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Skill Memo


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Skill Research Memo Date: 03.03.08 To: Dr. Kendra Reed From: Larry Lowe Subject: Skills and Business Attachments: (1) Skill Assessment Table (2) Skill Ranking Table 1. Purpose. The purpose of this memo is to convey the process of skill research assessment. 2. Overview. I researched the skills necessary for succeeding in business by interviewing and evaluating answers. 3. Research & Analysis. I interviewed ten employees using the following questions: 1) What skill is needed to succeed in business? 2) Why is this skill important? 3) What are at least two specific behaviors related to this skill? I organized the answers into a table (see Attachment 1), and analyzed them (see Attachment 2). In column 1 of the Skill Ranking Table the skills from research are listed. In the second column, I tallied frequency of this skill being mentioned during interviews and noted the corresponding interview #’s. In the third column, I assigned each skill a weight according to my perceived importance of this skill, such that the total of the columns equals 1. In the fourth, column 2 is multiplied by column three to get an indicator of the most important skill. With this data I assessed the skill most important and necessary for training, using the value indicator to help guide my decision. Four more reasons why this skill is important is provided along with 5 behaviors related to this skill. 4. Results. Based on the analysis (see Attachment 2), the most important skill in business is flexibility with an indicator of .7. Technology savvy came in second with .25. I decided to design a training session for flexibility. Four more reasons why flexibility is necessary for business success: • To continually attain skills necessary to maintain a competitive advantage in the workforce. • To utilize other skills necessary to maintain economic stability during economic and industry slumps. • To alleviate economical and emotional stress during necessary career changes. • To maintain a competitive advantage in the workforce by applying acquired skills in other areas of expertise. In addition, here are 5 behaviors related to this skill: • Training. • Learning. • Accepting and doing things outside of one’s job description. • Participating and joining groups/clubs (e.g. community service) with particular interests. • Creatively brain storming. 5. Reflection. It is important to be flexible in business to avoid unexpected outcomes based on internal and external factors. 6. Action Required. Carefully read and evaluate the content and format of this memo, and provide constructive feedback for improvement. Contact me at 337.967.3506 if you have any questions.
  • 2. Attachment 1 Person, Employer, Phone/Email Skill Importance Behaviors 1)The ability to find 1. Evonne Lawrence Flexibility-being It is important to have a solutions to problems Loyola U New Orleans able to apply skills broad knowledge of the outside of one's expertise 504.864.7111 in different areas field your in because 2)The ability to work in of expertise. business evolves quickly. other areas of expertise It is important to communicate effectively 2. Greta Lowe through electronic Baldwin Elementary mediums for business, 1)Reading & checking e- 337.828.3388 and stay on top of mail. 2)Sending material Technology savvy technology changes. electronically. It is important to be able to interpret information 3. Rosario Barrios received and how and 1)Listening effectively by Loyola U New Orleans when to apply that showing interest. 504.864.7111 Show information to solve 2)Remaining objective to understanding problems. avoid losing control. It is important to communicate with others 1)Communicating 4. Charlie Brown who may not understand through verbal and Loyola U New Orleans Speaking the importance of written words. 2)Knowing 504.864.7111 comprehensively communication or how to. goals. It is important to be 1)Accepting things 5. Beth West Loyola U Flexibility-being flexible in order to achieve outside of your job New Orleans able to apply skills promotions, career description. 2)Thinking 504.864.7111 in different areas advancement, and self- and seeing things from of expertise. preservation. different views. 6. Claire Tuinenga Loyola U New Orleans It is important to be 504.864.7111 efficient in a business 1)Taking detailed notes. Learn Quickly environment. 2)Observing materials. It is important to listen to what the other party 7. Ashley Pillow wants, say clearly what Loyola U New Orleans you want, and state the 1)Rephrasing what 504.864.7111 agreement at which you another says. 2)Asking Listening arrive. follow up questions. Financial 1)Auditing financial 8. Alicia Hansen Shrewdness- records. 2)Making Loyola U New Orleans interpreting and Knowing about financial appropriate decisions 504.864.7111 making financial happenings is crucial in all when dealing with other's decisions. business environments. finances.
  • 3. The individual with excellent communication 1)Effectively skills helps others translate/convey complex understand and can information into common 9. Deborah Poole resolve problems more terms. 2)Effectively Loyola U New Orleans easily by avoiding translate/convey 504.864.7111 misunderstandings in information to multiple Listening meaning. parties simultaneously. We all need to work with 10. Mary Lee Stewart others, and the better we Loyola U New Orleans can interact with others, 504.864.7111 Reaching a the more successful we 1)multi-voting consensus will be. 2)ease/impact analysis
  • 4. Attachment 2 2-Frequency (interview 3-Weighted Skill #'s) Value 4-Value Indicator Flexibility 2 (#1 and #5) 0.35 0.7 Technology savvy 1 (#2) 0.25 0.25 Understanding 1 (#1) 0.05 0.05 Speaking Comprehensively 1 (#2) 0.05 0.05 Ability to Learn Quickly 1 (#6) 0.05 0.05 Listening 2 (#7 and #9) 0.05 0.1 Financial Shrewdness 1 (#8) 0.15 0.15 Reaching a consensus 1 (#10) 0.05 0.05 TOTAL 8 1