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About Solvis Consulting, LLC - a CRM Consulting Company.

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About Solvis

  1. 1. About Solvis Consulting, LLC a CRM Consulting Company www.solvisconsulting.com
  2. 2. Who is Solvis • Solvis Consulting is a company based in South Florida, focusing on customer centric sales, marketing, and service solutions. • With experience in leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications, Solvis provides strong, professional technically savvy people whose mission is to add value to the execution of CRM strategies or implementations.
  3. 3. Our Core Services • CRM Strategy and Execution Plan • Integrated Customer Profile Model (Segmentation) • Customer Lifetime Value Definition • Integrated Product Catalog Model • Marketing, Sales and Customer Service Programs • Call Center Assessments • Process and Business Alignment • Change Management Programs • CRM Implementation Services – Operational – Interactive – Analytical
  4. 4. Our Approach Customer Strategy Model Client Knowledge Information Operational 1 3 7 Client KPIs + Data Lifecycle + Needs Operating Metrics 4 8 2 Products, Processes Technology Services & 5 Organization Channels Structure 6 Alignment
  5. 5. CRM Ecosystem Customer Strategy (Results) Business Strategy Model Client Knowledge Information Operational 1 3 7 Client KPIs + Client KPIs + Data Data Lifecycle + Needs Operating Metrics Lifecycle + Needs Operating Metrics 4 8 Operational Analytical 2 Processes Technology Products, Processes Technology Products, Services Services & & 5 Organization Organization Channels Channels Structure Structure 6 Alignment Alignment Data Sales Call Center 2 Not For General Distribution - Confidential Data Marts Warehouse Marketing Support Balance Score Cards eBusiness ERP Interactive KPIs Others Telephone IVR CTI WEB FAQs Bills Others Offices E-Mail Fax Mail PDA
  6. 6. Competitive Model Example High Strategic Initiatives 4 Reduce churn by 1% 4 Increase market share by 8% Legend Ideal Profile Client Competitor Low Price/ Services Customer Network Quality/ Brand Price Plans Offered Service Availability Where does CRM really contribute to business performance?
  7. 7. Growth stages vs. CRM Growth Stage Retention Stage Inception Stage 4Product Leadership 4Operational Excellence 4Product Leadership 4Operational Excellence 4Customer Intimacy 4Customer Intimacy 4 Prioritization model varies based on growth stage and operational issues. Retention 4 Operational Customers infrastructure improvements should Cross-sell + map against growth Up-sell curve. Acquisition Time Where is your company in its growth cycle and what does that imply for CRM emphasis?
  8. 8. Translating customers to profits Competitive Model Profitable Operating Model Price Price Plans Services Offered Brand Customer Service Network Quality Reliability, Availability What should your company emphasize? 6 Disposition & 1 Acquisition 2 Profit 3 Payback 4 Cross-sell + 5 Referral Period Upsell Retention Revenue Revenue Breakeven period Revenue Revenue Costs 4Installation 4Per user/service 4 Service revenue 4 Additional LTV of when profits offset Expenses 4Setup fees new customers Expenses Expenses initial customer 4 Final billing Expenses Expenses 4Billing 4 Campaign costs 4 Account inactivation acquisition cost 4Marketing 4Loyalty programs 4 Order management 4 Referral program costs 4Commissions 4Ongoing service costs 4 Ongoing service costs 4 Other administrative 4Provisioning costs 4 Commissions/ costs costs 4Order management rewards
  9. 9. Achievability Example - Customer Retention Defection Retention 4Contracts 4Switching incentives/subsidies Switching 4Loyalty programs Barriers 4Other switching costs (e.g., startup fees, pain of switching) 4Lower pricing 4Offset with value proposition Price 4Brand benefits understood 4Events tarnishing brand Brand 4Perception 4Poor positioning 4Strong messaging/positioning Equity 4Patents 4Comparable offer Competitive 4Exclusivity/uniqueness 4Offer fails to live up to promise Offers 4Neutralizing offer 4Good customer service 4Poor customer service Customer Service Quality
  10. 10. Alignment/Measurement Example MARKETING CAM PAI G N 5 KPI (results) 4 Revenue increase of +5% 6 1 Process metrics 4 4 Increase customer response rate by 10% from high value segments 4 Increase sales conversion 2 ratio to 10% of leads 3 Assumptions/CSFs 4 Call center personnel capable of CxO level interactions. Result: Increase sales by 5% via targeted marketing campaigns. 4 Marketing message resonating with target 4 1 Determine required campaign Include preferred customer channels segment. 2 Target high value customer segment Train contact center 5 3 Execute campaign Update contact center and IVR scripts 6
  11. 11. Main Services • CRM Strategy and Alignment – 1 week workshops – Full strategy engagements • CRM Assessments – The CRM Maturity & Risk Assessment; (CRM Foundation) – The Customer Lifecycle Management Assessment; (Internal Customer-Facing Operations) – The Customer Focus Assessment; (Customer Focus) – The Customer Insight Analysis; (Customer Experience) • SAS Marketing Automation – Installation – Strategy and Implementation – Training