  • * Though the list is not entirely disclosed,these are said to be some of the ingredientsof what? - Mistletoe ; - Fish ; - Rock oil from gold (or beetroot juice) ; - Garlic ; - Four-leaved clovers of the tamarind tree & - Lobster(for flavour).
  • Magic Potion, prepared by Getafix
  • * An eternal rivalry since 1925. Explain.
  • East Bengal – Mohun Bagan
  • Audience - 2* Huey Pierce Long, Jr., nicknamed TheKingfish, was the 40th Governor of Louisiana.* George Dewey, an Admiral of the US Navy, isbest known for his victory at the Battle of ManilaBay during the Spanish-American War.* Louis Schmitt was an animator at the DisneyStudio.* How would you connect these three gentlemen?
  • Huey, Dewey & Louie - the three nephews of Donald Duck were named after them.
  • * Taupo Motorsport Park is a motorsportscircuit located in New Zealand. On 20thJanuary 2008, it hosted the fifth race in the2007-08 A1 Grand Prix season.* What is so special about that race?
  • It was the first official motor racein the world in which cars ran on biofuel.
  • * There is a peculiarity in the naming ofthe following water bodies ----- Θ Dal Lake (India) Θ Lake Chad (Chad) Θ Lake Nyassa (Mozambique) Θ Lake Tahoe (USA) Θ Lake Hyaq (Ethiopia) Θ Gaube Lake (French Pyrenees)
  • Lake Lake. Tautological names - all of them essentially mean “lake”.
  • * This type of hat-trick is a very rareachievement in professional footballmatches.* What is it called?
  • Perfect Hattrick -- scoring goals using both the feet and head.
  • * Who?
  • Erwin Schrodinger
  • * This device was composed of largebellows attached to the sides of a boat thatwas expandable due to air chambers. Theinvention stemmed from the patent holder’sexperience of ferrying travelers andcarrying freight during his earlier days.* Whose patent? (Visual – next slide)
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Audience - 3* It’s the International Symbol of ……
  • Marriage
  • * This particular community in Golehalli, atiny village tucked in the forested Haliyaltaluk in Karnataka, celebrated big way on20th Jan, 2013. They believed that ‘one oftheir men’ achieved something big for thesecond time.* What was the occasion?(Visuals – next slide)
  • The Siddi community celebratedBarack Obamas swearing-in asUS President for the second time.
  • * These footwears were favoured by theAncient Greeks and Romans and can beworn by both men and women. Originallywere brown or black in colour, the modernversions can be made in trendy metallics,bold bright colors and also snakeskin.* Name this footwear. (Visuals – next slide)
  • Gladiator Sandals
  • * There are only two of its kind. Put funda.
  • Beatles’ song in German language
  • * According to the official press release, the‘black’ one is produced by a mixture ofpotassium perchlorate, anthracene andsulphur. The ‘white’ one is produced by amixture of potassium chlorate, lactose andpine resin, also known as Greek pitch.* What is this all about?
  • “White Smoke, Pope; BlackSmoke, Nope: How Conclave Smoke Gets Its Color”
  • Audience - 4* What is happening here?
  • The first edition of the KISS comicsbook was printed using ink mixed with blood taken from the KISS members .
  • * Mona, the mother of Homer Simpson isnamed after the popular US novelist MonaSimpson.* Death of her estranged elder brother, in2011, has again brought the novelist MonaSimpson into limelight.* Who was novelist Mona Simpson’s elderbrother? (Visuals – next slide)
  • Steve Jobs
  • Rules
  • Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
  • Rules
  • * Who is the subject of this Amul ad?
  • * In remembrance of whom?
  • * An international controversy. Put funda.
  • * Again a controversy. Explain.
  • * A recent ‘sensation’. What?
  • * Who is the subject of this Amul ad?
  • Sunita Williams
  • * In remembrance of whom?
  • Tony Greig
  • * An international controversy. Put funda.
  • Facebook deactivates Salman Rushdie’s account
  • * Again a controversy. Explain.
  • Pragaash Controversy
  • * A recent ‘sensation’. What?
  • Harlem Shake
  • Rules
  • * Residents of this region normally driveon the left side of the road. However, in1982, for 2 months, they drove on the rightside.* Why? (Biggervis –next slide)
  • The Falkland Islands, whichBritain controls, were taken over by Argentina leading to a short war.
  • * Originally created by Lionel Burt forfitness reasons - to allow users to play thesame strokes on both sides of their bodies,and so develop all their muscles at the samerate. Brian Battistone used it during the USOpen 2012 because he thought that itbenefitted him tactically.* What am I talking about?
  • Double-handed racket
  • * Identify the group who are carryingforward a rich musical legacy.
  • Von Trapp Family Singers
  • * Who is the latest entrant in this list?
  • Asin
  • * This flag of a country contains twelve colours,three more than on any other national flag. Also,it is the only country to have human beingsdepicted on the flag.* Name the country.
  • Belize
  • Audience - 5* Who is the latest entrant in this list?
  • Mohd. Hafeez
  • * This popular breed of dog was once bredamong the emperors of the Chinese Handynasty as a lap dog. Those havingmarkings on their forehead resembling theChinese characters for “King” or “Prince”were considered auspicious.* Identify this breed of dog.
  • Pug
  • * Which Noble-winningscientist, prone to day-dreaming while walking onstreets or whilst riding hisbicycle, was killed on April19, 1906 when he was runover by a horse-drawnwagon while crossing a
  • Pierre Curie
  • * He started and ended his ODI careerwith ducks. But enviably, he is the onlyIndian batsman to score 3 ODI centurieswithin a span of one week.* Who?
  • VVS Laxman
  • * X was so impressed with this remake ofher hit song that she even invited thevocalist to her own birthday function toperform.* Identify the movie where the originalsong was featured.
  • Padosan
  • * What does the ‘NL’ stand for in thesesignboards?
  • Noble Laureates
  • Audience - 6* Which chemical element has been namedafter this mytholgical group, shown inthis painting?
  • Titanium
  • * Which popular incident are these kidsenacting under the supervision of photographerTricia Messeroux?
  • "Jumping the Couch" incident byTom Cruise on the Oprah Winfrey Show
  • * Put funda. (Clue - 15 May, 2005)
  • On 15 May 2005 at 7.00 a.m. local time, Venus Williams played ashow game with İpek Şenoğlu on the Bosphorus Bridge, the firsttennis match ever to be played on two continents.
  • * Where this particular scene has been shot?
  • Colosseum
  • * As per sources, which work of literaturehas been inspired from these two paintingsby Caspar David Friedrich, titled ‘Manand Woman Contemplating the Moon’and ‘Two Men Contemplating the Moon’?(Paintings – next slides)
  • Waiting For Godot
  • * The word ‘Esquivalience’, defined as the‘wilful shirking of one’s responsibilities’,made lexicographic history when it wasincluded in the New Oxford AmericanDictionary, brought out by the OxfordUniversity Press in 2005.* Put funda.
  • A fictitious entry put in for copyright protection.The word ensnared, which included an entry for it.
  • Audience - 1* A screenshot from Django Unchained.Identify the actor with his hat on.
  • Franko Nero
  • * This Kutiyattam dancer (vis-1) isenacting a mytholgical character whosestatue has been erected in front of the WatPhra Kaew Temple, Thailand (vis-2).* Identify the mythological figure.(Visuals – next slide)
  • Raavan
  • * In 1941, Subhash Chandra Bose set up theFree India Centre in Germany. Followingits formation, the FIC adopted four keyresolutions: 1. Jai Hind would be the official salutation; 2. Jana Gana Mana would be national anthem; 3. Hindustani would be the national language.* What was the fourth?
  • Subhash Bose will be called Netaji
  • * When caught cheating on his wife, sheexclaimed ‘I am surprised’. Thegentleman replied, ‘No dear, you areastonished, I am surprised’.* Who was that gentleman?
  • Noah Webster
  • * Whose nomination for the 2010 NobelPeace Prize was proposed by the Italianedition of the popular Wired magazine, forpromoting ‘dialogue, debate andconsensus through communication’ aswell as democracy?
  • Internet
  • Audience - 8* Born in an African country but died inan European country, he was named asone of the most influential Asian heroesin 2006. Who?
  • Freddie Mercury
  • * What was established on 24th November,1856 occupying three rooms in WritersBuildings to meet the requirement oftrained efficient personnel for PublicWorks Department, Govt. of West Bengal?