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  • PS Comments: Should the core business just be advanced analytics?Or should that middle box not be called ‘core business’ but rather, ‘what differentiates solutions-2’ or ‘why solutions-2’. Even in this instance, i would add under advanced analytics something like, ‘the people’ or ‘experienced people’.I would move this slide after the wordle, which is a broader introduction chart, and this one explains how we can meet the offers on that slide (problem solving, custom-made solutions etc)
  • We solve business problem, which require advanced analytic skills. To do this, apart from being advanced stats experts,we use and have both market research and consultancy skills/knowledge.So we do more than stats. I.e. statistical expertise is the core, but is not the only in-house skill. PS Comments: This a good chart. Not sure ‘consultancy’ looks right wrapped over 2 lines, but without wrapping the words inside the circumfrance of the circle i’m not sure what you can do, as the text and circle size are already in a good proportion.I think that this would be a good opening slide, prehaps just labelled ‘Solutions-2’ or ‘Why Solutions-2’ . Having this up front, allows you to talk more freely about the positioning.Then the wordle, with how solutions-2 thinks, then current slide 5 about the broad offering and then current slide 2 about the company (i.e. How we do it – analytics & people, size, history, inspirations) to summerise up.
  • PS Comments: I think that we should have a client based word in the wordle. Client focused is right as it’s a bit too bland, and everybody says itBut maybe something that brings in the consultancy, solutions2web and infographics aspects, Something about ‘Actionable Insight’ or ‘Actionable Reporting’ (solutions is better, but already used ) A bit wordy, but perhaps using something taken from your website ‘Adds value to your business’, or taken from Anita’s profile, something around the phrase ‘translating Analytical Insights into business value’Possibly ‘Partners’ or ‘Working in Partnership’I’ll carry on thinking 
  • PS Comments:I like this slide, but wonder if graphically, more can be done with the image. Rather than a single figure (which can be construde as small/one man band), either multiple figures to show strength (possible some different colours/shades to show breadth/different specialties) or something that shows ‘partnership’ working with clients giving ‘strategic guidence’Just me, but i’m not keen on the ‘skilled people’ label, although with multiple people it would make more sense.
  • PS Comments: Nice slidePerfer the new title ‘services to products. The other alternative is to call them ‘solutions’
  • Numbers you can TRUST.Numbers you can act uponPS Comments: The comments below depend on who you intend this slide for either agencies only or all.If all, it might be better to talk in terms of client problems/solutions as opposed to the specific techniques/tools, the right hand side already talks about a range of statistical techniques.Conjoint is well known enough to be understood as a solution, but could be ‘Conjoint/NPD’Drivers analysis is quite broad/well known so could standalone, but prehaps using two categories of;Customer LoyaltyBranding (or Brand & Comms)Would be more applicable, and also capture the majority of times drivers analysis is used.Unless you do a lot of TURF, then i think that can be dropped. Not many people, outside FMCG, will probably have heard of TURF
  • PS Comments: I like this slide, but not so sure on the title, which feels like its only concentrating on the back end and not the problem definition/project design stage.How about‘From Business Problem to Actionable Insights’I think that the previous slide captures the numbers part.
  • Proberen video maken?Fast and powerful online reporting toolEasy to interact with the resultsAvailable 24/7, include app versionFits your corporate brandingCreates your powerpoint presentation in minutesResults at your fingertipsPS Comments: As its becoming more of reason for using these solutions, at least at a more senior level, then it might be worth specifically mentioning ‘Dashboards’
  • An image teels a thousand numbersPwerful chartingVisual storytelling
  • We kow dataAdvanced data tabulation packagesIntelligent table design: omdat we veel ervaring hebben met data en analyse kunnen we tabellen intelligenter opstellenPS Comments: Should the last point be ‘Created by stats and data experts’I’m not sure what the ‘Partner with software experts’ actually means. Is it just that the people using the software, know how to use it. This is a hygenie factor, and no company would say otherwise (even if they are only using a small fraction of what the software can do). If its about partnering with Ruby – then I’d probably reworded to something like ‘Partners of software company’ (or software desingers), or ‘Partnership with ........’
  • We know the pittfallsWe talk in plian engilschIn company trainingTopics: pricing, statisticsToos: spss, conjoint, excelTips & tricksPracticalShortening your learning curveInhouse: geavanceerde training: over technieken/softwareProbleem identificeren, nadien begeleidenStrategic cuigdance
  • PS Comment – I guess not much success in thinking of a new name Have you developed this product any further since we met?e.g. Subscription/Prepaid or Adhoc, an offering to current clients/open to all.
  • PS Comment –Is there any reason for specifically mentioning B & UK on this slide. It suggests that for the previous slides that support may not be available in both locations.Is the delivery ‘real time’ for the client?
  • !waar zitten en nog klanten
  • PS Comments - Thinking about this chart from a future perspective (i.e. with a UK office and end-clients).Not sure if ‘English mother tongue’ sounds right for Karen, as it suggests that there are language issuesNot sure what the agency/client benefit of ‘Excel Specialist’ in Leen’s description.For Karin, should it be a industry expertise, or the fact that she was a client side researcher that should be shown (or both if you can fit it in).
  • PS Comment – not sure that ‘rising questions’ sounds correct in English.Not sure what the terms should be. The top of mind one is ‘Burning Questions’, but thats still not quite rightI think that ‘do we cause’ should be ‘if we’ve caused’ or ‘if we’ve caused any’ or perhaps ‘if you have any’I’ll keep thinking !
  • New company presentation slideshare

    1. 1. solutions-2what you don’t see, is what you
    2. 2. what you don’t see, is what you get The Company Why solutions-2 Inspired By People Books Nicole Huyghe Statistics without tears 12 headed team Information is beautiful Location PeopleSint-Martens-Leerne (B) David Freedman London (UK) Paul Arden History advanced Conferences analytics Founded in 2002 EsomarRapid growth since 2009 Creativity World Forum 2011
    3. 3. Positioning market consultancyresearch Advanced analytics
    4. 4. solutions Custom-madeInnovative Problem solvers Passionateabout numbers
    5. 5. Advanced analytics Our promiseSTRATEGIC GUIDANCE
    6. 6. Services statistics & consultancy-2 solutions-2-web visual storytelling datamining tables-2 training & coaching solutions-2-hotline social media mining
    7. 7. Numbers you can act uponDatamining Range of techniquesConjoint Leading edgeSegmentation Skilled peopleDrivers analysis Industustry expertisePricing Layman terminology statistics & datamining
    8. 8. From numbers to business excellenceDefining the problem Industry experienceor opportunity Network of expertsTranslating numbersinto strategies Powerful reportingFollow-up andworkshop sessions Focus on key issues consultancy-2
    9. 9. Results at your fingertipsPowerful online dashboard IT experts + usability testedEasy interacting with results Data knowledgeVisual trending Graphical designSecure environment Fits your corporate brandingAdvanced stats included PowerPoint in a few minutes solutions-2-web
    10. 10. An image tells a 1000 “numbers”Powerful charting Expert designerVisual storytelling Analytical expertiseAppealing and clear Relevant & to the point visual storytelling
    11. 11. More than just tablesIntelligent table design Advanced software (Ruby)Appealing layout Partner with software experts Data & stats expertsEasy navigation tables-2
    12. 12. Increase knowledge through trainingIn-company/open training Fully tailor madeFrom basic to very advanced Expert trainers & coachesVariety of stats topics Real life casesSoftware: Excel, SPSS, conjoint Use of current project data training & coaching
    13. 13. Advice when you need it the mostAd hoc queries about Short questions, fast supportResearch & sampling design Team of expertsAnalysis advice Relevant and practical adviceStatististical testing Answer within 24hInterpretation solutions-2-hotline
    14. 14. From Buzz 2 BizzSummarising social media data Real time result deliveryLive mapping of conversations Context and sentiment sensitiveExtract headlines Pool of expertsFast event summaries Advanced text mining software social media mining
    15. 15. Truly international Offices Clients
    16. 16. Telco & ICT Automotive Pharma FMCG Retail Finance
    17. 17. A range of experts Nicole Huyghe Anita Prinzie Managing Director Innovation Manager Social Media Mining Lieve Audoorn Karen Sniekers Statistical Consultant Statistical Analyst Conjoint specialist Marketing background Leen Borgers Patricia Vermast Statistical Consultant Administrative Support Excel specialist Events manager Jolien Verheust Moira VerbelenCommunication manager Statistical Analyst Social media Pharma experience Sofie T’ Kindt Yorick Phlypo BI Manager Web Developer Online reporting specialist Usability expert Cedric Aubrion Karin Bruyr Graphic Designer Business Development Manager Visualization specialist Industry and client expertise
    18. 18. “A critical eye during the entire process!” “What I appreciate most from solutions-2 is their critical eye during the entire research process. They are a great sounding board. I would recommend them to any company looking for highly skilled people, strong support and powerful research results.” John Irwin Research Manager TalkTalk - UK
    19. 19. “Expertise, accuracy and efficiency” “I have worked with solutions 2 whilst based in both London and Sydney. I have no hesitation in recommending them for their expertise, accuracy and efficiency. They recently created a custom web reporting tool which was absolutely excellent.” Jessica Bath Account Manager at Synovate for Lion Nathan Australia
    20. 20. “The insights delivered really added value” “We would like to thank solutions-2 for the advice & support during proposal phase, project implementation and of course the simulator! The project was a real success. Looking forward to working together again in the future!” Saartje Van den Branden Research Manager at Insites Consulting
    21. 21. Nicole Huyghe do we causerisingquestions