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MPub: Online Marketing Tools

  1. 1. Online MarketingAn Introduction to the ToolsAgenda:Return Twitter/Email Assignment. As and B+s. Email: 20% at beginning. Use author name Twitter: too long!Review SyllabusOnline ExamplesWork on Marketing Plans
  2. 2. Tool + Tool + Tool twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  3. 3. Marketing Mix Search Blogging EmailFacebook Twitter Flickr twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  4. 4. Conversation, Collaboration, Community twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  5. 5. PhotosFlickr, SmugMug, Picassa, Pinterest, Instagram twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  6. 6. Photos Flickr twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  7. 7. Flickr Contacts twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  8. 8. DeSmogBlog Greenest Photo Ever Contest Blog Flickr Online PR twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  9. 9. VideosYouTube,, Vimeo twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  10. 10. VideosYouTube,, Vimeo twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  11. 11. VideosYouTube,, Vimeo twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  12. 12. Business Networking LinkedIn twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  13. 13. Facebook twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  14. 14. Facebook Case Study: Scholastic Goals > Actions > Response > KPI Actions that Desired Goals will achieve Why Audience KPIs the goal Response• Connect with existing • Introduce new • Teachers and parents • Email subscribers also • Initial # fans notified community of teachers community to existing are brand become FB fans about FB and parents community ambassadors; • Share FB page with • # FB fans during initial• Support a long-term, • Give loyal email recommendation friends campaign period loyal base of brand subscribers the sneak between friends is • Actively engage on the • # page impressions ambassadors peak at FB stronger than from page; supporting each • # shares to other• Share resources with • Giveaway incentive to Scholastic directly other friends core fans generate excitement • Reward the existing • Redeem promotions • # referrals to online• Increase sales • Share exclusive content base with previews and • Sales store promotions • # sales • Great content • Average order value encourages repeat • Lifetime value of visits customer • Supporting fan base leads to them supporting Scholastic through sales
  15. 15. Facebook Best Practices• Post helpful, valuable information• Give your fans a reason to become fans• Create conversation: Use updates to ask questions and elicit responses• Have an editorial strategy• Be fan-centric not brand-centric• Integrate Online Offers with Offline Experiences twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  16. 16. Microblogs Twitter twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  17. 17. Microblogs Twitter twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  18. 18. Microblogs Twitter twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  19. 19. Twitter Case Study twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  20. 20. Twitter Case Study: NYT Goals > Actions > Response > KPI Actions that Desired Goals will achieve Why Audience KPIs the goal Response• Increase followers • Replace auto-tweet • Experiment with Twitter • Increased CTR • Click Through Rate• Increase follower with 2 editors best practices • Increased RTs or (CTR) engagement with NYT • Use #hashtags and • Establish 1 week mentions • RTs and @ @mentions to baseline metrics • Increased attention • # Comments, customize tweets responses, replies, • Engage in conversation mentions about the vs. dialogue experiment on Twitter and other websites
  21. 21. Twitter Best Practices• Post helpful, valuable information• Be OPEN• Talk about others more than you talk about yourself• Listen• Use hashtags• Integrate Online Offers with Offline Experiences twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  22. 22. Online Public Relations PRWeb, PRLeap twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  23. 23. Online Public Relations PRWeb, PRLeap twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  24. 24. Justalilhype! is on online magazine on thestreet culture of Vancouver, Montreal andToronto. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  25. 25. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  26. 26. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  27. 27. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  28. 28. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  29. 29. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  30. 30. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  31. 31. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  32. 32. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  33. 33. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  34. 34. Online / Offline Tactics twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  35. 35. Ecommerce Store twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  36. 36. Customer Lifecycle > Strategy & Tactics What can we do to acquire Acquisition Visitors to the site? Do Visitors take action, like Activation follow us, friend us, subscribe? Retention Can we retain visitors attention? Do they like us enough to Referral recommend us? Revenue Do they buy something? twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  37. 37. Goals > KPI > Tools Website Visitors, time on site,Acquisition referral traffic from YouTube, Flickr and other social media Number of pageviews,Activation repeat visits, subscription (email, blog), Fan/FollowerRetention Email Opens, Click-throughs, Repeat visits, Unsubscribes Press Mention, Likes & Referral Shares, Retweets, Refers 1+visitors to the site; Refers 1+ visitors who activate Revenue Event tickets, eCommerce purchases twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  38. 38. Other Marketing Tactics Facebook ads, Eventbrite, QR Codes twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  39. 39. Tool + Tool + Tool twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  40. 40. It’s not the tools,it’s how we use them twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  41. 41. Online marketing is how we relate to each other and how we relate to the organizations that serve us. • Conversation • Collaboration • Community twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  42. 42. The Culture of the Web twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  43. 43. Clay Shirky ...that the web is a network of people who organize themselves twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  44. 44. The Cluetrain Manifesto• Markets are conversations.• Markets are networks of people.• Markets make buying decisions by talking amongst each other.• Companies are networks of people.• Companies should use a human voice instead of corporate-speak. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  45. 45. Open Brand • There’s been a relationship shift in the way consumers relate to products: before, during and after a purchase consumers are engaging with each other through blogs, peer-reviews and other interactive ways. • Consumers are taking control over the messages that brands once controlled. • For brands to survive this relationship shift they must engage with consumers within consumers’ communities. twitter: @boxcarmarketing
  46. 46. Next Steps You should follow me on twitter @boxcarmarketing