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  1. 1. PresentedMrs.Pitchayaorn Jeensalute
  2. 2. By1. Chuleeporn Chantssan M.2/12. Titaree Yubun M.2/3. Korakoch Kechacupt M.2/1
  3. 3. Tense
  4. 4. TENSE• Tense ประกอบไปด้วย •Past อดีต •Present ปัจจุบัน •Future อนาคต
  5. 5. Present Simple Tense • รูป S + V.1 • การใช้–1.ใช้กับเหตุการณ์ทเกิดขึ้นเป็นประจำา เกิดเป็นนิสัย ส่วนใหญ่จะ ี่ บอกเวลา ได้แก่ always,usually,often เช่น –He always goes to school on foot. –Jim usually drinks milk. –They sometime watch t.v.
  6. 6. • 2.ใช้ก ับ เหตุก ารณ์ท ี่เ ป็น ข้อ เท็จ จริง–The earth is round. –The sun rises in the east. –The sun sets in the west.
  7. 7. • กฎการเติม s หรือ es–1.ประธานเอกพจน์บ ร ุษ ที่ 3 กริย าเติม s หรือ es เช ุ –She drinks coco every morning. –He plays football. –Anne loves her boyfriend.
  8. 8. • 2.ประธานเอกพจน์บุรุษที่ 3 และกริยา ลงท้ายด้วยo,s,x,ss,sh,ch และ y ให้เติม es เช่น –Anne washes clothes every Sunday. –Sam watches t.v. every evening. –A girl always kisses her mother before sleeping. –Mother usually goes shopping by herself.
  9. 9. • 3.ถ้ากริยาลงท้ายด้วย y หน้า y เป็น พยัญชนะให้เปลี่ยน y เป็น i แล้วเติม es เช่น –Laura always studies mathematics. –Jane usually flies to London every week. –My son always cries at night.
  10. 10. • การทำา ประโยคปฏิเ สธห้ดูว่าในประโยคมีกริยาช่วยหรือไม่ ถ้ามีกริยาช่วยให้ใส่ nยาช่วยได้ เช่น –Mother is at home. Mother isn’t at home. –We are tired. We aren’t tired. –I can draw a picture. I can’t draw a picture. –A child could walk. A child couldn’t walk.
  11. 11. • 2.ถ้าในประโยคไม่มีกริยาช่วยให้ใช้ do มาช่วย โดยประธานเป็น I,You,We,They ใช้ do แล้วใส่ not หลัง do เช่น –I ride a bicycle. I don’t ride a bicycle. –We stay in a hotel. We don’t stay in a hotel. –You sing sweetly. You don’t sing sweetly. –They play soccer. They don’t play soccer.
  12. 12. ประธาน He,She,It ใช้ does มาช่ว ย แล้ว ใส่• 3. not หลัง does และกริย าแท้ต ้อ งอยู่ใ นรูป ช่อ ง ที่1 โดยตัด s ออก ให้อ ยูร ูป เดิม ของมัน เช่น ่ –Bill plays the guitar. –Bill doesn’t play the guitar. ( play ตัด s ออก ) –Anan studies Thai today. –Anan doesn’t study Thai today. ( study เปลี่ยน ies เป็น y –Tim stays in a dormitory. –Tim doesn’t stay in a dormitory. ( stay ตัด s ออก )
  13. 13. • การทำา ประโยคคำา ถามาในประโยคมีกริยาช่วย ให้ดึงกริยาช่วยออกไปวางไว้หน้ากนั้นเหมือนเดิม ท้ายประโยคใส่ ? ( question mark ) –He is thirsty. Is he thirsty ? –They are poor. Are they poor ? –You can run quickly. Can you run quickly ? –She could hear. Could she hear ?
  14. 14. • 2.ถ้า ในประโยคไม่ม ีก ริย าช่ว ย ให้ใ ช้ V. to do มาช่ว ย ดัง นี้•ประธาน I,You,We,They ใช้ do โดยเขียน Do ไว้หน้าประโยตามด้วยประธาน + กริยาแท้ชองที่ 1 + กรรม ท้ายประโย ่ –I write a letter. Do I write a letter ? –You play cards. Do you play cards ? –They jump high. Do they jump high ? –We drink orange juice. Do we drink orange juice ?
  15. 15. • ถ้า ประธานเป็น เอกพจน์บ ร ุษ ที่ 3 ใช้ does มา ุ ช่ว ย โดยเขีย น Does หน้า ประโยค + ประธาน + กริย าแท้ช อ งที่ 1 ( ตัด s ออกให้ ่ อยู่ใ นรูป เดิม ) + กรรม ท้า ยประโยคใส่ ? –Anan speaks politely.–Does Anan speak politely ? ( speak ตัด s ออก ) –A secretary always types letters.–Does a secretary always type letters ? ( type ตัด s ออก ) –She tries hard.–Does she try hard ? (try เปลี่ยน ies เป็น y )
  16. 16. • 1.The teacher …........ angry. •A. does •B. has •C. is •D. are
  17. 17. • 2.Frank always ….. to the radio. •A. listen •B. listens •C. don’t listen •D. doesn’t listens
  18. 18. • 3.Helen .....….. a umbrella. •A. have •B. doesn’t have •C. dose •D. is
  19. 19. • 4. …....... the parcel heavy ? •A. Do •B. Have •C. Does •D. Is
  20. 20. • 5. ........... Neil open – minded ? •A. Is •B. Does •C. Have •D. Has
  21. 21. • 6. Magaret …........ breakfast at 8.30 a.m. •A. doesn’t •B. have not •C. does •D. has
  22. 22. • 7. She ............ housework herself. •A. has •B. doesn’t do •C. don’t do •D. don’t has
  23. 23. • 8. .............. he a lawyer ? •A. Do •B. Does •C. Are •D. Is
  24. 24. • 9. The clock …......... on the wall. •A. have not •B. has not •C. is not •D. does not
  25. 25. • 10. Mark can .....….. his old friends. •A. does remember •B. does remembers •C. remember •D. remembers
  26. 26. Past Simple Tense • รูป S + V.2 • การใช้ใช้กับเหตุการณ์ที่เกิดขึ้นในอดีต และเสร็จสิ้นไปแล้ว ส่วนใบอกเวลาไว้ ได้แก่ ago,yesterday,last year เช่น –We went to Ayuthaya last week. –My sister had a party yesterday. –Jason and Neil came here ten minutes ago.
  27. 27. • 2. ใช้กับเหตุการณ์ที่กระทำาอยู่เป็นประจำาในอดีต แต่ในปัจจุบนนี้ไม่ได้กระทำาแล้ว เช่น ั –I always played table – tennis when I was young. –Tracy usually got up early when she was student. –Elizabeth always wore a short skirt when she was 17.
  28. 28. • การทำาประโยคคำาถามให้สังเกตว่าในประโยคมีกริยาช่วยหรือไม่ ถ้ามีก็นำากริยาชหน้าประโยค และท้ายประโยคใส่ ? –He was in a bathroom five minutes ago. –Was he in a bathroom five minutes ago? –They were students last year. –Were they students last year?
  29. 29. • 2. ถ้าในประโยคนันไม่มีกริยาช่วย ให้ใช้ did ้ มาช่วย โดยนำา did มาวางไว้หน้าประโยค ตาม ด้วยประธานและกริยาช่องที่ 1 ท้ายประโยค ใส่ ? –Catherine lived with her parents. –Did Catherine live with her parents? –He spoke angrily. –Did he speak angrily?
  30. 30. • การทำาเป็นประโยคปฏิเสธ–1. ถ้าในประโยคมีกริยาช่วย ให้ใส่ not หลังกริยาช่วยนั้น –I was tried. –I was not tried. –He could see when he was young. –He could not see when he was young.
  31. 31. • 2. ถ้าไม่มีกริยาช่วย ให้ใช้ did มาช่วย แล้วใส่ not หลัง did และกริยาเป็นช่อง 1 เสมอ เช่น –Ben danced yesterday. –Ben didn’t dance yesterday. –Angela saw the dentist last Sunday. –Angela didn’t see the dentist last Sunday. –Helen and Jane swam. –Helen and Jane didn’t swim.
  32. 32. • 1. Who ......….. this pizza? •A. is order •B. order •C. orders •D. ordered
  33. 33. • 2. I …......... to read the books when I was young. •A. are not like •B. don’t like •C. doesn’t like •D. didn’t like
  34. 34. • 3. My daughter …........ her watch at the home. •A. drops •B. dropping •C. droped •D. dropped
  35. 35. • 4. Who …........ my hatchback ? •A. opened •B. opens •C. was open •D. was opened
  36. 36. • 5. The Whites ............. to abroad last year. •A. is go •B. goes •C. was go •D. went
  37. 37. • 6. Alison’s puppy …............. . •A. disappeared •B. disappear •C. is disappear •D. was disappeared
  38. 38. • 7. The airplane …............ last night. •A. is crash •B. was crash •C. crash •D. crashed
  39. 39. • 8. ............. you ............. a good time yesterday? •A. Does , has •B. Do , have •C. Did , have •D. Did , had
  40. 40. • 9. ............ a maid .............. carpet yesterday? •A. Did , clean •B. Did , cleaned •C. Does , cleans •D. Do , clean
  41. 41. • 10. A woman .................. loudly last night. •A. screamed •B. is screams •C. were scream •D. was screamed
  42. 42. Reading
  43. 43. 16, Jalan SelangorPetaling Jaya, Malasia 10 August 1992Dear Duangchai I was very happy to receive your letter yesterday. I will tell youmore about my country, Malaysia, and the neighbouring countries.Thailand lies to the north of Peninsular Malaysia. It is called the land ofelephants. Myenmar lies the north-west of Thailand. Kampuchea is to thesouth-east of Thailand while Laos is to the north-east of Thailand. Vietnamis to the east of both Laos and Kampucha. South of Peninsular Malaysia isthe island republic of singpore. It is separated from Malaysia by theStraits of Johore. We also have to big groups of islands as neighbours. ThePhilippines is to the north-east of Malaysia while Indonesia is to thesouth. Sumatra is the biggest island in Indonesia while Luzon is thebiggest in Philippines. There are many valcanoes in these two countries. I feel lucky tobe living in Malaysia.
  44. 44. . Who is Judith Wong Ngee Lay ? A. Duangchai’s Malaysian teacher. B. Duangchai’s Singaporian friend. C. Duangchai’s Indonesian teacher. D. Duangchai’s Malaysian friend.
  45. 45. . Duangchai’s Malaysian frien
  46. 46. 2. What country is called the land of elephant ? A. Myenmar B. Thailand C. Laos D. Kampuchea
  47. 47. B. Thailand
  48. 48. 3. Where is Vietnam ? A. To the north-west of Thailand. B. To the east of Laos. C. To the north-east of Thailand.
  49. 49. B. To the east of Laos.
  50. 50. What is the name of the strait theparates Malaysia from Singapore A. Sumatra B. Java C. Luzon D. Johore
  51. 51. D. Johore
  52. 52. 5. What is the biggest island in the Philippines ? A. Sabah B. Luzon C. Sarawak D. Sumatra
  53. 53. B. Luzon
  54. 54. Silly Sally Starfish One day, Sally Starfish went to see King Neptune, the King of the sea. “Y ty” , said sally, “ I wish tell you that I am the best worker in the Weed Factfive arms and so I can work faster than any other creature.” “ Ha-Ha-Ha ”, laughed the king, “ Yes, you are a very good worker. I’ve k ll along, But you are not the fastest. ” Sally was very angry. “ Who dares to say he is the faster than I am? ”Ho-Ho ”, roared Neptune. He turned to his fishes-in-waiting. “ Will you go llie, please? ” The fishes swam off and in five minutes they came back with Ollie OctopSilly Sally felt! And how everybody laughed. Can you guess why? Silly Sally Starfish!!!
  55. 55. 1. What was the name of the silly starfish? A. Sally B. Neptune C. Siddy D. Ollie
  56. 56. A. Sally
  57. 57. 2. Who did she go to see?A. She went to see Ollie Octopus.B. She went to see the King of the Sea.C. She went to the Weed Factory.D. She went down to the deep sea.
  58. 58. B. She went to see the King of the Sea.
  59. 59. What did Sally tell king NeptuneA. She told him that she was the cleverest worke in the Weed Factory.B. She told him she was the slowest worker in the Weed Factory. . She told him she was the worst worker in the Weed Factory.D. She told him she was the fastest worker in the Weed Factory.
  60. 60. D. She told him she was the fastest worker in the Weed Factory.
  61. 61. What did King Neptune do when he heard what Sally said? A. He laughed till he cried. B. He roared with laughter. C. He scolded her. D. He smiled happily.
  62. 62. B. He roared with laughter.
  63. 63. 5. Why did Sally feel silly?A. King Neptune laughed at her.B. Ollie Octopus made fun of her.C. Ollie Octopus had more arms than SallyD. The fishes-in-waiting brought back Ollie Octopus.
  64. 64. C. Ollie Octopus had more arms than Sally.
  65. 65. Elephants The elephant is the largest living land animal. The African elephant may re3.5 metres tall and weigh as much as 5000 kilograms. The Indian one is smais gentler and more easily trained to work for man. The elephant’s most useful limb is its trunk, which is very strong and cany log. It breathes through the trunk and uses it to suck up water when it w er. The trunk is also used to bring food to its mouth. The bulls have hugecan grow up to 3 metres long. They use the tusks for digging up roots to eg things. The cows have tusks too, but they are much smaller.
  66. 66. 1. The elephant is the ………………… living land animal. A. most useful B. longest C. biggest D. smallest
  67. 67. C. biggest
  68. 68. 2. The elephant’s ………………….… can lift a heavy log. A. tusks B. legs C. ears D. trunk
  69. 69. D. trunk
  70. 70. 3. The tusks can grow up to three metres ………………….. . A. wide B. long C. high D. far
  71. 71. B. long
  72. 72. 4. The bulls’ tusks are much…………………….. Than the cows’ tusks. A. bigger B. smaller C. taller D. wider
  73. 73. A. bigger
  74. 74. 5. The bulls use the tusks for ……………………. . A. their beauty B. carrying things C. lifting logs D. Bringing food to its mouth
  75. 75. B. carrying things
  76. 76. The Golden Arowana The Golden Arowana is a very attractive fish. The Chinese call it theeror Fish ”. They believe that the Golden Arowana brings luck to the owners pay high prices for the fish because of that. The Arowana comes from the rivers of Pahang. This fish can grow up to aetres. Its body is covered with large and silvery scales and it has golden finrowara also comes in green and silver, but the golden one is the most popu Although the fish is edible, it is too expensive for people to buy to cook.
  77. 77. 1. The Golden Arowana isa very ................................ fish. A. ugly B. active C. big D. attractive
  78. 78. D. attractive
  79. 79. he ............................. Call the gol Arowana the “Emperor Fish.” A. Thailand B. English C. Chinese D. American
  80. 80. B. Chinese
  81. 81. They believe that the Goldenowana brings ............................. the owner. A. health B. luck C. money D. high prices
  82. 82. B. luck
  83. 83. 4. Where does the Arowana come from? A. The river of pahang. B. In green and silver. C. With large and silvery seales. D. Golden fins.
  84. 84. A. The river of pahang.
  85. 85. 5. Why don’t people eat the Arowana? A. It’s too expensive. B. It’s too big. C. It’s too beautiful. D. It’s too good.
  86. 86. A. It’s too expensive.
  87. 87. Marbles Do you have any marbles ? The boys in our town often play marbles, andmes the girls play too. My brother, Ong play marbles very well. Last week hrbles game in our town. He shot the marbles very straigh and hit the other . He play better than any of the boys in our street, although he is only 10e plat better than I do. Ong has marbles of all colours . Some are white likre green, red, blue and some have no colour, like glass in a window. Ong ig our small brother, Lek, to play marbles. Lek will learn to play well, I thin ng will give him all his marbles and stop playing.
  88. 88. 1. The girls sometimes play........................... In our town. A. dolls B. marbles C. the piano D. football
  89. 89. B. marbles
  90. 90. Ong ............................ the marbl game last week. A. stopped B. lost C. won D. hit
  91. 91. B. won
  92. 92. 3. Ong has marbles of........................... colours. A. some B. white C. no D. all
  93. 93. D. all
  94. 94. 4. Lek ........................... how to play marbles. A. is learning B. is playing C. is teaching D. is shooting
  95. 95. A. is learning
  96. 96. ............................ is ten years o A. I B. His friend C. Lek D. Ong
  97. 97. D. Ong
  98. 98. Thank you