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“SimpliFlying and Warsaw Chopin Airport and are pleased to announce the first Airports in Social Media conference to be held in Europe”, as it is mentioned on Simpliflying’s website. The consultants are known experts in Social Media for Airlines and Airports. “In view of the growing importance of social media platforms as tools for communication between airports and passengers, we want to take this opportunity to discuss, with other experts, the latest trends in this area, look into different social media management models and best practices and share experiences.”

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Airports on twitter

  1. 1. Airports on Twitter in numbers. What can we learn?
  2. 2. Airports on Twitter in numbers. What can we learn? ? ? ?? ?
  3. 3. Airports on Twitter in numbers. What can we learn? by Sven Solterbeck
  4. 4. v Analysis by World Region: August 2013
  5. 5. How busy are airports with Twitter?
  6. 6. v Who is twittering? Twittairport‘s Key figures in total: Accounts: 612 / Followers: 1,960,936 Tweets posted in Aug 2013: 38,055
  7. 7. v A matter of followers?
  8. 8. v A matter of followers? Airports with more Followers post not necessarily more Tweets!
  9. 9. v A matter of size?
  10. 10. v A matter of size? 21,1% of all related Tweets are written by Top 30 airports!
  11. 11. v Only 20% of all airport tweeters write 80% of all related posts.
  12. 12. Who is the target group for Twitter?
  13. 13. For what an airport stands for?
  14. 14. Which determinantes in Twitter for analysing and defining the target group? The key for user engagement is a matter of: • semantic (the meaning behind the Tweet) • communication (question and answer, time to respond) • stakeholders (pax, firms, residents, employees, places etc.) • strategy
  15. 15. Top 10 Twittairports and their degree of interaction
  16. 16. How often airports are tweeting? Velocity of Status Count Accelaration of Change
  17. 17. How often airports are tweeting?
  18. 18. The cross network activities?
  19. 19. The majority of Tweets belongs to customer care
  20. 20. What are the impacts on Twitter?
  21. 21. Boston Marathon bombings on Apr 15
  22. 22. Boston Marathon bombings on Apr 15
  23. 23. Boston Marathon bombings on Apr 15
  24. 24. Asiana air crash at SFO on Jul 6th
  25. 25. Asiana air crash at SFO on Jul 6th
  26. 26. Asiana air crash at SFO on Jul 6th
  27. 27. Nairobi Kenyatta fire case on Aug 3rd
  28. 28. Nairobi Kenyatta fire case on Aug 3rd
  29. 29. Nairobi Kenyatta fire case on Aug 3rd
  30. 30. Follower numbers remained, Tweet Numbers dropped down
  31. 31. What kind of Twitter numbers you can analyse?
  32. 32. Statistics: The Twitter Eco System Twitter Elements: • Followers, friends, statuses • Interaction (retweets, reply, favorites) • Other Entities (media, tags, urls) Share analysis: • Follower share vs monthly Tweets Social graphs: • Who to follow? Relationships • Places
  33. 33. Structural Twitter elements you can retrieve extensively. Content information only by example.
  34. 34. What is Twittairport?
  35. 35. What is Twittairport? It‘s a web based tool for analysing airport Twitter accounts.
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Twittairport: What next? Social graph analysis • Categorisation (AVGeeks, • partners, proximity, • NGO/Gov, loyalty etc.) • Follower location Enhancements • Tweets per hour and day • Time to respond, times • Change alert • Klout indicator A crowdfunding project will be started soon.
  38. 38. Lots of data, but what conclusions in terms of airport customer engagement?
  39. 39. Sven Solterbeck Founder Mecklenburger Straße 61 – 65824 Schwalbach Germany – Tel. +49 61 96 76 42 80 E-Mail: Twitter: @sven_solterbeck Blog: Twittairport:
  40. 40. Presentation by Sven Solterbeck Sven Solterbeck, blogger, software developer and IT infrastructure consultant, knows the industry for decades. He has collaborated with well known airports in Germany, Europe, Mid East and Asia. one hand is a blog about IT, airports and social media and on the other hand a start-up platform. Here new software solutions for the aviation industry are developed, with a focus on "Unified Publishing in Social Media Channels" or "Standardized Collection of Traffic Data at Airports for Billing, Marketing and Operations“. Presentation made on 12. September 2013 at Chopin Airport, Warsaw. Photo credits: © idspopd, ra studio,, Google Vizualisation, Skift, Twitter, Caleb Ridgeway.