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Master Facebook Marketing
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Master Facebook Marketing


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eBound Canada presentation Feb 4, 2014. Tips and ideas for publishers on getting Likes, Engagement and Sales on Facebook.

eBound Canada presentation Feb 4, 2014. Tips and ideas for publishers on getting Likes, Engagement and Sales on Facebook.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Master Facebook Marketing presented to eBound February 4, 2014 Monique Sherrett 604-732-6467 Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 2. Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 3. Why Are You on Facebook? 1. Want to build a fan base (get fans) 2. Want to spread the word about your authors and titles (get engagement) 3. Want to capture data or dollars (get sales) Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 4. Why Facebook? Top 5 Reasons: 1. Core Book-Buying Audience Uses Social Media (fish where the fish are) 2. Real Consumer Data (actionable marketing data) 3. Find Look-alike Audiences (get in front of people who are similar to your existing audience) 4. SEO (search engines use social proof as a ranking factor) 5. Scaleable (ability to effectively market at scale, saved audiences, similar ads) Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 5. Not Everything You Post Is Seen by Fans Whaaaaat? • Poor timing: Companies tend to post 9 am to 6 pm. People tend to be on Facebook 4-9 am and 8 pm onwards • News Feed Algorithm (aka EdgeRank): People who have liked the page but have never commented, liked or shared content • NEW: Low quality content: Asking for the LIKE Affinity fan’s interactions w/Pg Monday, 17 February, 14 Weight Post Type Time Recency
  • 6. POLL: Have You Tried Facebook Advertising ⬜ Yes, I've set up Facebook ads before ⬜ Yes, another company has set up ads for my Page ⬜ No, I have not tried Facebook advertising Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 7. Account You need: • Advertising account: • Page, not a personal profile or group: Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 8. Cost $0. Write valuable, compelling content • ask for the like, comment or share (just make sure that’s not all you’re doing) • Look at content that resonates • Post when fans are online Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 9. Social Media Metrics In Depth February 6th • • • FB Insights & Exports Adv. Audience Research GA Custom Reports Plus free templates & tool Upgrade for only $21 ($31 for non-members) Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 10. Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 11. Advertising. Is it worth it? Don’t just measure likes. Measure outcomes. • More Engagement (likes, comments, shares—word of mouth) • More Page Likes (build your audience) • More Sales (attribution) Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 12. Idea #1 to Get More Engagement Cost: $50 • Need an advertising account • Need good, compelling, regular content • Need $1/day + $20 for an extra push • Promote posts to existing fans Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 13. When do you STIR a Facebook post? S T I R Shelf-Life - Will the post still be relevant 4 days from publication? Time - Has it been at least 6 hours since publication? Impact - Does the post include a link or other call-to-action that creates desirable customer behaviors (beyond a simple “like”)? Results - Has the post exceeded a 1% engagement rate (likes + comments + shares, divided by total fans)? 4 Yes Answers = Promote Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 14. Idea #2 to Get More Page Likes Cost: $0-500 • Need valuable, relevant content, even exclusive • Need Third-Party App Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 15. Idea #2 to Get More Page Likes $0 options • Feature your posts in the Like Box • Embed top-performing updates in your blog posts • Post your top-performing stuff elsewhere with links to the post (Pinterest, Twitter, Email) Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 16. Idea #3 to Get More Sales Show me the money! • Need ecommerce, or ecommerce partner • Need conversion tracking • Need multiple channels, retargeting Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 17. An All-Too-Common Scenario We have a lot of fans (2500+) but are seeing a drop in post views of 80%. We paid $20 to boost a post and it was seen by 100 people and got 25 shares. On average 10 people engage with our organic posts. If only we had the kind of numbers we were getting a few months ago! How do we deal with this? Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 18. What it takes to succeed on Facebook To get real value, you must accomplish 3 things 1. Reach: Need high-quality fans who share your content 2. Engagement: Need likes, comments and shares (understand edgerank) 3. Sales: Capture dollars or data. If advertising, use the conversion pixel and optimize for conversions. Try Custom Web Audiences. Add your email signup as a Facebook tab. Capture emails with contest entries, etc. Try the Page Analyzer Tool to find Engaging Content Monday, 17 February, 14
  • 19. Facebook Resources for Publishers How can I help? Monique Sherrett 604-732-6467 If you LIKE this webinar, please SHARE the knowledge Monday, 17 February, 14