Pub355: Doing the Math – Online Marketing KPIs


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Prep materials for draft 3 of the 7 Sentence Plan and test notes. Plus the wild and wonderful basic calculations for KPIs and other metrics for monitoring success of online marketing campaigns.

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Pub355: Doing the Math – Online Marketing KPIs

  1. 1. Doing the Math#%$ or @;-PTwitter @boxcarmarketing
  2. 2. Online marketing is how we relate to each other and how we relate to the organizations that serve us. • Conversation • Collaboration • Community Test twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  3. 3. It’s not the tools,it’s how we use them twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  4. 4. The Culture of the Web twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  5. 5. Clay Shirky ...that the web is a network of people who organize themselves twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  6. 6. The Cluetrain Manifesto• Markets are conversations.• Markets are networks of people.• Markets make buying decisions by talking amongst each other.• Companies are networks of people.• Companies should use a human voice instead of corporate-speak. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  7. 7. Open Brand • There’s been a relationship shift in the way consumers relate to products: before, during and after a purchase consumers are engaging with each other through blogs, peer-reviews and other interactive ways. • Consumers are taking control over the messages that brands once controlled. • For brands to survive this relationship shift they must engage with consumers within consumers’ communities. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  8. 8. 7-Sentence Marketing PlanSentence 1: What is the purpose of your marketing?Sentence 2: How will you accomplish your purpose?Sentence 3: Who is your target market?Sentence 4: What is your niche in the marketplace?Sentence 5: What tools and tactics will you use to carry out your marketing?Sentence 6: What is your business identity?Sentence 7: How will you measure success and allocate time and budget? twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  9. 9. Conversation, Collaboration, Communitytest twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  10. 10. Online Public Relations PRWeb, PRLeap twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  11. 11. Have a look at the GA report for the Festival
  12. 12. There are 2 things businesses like to measure: Things that lead to sales Sales Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  13. 13. Monique Trottier@BoxcarMarketing
  14. 14. Sales Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  15. 15. Sales Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  16. 16. Google Analytics: Annotations Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  17. 17. KPI #1: Did we make money?Did we spend our money wisely? Should we continue? $$$ $$$Investment Financial Impact Marketing Customer Non-financial Actions Reactions Impact Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  18. 18. Some times asked, what is the Conversion Rate?•Conversion Rate = # of visitors who perform a desired action / Number of visitors to a page•At what rate (or %) do customers take our desired action: buy a product, complete a form, etc. $$$ Customers Financial Impact
  19. 19. Sales
  20. 20. Calculate Conversion Rate • If there are 100 visitors to the Purchase Tickets page and 5 people buy tickets, then the conversation rate is 5%100 Visitors to 5 Purchase ticket page tickets • (5 tickets/100 visits) * 100% = 5% Test
  21. 21. KPI #2: What things lead to sales?How can we do more of the things that make money? $$$ $$$Investment Financial Impact Marketing Customer Non-financial Actions Reactions Impact Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  22. 22. Things that lead to sales Twitter Followers Customer Feedback RTs Facebook Fans Email OpensWebsite Visitors Press Mentions Sales Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  23. 23. Things that lead to salesAcquisition Website Visitors, time on site Number of pageviews, repeat visits,Activation subscription (email, blog), account sign-up (profile data), Fan/Follower Email Opens, Click-throughs,Retention Repeat visits Press Mention, RT, Referral Refers 1+visitors to the site; Refers 1+ visitors who activate Sales Monique Trottier @BoxcarMarketing
  24. 24. Pirate Goals What can we do to acquireAcquisition Visitors to the site? Do Visitors take action, likeActivation follow us, friend us, subscribe?Retention Can we retain visitors attention? Do they like us enough to Referral recommend us? Revenue Do they buy something? twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  25. 25. Goals > Tools > KPIs (Sentence #1) (Sentence #5) (Sentence #7) Website Visitors, time on site, referral traffic from YouTube,Acquisition Flickr and other social media Number of pageviews, repeat visits, subscriptionActivation (email, blog), Fan/Follower Email Opens, Click-throughs,Retention Repeat visits, Unsubscribes Press Mention, Likes & Shares, Retweets, Referral Refers 1+visitors to the site; Refers 1+ visitors who activate Event tickets, eCommerce Revenue purchases twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  26. 26. A simple Contest• Reach a new audience or reinforce our connection to an existing audience Goal Lifecycle Action Reaction KPI @ / RT / Comment Reach a new Response Visitors Acquire Subscriptions audience Listen Visit to the site Activate (email/RSS) (500 new visitors Introduce Subscribe Fan/Followerduring contest period) Retain Return Account sign-up Return Visits @ / RT / Comment Reinforce our Response Repeat visits connection to Retain Talk Email opens Visit the siteexisting audience Referral Pitch CTR / Goal Funnel Act Mentions(15% of repeat visitors Revenue Thank enter contest) Refer Referrals Referrals who convert
  27. 27. A simple campaign to increase Online Sales• Use Twitter or Facebook to inform prospects about special promotions.• Exclusive, limited-customer/limited time offers. Goal KPIIncrease monthly sales from SMM by 10% # monthly sales attributable directly to SMM # Repeat customers from that group Retain 80% of new customers Unsubscribe rates
  28. 28. TestTerroryaki! 7 Sentence Marketing Plan Draft 3 Goal Lifecycle Action Reaction KPI How are you going to accomplish your Be as detailed as What can you Be specific Persona goal, what tools/ possible measure? tactics will you use? Think about goal think about funnels, micro where in the Summarize #2, Each point along #, $, % actions, things lifecycle your #5 the funnel that influence a persona is sale
  29. 29. Section 7: KPIsDetail how your costs breakdown. Location Outreach Food & Drinks Prize Press Release Ads 7% 8% 35% 10% 11% 29% Test
  30. 30. How to Prepare for the Test Next Week8 Questions Based on a Given Scenario. 3 Hours. No computer.• Calculate Conversion Rate• What makes a good press release headline, email subject line, tweet, FB status?• Create 7-Sentence Grid View of a marketing plan• What tools and tactics to use for a given scenario (and why)?• Write a persona• Twitter (@, RT, #) Monique Trottier• SPHERE @boxcarmarketing• Budget
  31. 31. Draft 3: Due December 9 before 5 pm •Email to•Survey: Peer Review