Overview of Solutions 8 - What we do?


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Solutions 8 will connect your digital strategies, which means, we can provide your company with: custom website development, search engine optimization, social media management, video production, email marketing, content creation, graphic design, apps and more. We will use all of these tools to create an integrated media campaign that will bring you measurable results. Your company needs to be highly visible on the internet and with Solutions 8 on your team, you will be. Watch this Powerpoint to learn more about who we are, what we do and why you should give Solutions 8 a call today

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Overview of Solutions 8 - What we do?

  1. 1. Integrate all facets of yourdigital marketing campaign inorder increase your onlinevisibility and conversion ratesthrough strategic and targetedmarketing efforts with anemphasis on Social Mediaplatforms.
  2. 2. CORE MANAGEMENT Jamie Nollette Kasim Aslam• Background in business development • ISHF certified Project Manager• Masters degree in education. • LAMP developer and all around computer nerd.• Owns Pipeline Worldwide - a non profit • Consulted for the Gate’s Foundation organization • Consulted US Army • Raised over $200,000 to provide • Technical spokesperson for Intel. over 20 water wells in Uganda. • He enjoys ergonomic keyboards, pre-19th• Jamie enjoys veggie chips, black coffee century literature and Richard Grieco movies. and her mini-van.
  3. 3. THE TEAM• In house staff (content writer, graphic designers, animator, videographer, photographer)• 47 off-shore, developers.• Over a decade of custom development experience• Banking• Medical• Home furnishing• eCommerce.
  4. 4. WHAT WE DO • Custom website development • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Social Media Management (SMM) • Video production and 3D animation • Email marketing • Content creation • Smartphone and tablet apps • Graphic design
  5. 5. video website email marketing•Integrate all facets of your digital marketing strategy•connecting a truly synergistic relationship between ?•allows for these properties to play off of one another• increase the opportunity for success by an exponentialfactor.
  6. 6. video website INBOUNDMARKETING email marketing Inbound marketing is a process within which we help bring your target market to you. Its extremely high level and takes time and commitment but there is truly no more valuable investment in the digital age. By creating high-value content and building an online “hub” that provides your potential user base with easily accessible and relevant content you’ll begin to position yourself for inbound marketing success.
  7. 7. video website INBOUND OUTBOUNDMARKETING email MARKETING marketing Outbound marketing is a little more proactive in the sense that we’re making direct and consistent attempts at converting users into Clients. This process is invaluable for growing organizations and includes database aggregation, email marketing, some facets of social media marketing as well as ongoing drip campaigns.
  8. 8. video website INBOUND OUTBOUND MARKETING email MARKETING marketingDigital marketing, specificallysocial media, allows you to Social media marketing allowsleverage yourself and your you to nurture leads as wellresources like never before. as business relationships to aBusiness is about degree that used to require farrelationships and these tools more time for far less results.are the strongest relationshipbuilders in history!
  9. 9. The best part about ourbusiness…its measurable.• Monthly metrics reports from each applicable facet of your digital marketing campaign• Data is used to determine• What is working• What isn’t• What steps are need for the following month Success is difficult to fake but impossible to ignore.
  10. 10. We are proud to have earned the business of…
  11. 11. Solutions 8 has significantly impacted Primeras online presence. As I joked to a colleague, “This is what web developers would be like inTheir guidance and understanding of online traffic, lead generation, heaven.” Solutions 8 will have my business for life. I’ve spent my career as theand converting visitors has changed the way were doing business. director of communications for a number of nonprofits. And Solutions 8 isWe didnt understand how digital marketing could improve our hands down the most cost effective, creative, and dedicated team I have everbusiness to business relationships, but now were believers. had the pleasure of working with. They really get excited to walk with youSolutions 8 is a partner for the long term! through a project. Jamie, Kasim, and the team at Solutions 8 bring a knowledge of the most current trends and technology, and really take the time TJ Wheeler Chief Executive Officer to understand the needs of their clients. From the initial stages of building an Primera Interiors outline and initial design concepts to final implementation, I really had a blast at every stage of the process. I’m thrilled with the way our site turned out, and we’ve gotten a ton of positive feedback from our community of 600,000 supporters. I’m really inspired by the way that Kasim and Jamie do business. They are incredibly honest in their business practices. They’reSolutions 8 has been an integral part of our marketing program. We happy to point out easier or most cost effective solutions. I’m amazed to seederive many of our sales leads from online marketing and they have the time and passion they invest in giving back to their local and internationaldone a great job of supporting that effort using SEO, Videos, and communities. I’d encourage everyone to check out their Kiva page and theirsocial media marketing. We couldn’t have done it without them. work with Water for Kids International. I was really excited to learn more about John Allen these great causes and honored to support them in a small way. Solutions 8 CFO & General Mangaer rocks! Cybertrails Katy Smith Director of CommunicationsBeCause Foundation
  12. 12. http://www.sol8.com