Student Presentation: 49th Shelf & Facebook


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Student Presentation: 49th Shelf & Facebook

  1. 1. By Cristiana, Dipa, Winnie Lu, Winnie Ko, Jenny
  2. 2. About the Organization
  3. 3. Products & Services Book and author search engine Recommended Canadian reads Blogs for up to date news Contests, features, giveaway s and interviews
  4. 4. Facebook platform 4058 "likes" Conversation-enabling posts Interactive with their Facebook fans - responds with comments and "likes" on their posts. The 49th shelfs Facebook cover page: showcases a variety of Canadian covers that could appeal to readers of different audiences and genres Represents itself as a clique or a social book club.
  5. 5. Goals in using Facebook  Attracting those who have personal interests in Canadian publishing or Canadian books.  Audience: Canadian writers and people who are involved in the Canadian book industry  „Author Chats‟, a 49th Shelf blog and photos.  Discusses events and authors in a more in-depth and personal fashion - books, events, opinions, industry news, etc.  Personal vs Formal information  Engagement and information sharing allows for constant community involvement  Book reviews, recommendations & discussion
  6. 6. Persona Who- Nancy 33 year old Canadian with a Bachelors degree in English Literature and a minor in Education What does she do: librarian at Vancouver Public Library and part time English tutor and teacher; active book blogger Likes: books, gardening, socializing online, cooking Most visited sites: Amazon, GoodReads, WordPress, Chap ters, Twitter, Facebook and currently 49thshelf Goals: become a well known blogger, work towards becoming a journalist or book critic.
  7. 7. Who are they attracting/engaging? Primary target audience: is targeted towards a wide range of age groups from young readers, occasional readers, to bookworms, screenwriter, tea chers and publishers. Their Facebook targets educated readers with a high level of knowledge. Targeted towards an older audience who is up to date and interested in Canadian novels and authors. Attracts passionate readers
  8. 8. Directing people to Facebook  1. Facebook Icon at the top of • They also encourage “share post on Facebook” on their website • At the bottom of the home page of, there is a “Get in Touch” section  2. In their “Spread the Word” page of, it encourages people to share posts on Facebook.
  9. 9. • You can put a badge on your Facebook page to show you are a fan of both Canadian books & 49th shelf. 3. On their GoodReads profile page they let fans know they are on Facebook by displaying on their recent updates that they have added Goodreads to their Facebook timeline.
  10. 10. MetricsOnline: Google Analytics Keyword searches Google position in search results Positive comments for customers who mention 49th on their Facebook Conversion rateOffline:o Statistics & data on monthly sales & store traffic