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  • Monique wanted me to give you general feedback on your plans. After this, I’ll go around and give you individual feedback.\n\n
  • Think of the funnel. If your ultimate goal is to increase your FB followers? What are you going to do to accomplish that goal? Add a FB badge to your website? Run a contest that requires ppl to become a fan to enter. If you want people to attend your event what are you going to do (broad strokes)? Post it as a Facebook event and invite fans to attend. Sentence #5 is more specifics about the tools and exact tactics, this is where you’d provide some examples. Here, you can just say FB contest and in #5 talk about the tools you’ll use to execute the contest. \n
  • When you work in your groups today, start here.\n Thinking of your audience, what do people need or want when attending a book event? When buying a book? For example, they may want to know if their friends are attending, if it’s going to be worth dedicating a night to. When buying a book, they may want to know what it’s about, what the critics are saying, what their friends are saying.\n
  • 3 day novel contest winner - great hook.\nEgo - who are those people who want to be in the know about book events?\n
  • If your goal is to increase your FB fans by 25% and you’re going to do this by running a contest, what tools will you use?\nWe’re going to go back to tools in a second.\n\nAs you refine Sentence 5, remember to review your goals (Sentence 1), your proposed approach for accomplishing those goals (Sentence 2), and your target audience’s needs and wants (Sentence 3). If you keep these initial sections in mind, then you will make successful tool choices.\n
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  • Back to #5 tools. You need to think of tools in combinations. Sean’s tools. For the facebook example your tool combination might be: facebook > twitter > blog. Make sure to think about tools that your audience uses.\n
  • When thinking of tools, go to the conversation prism. \n
  • Flickr, SmugMug and Picassa are examples of online photo management and sharing tools. If your contest involves photo submission, you may use Flickr, for example.\n
  • Page 93 of Friends with Benefits provides a case study of how Flickr was used by DeSmogBlog, an advocacy site dedicated to informing people about climate change. For their Greenest Photo Ever Contest they used a combination of tools including: blog, flickr, and online PR\n
  • From pictures we move to Video.\n\nYouTube, and Vimeo are some of the many tools that allow users to share videos\n\nEasily upload and share video clips across the Internet. Each site offers embed code which means the videos can be place on websites, blogs, and email to reach a larger audience.\n\nThere have been contests from big brands whre users are asked to create a video and enter a contest for a chance to win cash and prizes. \n\nPretty standard stuff. \n
  • Monique has used video for blogger outreach campaigns. She did one-to-one pitches to bloggers for a book by Barbara Hodgson’s called Trading in Memories. \n\nBecause she’s a litblogger, she has a relationship with lots of other litbloggers and book reviewers but they’ve never met in person, so she sent out a personal video pitch. The call to actiion is if you want the book I have in my hands, let me know and I’ll mail it out to you. This is handeselling and it’s a large time commitment.\n\n
  • Upcoming and Eventbrite are two online communities for discovering and sharing events. They list events by location on their homepage so they help to give exposure to events, as well as providing a way to register.\n
  • StumbleUpon:\nFind great websites, videos, photos and more based on your interests. StumbleUpon learns what you like and makes better recommendations.\n\ is a bookmarking service that allows you to share your bookmarks with friends or the general public. \ncious account for the company and give clients a quick way to see materials flagged for their attention. Or they could pick a keyword that staff could use to flag articles of interest. \n
  • LinkedIn is about connecting to people in your professional network. People who you’ve worked with, who will recommend you. \n\nIf I’m hiring someone, this is an interesting way to see their network of connections. Do I have anyone in common. \n\nWhen I’m looking for bloggers and specialists in a particular industry, I check my network to see if I have any personal connections. \n\nHere’s the SFU Publishing Workshops group and have access to member discussions about what’s happening in the publishing industry. \n
  • Then there’s twitter. Twitter’s good for spreading information, contests, effective for events and staying on top of what’s happening around and at an event.\n\nOne of the first-ever Twitter contests was to write a short story in 140 characters or less for a chance to win an iPod Nano. \n\nFor events, you create an event hashtag and use it in all event communications. On the day of the event, attendees can use the hashtag to tweet about sessions. People who can’t attend can follow the hashtag on twitter.\n
  • PRWeb and PRLeap are two examples of online news and press release distribution service that used by organizations of all sizes to increase the visibility of their news, improve their search engine rankings and drive traffic to their Web site.\n\nA tool like PRWeb that lets you submit on online press release that appears not just on the PRWEb site but is distributed to Google and Yahoo News and appears in the RSS feeds of blogs who are pulling in the content from these sources.\n
  • Today when you’re in your groups, you should be thinking about how to use these tools to enhance your campaign ideas.\n
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  • Pub 355 Online Marketing Tools

    1. 1. Advancing the Plan: Part 2 An Introduction to Online Marketing Tools You should follow me on twitter @boxcarmarketing
    2. 2. #1 What is the purpose of your marketing?• Make sure to set speci c, measurable goals.• These are macro goals, or your goals at the end of the funnel.• These are things like: • Ensuring 200 people attend the event • Selling 30 copies of the book • Increasing FB followers by 25% twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    3. 3. #2 How will you accomplish your goals? • These are your micro goals • They are the steps along the funnel that lead to the big goals in #1 • They are broad strokes of what you’re going to do. • For example, if you want to increase your FB followers by 25%, you’re going to run a contest that requires ppl to become fans in order to enter. • Sentence #5 is more speci cs about the tools and exact tactics, this is where you’d provide some examples. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    4. 4. 3. Client’s Target Audience (or Audiences) is:Think about the persona exercise you did last week.Who are the people you want to reach?Most important are the I need/I want statementsspeci c to the context of running an event, gettingattendees and book sales.How do people discover books and events?How do they pick one over the other? twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    5. 5. Sentence #4: Client’s niche in the marketplaceWhat makes your event special? Why should someone care?Based on #3 and what the audience needs and wants, think about the tone of voice andadjectives that will describe the event you’ll hold. Use the S.P.H.E.R.E. acronym: • So What: Why does your client’s product/service matter? What makes your client different from its competitors? (list competitors – name, URL) Why do consumers choose your client over someone else? • Personality: What are the adjectives that describe your client’s brand? • Hook: What’s your client’s story angle? Use phrases that are easy to remember to helps to spread your client’s story via word of mouth. • Ego: Who does your client need to engage with? Who can bene t from promoting the brand amongst their friends? Why do people want to engage with the brand? • Relevancy: What is the relevancy between the audiences’ motivations and what your client is trying to do? • Effort: What does your client need to do in order to keep the audience engaged throughout the campaign as well as after the campaign is nished. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    6. 6. Sentence #5: Marketing tools we plan to employ• Make sure the tools you pick are tools your audience will use.• Be very clear about how these tools help you meet your goals. Go back to #1 and #2 and think about how to align these sections clearly. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    7. 7. Sentence #6: The client’s business identityThis is related to #4. What makes your event special?To advance this portion, give your group a name. In an upcoming classyou’ll cover forming a company and positioning your services. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    8. 8. Sentence #7: Plan to measure success and allocate time and budget • Think about goal funnels and what leads to attendance. • What cues do you have along the way to tell if people are attending? Goals > Actions > Response > KPI Goals (#1) > Actions (#2, 5, 6) > Response (#3, 4) > KPI (#7) twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    9. 9. Tools: Marketing Mix Search Blogging EmailFacebook Twitter Flickr twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    10. 10. Sentence #5: Marketing tools we plan to employ twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    11. 11. PhotosFlickr, SmugMug, Picassa twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    12. 12. DeSmogBlog Blog Flickr Online PR twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    13. 13. VideosYouTube,, Vimeo twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    14. 14. VideosYouTube,, Vimeo twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    15. 15. EventsUpcoming, Eventbrite twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    16. 16. Social Bookmarking StumbleUpon, Delicious twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    17. 17. Business Networking LinkedIn twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    18. 18. Microblogs Twitter twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    19. 19. Online Public Relations PRWeb, PRLeap twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    20. 20. Sentence #5: ToolsPhotos: Flickr, SmugMug, PicasaVideos: YouTube,, VimeoEvents: Upcoming, EventbriteSocial Bookmarking: StumbleUpon, DeliciousBusiness Networking: LinkedInMicroblogs: TwitterOnline PR: PRWeb, PRLeap How can you use these tools to enhance your campaign ideas? twitter: @boxcarmarketing
    21. 21. For This WeekREADINGSDarren Barefoot and Julie Szabo, “Chapter 10: UnderstandingFacebook,” Friends With Benefits, 171-194.Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo, “Chapter 11: Video Marketing withYouTube and Other Video Sharing Sites,” Friends With Benefits,195-218.Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo, “Chapter 12: The Twitter Revolution,”Friends With Benefits, 219-238.Review the tools in the Conversation Prism You should follow me on twitter @boxcarmarketing
    22. 22. For Next WeekREADINGSDarren Barefoot and Julie Szabo, “Chapter 3: Flagging a Ride: Findingthe Right Bloggers and Communities,” Friends With Benefits, 47-61.Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo, ""Chapter 4: Netiquette: Miss Mannersfor the Web,"" Friends With Benefits, 63-78.Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo, ""Chapter 5: Stick Out Your Thumb:Devising Your Pitch,"" Friends With Benefits, 79-97. You should follow me on twitter @boxcarmarketing