Alzheimers’ association georgia chapter


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Alzheimers’ association georgia chapter

  1. 1. Emmett Arnold Andy AvinMitch Madaglia Amber PeavyMarco Restrepo
  2. 2. The primary way the Alzheimer’s AssociationGeorgia Chapter (AAGP) reaches out to peopleand raises awareness is through e-mailcampaigns. AAGP has a database which collectsand stores email addresses from people whohave signed up for any of the events they havehosted in the past two years. A majority ofthese names come from annual walks by theorganization that take place all aroundGeorgia.
  3. 3.  Theorganization gets most of their feedback from Facebook due to it’s older audience. Twitter is used regularly but AAGP wishes to increase its followers that are relevant to the organization. Money is earned by public donations.
  4. 4.  Google Page Rank: 7 (iSpionage) Monthly SEO Traffic Value: $284,262 (iSpionage)  Estimated traffic value based on organic keywords in Google, Bing, and Yahoo combined. The value is derived from the equivalent PPC (pay-per-click, ) dollars had the company run PPC campaigns in all search engines with their organic keywords. Number of first page organic Keywords in Google : 788 (iSpionage) Number of first page organic Keywords in Bing/Yahoo: 223 (iSpionage) PPC budget: $1,464-$2,298
  5. 5.  iSpionage  Social Mention Last month clicks: 1,067-1,321Avg. Ad WalkTop 2 Hash tags Position: 4  eldalz Google PPC Keywords: 982  Alzheimer Bing/Yahoo PPC  Top 3 Sources Keywords: 10  Twitter Top 2 Keywords  YouTube  Alzheimer’s   Facebook
  6. 6.  InitialImpressions: Very professional No sense of emotional appeal for family Cluttered homepage Too many leads without obvious significance Unguided experience, overall lack of direction Why purple?
  7. 7.  Homepage Analysis: Pros:  Call to action visible above fold  Uniform theme and color  Immediate name recognition  For the most part canonical URLs
  8. 8.  Cons:  Confusing Global Navigation  Clutter weakens expansion upon subcategories  Eliminates link juices by having inconsistent URLs  Doesn’t necessarily capitalize on all possible search terms and link tabs. Some repeat when they could be used to specify  Ex: Alz | Join The Cause | Join The Causes
  9. 9. SWOT Analysis Alzheimers’ Association Georgia Chapter: Increasing Donations Through Social Media criteria examples Strengths Weaknesses criteria examples Advantages of proposition? Disadvantages of proposition? Capabilities? Gaps in capabilities? Competitive advantages? 1. Existing Database of Previous 1. Weak Twitter Presence Lack of competitive strength? USPs (unique selling points)? Donors to Contact 2. Builds Online Presence Reputation, presence and reach? Resources, Assets, People? Financials? Experience, knowledge, data? 2. Known Walking Events That Almost Entirely Around Own known vulnerabilities? Financial reserves, likely returns? Take Place Annually Walking Events Timescales, deadlines and Marketing - reach, distribution, pressures? awareness? 3. Existing Facebook & Twitter 3. Website Does Not Appear Cashflow, start-up cash-drain? Innovative aspects? Accounts Being Used Already When Searching More Continuity, supply chain Location and geographical? robustness? Price, value, quality? 4. Website Appears as #1 Hit Medically Specific Terms Effects on core activities, Accreditations, qualifications, when Searching ‘Alzheimers’ 4. Website Is Cluttered With distraction? certifications? Reliability of data, plan Processes, systems, IT, & related words Confusing Functionality & predictability? communications? 5. Receives Both Corporate & Aesthetics Morale, commitment, leadership? Cultural, attitudinal, behavioural? Accreditations, etc? Management cover, succession? Public Donations 5. Corporate $ > Public $ Processes and systems, etc? Philosophy and values? Management cover, succession? criteria examples Opportunities Threats criteria examples Market developments? Political effects? Competitors vulnerabilities? Legislative effects? Industry or lifestyle trends? 1. Use Twitter More Effectively 1. & Other Charities Environmental effects? Technology development and to Build Awareness & Deliver That Raise Money Medicinally IT developments? innovation? Competitor intentions - various? Global influences? Info 2. Becoming Irrelevant Due To Market demand? New markets, vertical, horizontal? 2. Expand to Other Social Media Lack Of Innovation on Web New technologies, services, ideas? Niche target markets? Vital contracts and partners? Geographical, export, import? Sites for Greater Footprint 3. Non Retention of Site Visitors Sustaining internal capabilities? New USPs? 3. Increase Site Awareness From Search Engine Hits Obstacles faced? Tactics: eg, surprise, major Insurmountable weaknesses? contracts? through Video Blogging 4. Seeming Less Engaged Due Loss of key staff? Business and product development? 4. Appeal to Donors with a More To Lack Of Social Media Sustainable financial backing? Information and research? Economy - home, abroad? Partnerships, agencies, distribution? Personal Message Enthusiasm Seasonality, weather effects? Volumes, production, economies? 5. Send Periodic Updates to 5. Less Independence Due to Seasonal, weather, fashion influences? Keep Donors’ Interest Corporate Backing Between Events© Alan Chapman 2005-08. Free PDF version of this tool and information about SWOT analysis methods are available atThis is a free resource from, which contains lots more useful tools, diagrams and materials. Not to be sold or published.
  10. 10. Competitive Analysis alz.orgTraffic Rank: 11,454 668,800 368,031 23,967Referring Domains: 76,622 2,744 1,588 33,659External Backlinks: 1,550,641 13,190 19,756 454,794High Impact Searches: quit smoking alzheimers alzheimers treatment alzheimers cancer alzheimer preserving your memory alzheimer stop smoking alzheimers your memory alzheimers american cancer societyalzheimers association world almanac alzheimers association cancer society alzheimers foundation alzheimers disease alzheimers diseaseBounce Percentage: 65.10% 40% 55.20% 48.50%Avg. Time On Site (mm:ss): 3:07 2:41 3:48 3:31Visits From Search Engines: 36.10% 32.50% 27.60% 16.90%Page View Per User: 2.3 2.3 2.4 2.4Demographics (Majority): Gender: Female Female Female Female Age: 45-65+ 45-65+ 45-64 45-65+ Education: Some Collge/College College College Some College/College Has Children: No No Yes No Browsing Location: Home Work Home WorkClickstream from: 35.48% 35.94% 35.58% 25.20% 3.19% - - 3.38% 2.00% - - 9.36% 1.03% - - -
  11. 11.  Update blog more often  More meaningful content  Celebrities Focus on women Reorganize site  Less clutter Increase their presence on Twitter Expand to other highly marketable social media websites Increase the awareness of their website Offer more transparency for public donors Improve the main page of their website